40 Cutest Ways to Pair Straight Hair With Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Soft Bangs and Straight Long Layers
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#1: Soft Bangs and Straight Long Layers

Try a flattering look with soft bangs and straight long layers. When you cut long layers into your hair you will make your long strands more manageable. You will also have weightless movement. The best way to frame your face and complete your look is to add bangs and some soft face-framing layers. Ask your stylist for a balayage on your straight hair to really glow up.

Middle-Parted Fringe for Straight Hair
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#2: Middle-Parted Fringe

If you want a change without losing your hair length, consider a middle-parted fringe. Enhance your look with a low-maintenance fringe. You’ll be glad you added it.

Collarbone-Length Sleek Straight Hair with Fringe
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#3: Collarbone-Length Sleek Hair with Fringe

If you have a long face shape or a larger forehead, a sleek style paired with bangs is perfect for you. This pairing of hairstyles helps balance your facial features. If you have medium or fine hair with a naturally straight texture, drying on a low setting will hold the style in place. Otherwise, use a heat protection product by Oway and finish styling with a flat iron.

Waterfall Fringe on Mid-Length Straight Cut
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#4: Waterfall Fringe on Mid-Length Straight Cut

If you want to revamp your look, consider a waterfall fringe. These are fringes with shapes that frame the eyes and gently round off to the cheekbones. This style pairs well with mid-length hair since it stops the look from being boxy. If you like a glam finish, keep the style smooth and straight.

#5: Layered Haircut with Bangs and Face Frame

Check out this layered haircut with bangs and a face frame. This timeless style will make your straight hair look thick and voluminous. Pair this hairstyle with any bangs that suit you, which will create a playful look around your cheeks and eyes. You can blow dry or curl this haircut at home to add texture and volume to your style.

Straight Bob with Platinum Balayage and Bangs
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#6: Straight Bob with Platinum Balayage

If you sport a straight bob, pair it with a platinum balayage. For the platinum balayage, stylists will apply the color with foils to lift the tone to the maximum. The platinum balayage bob offers ultimate volume, especially if your hair is thick. The style might require lightening the hair, but its blunt ends are very trendy.

#7: Hush Cut with Long Swoop Bangs

This hairstyle, known as a hush cut with long swoop bangs, is popular in the US and the UK. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s always attractive and consists of whispy, face-framing layers with a matching fringe. You should ask your stylist to use a razor. This gives the hairstyle a soft, airy feel.

#8: Straight Ice Bob

Try this straight-ice bob if you want a fun and trendy new look. The best way to maintain the color would be with a purple shampoo.

#9: Silky Smooth Straight Hair with Fringe

Try a soft fringe if you wear your hair straight. The key is to create balance and dimension with careful layering around the face. And all while maintaining length in the back. This style works best for those with naturally straight or wavy hair. But it can be achieved with the help of a straightening iron or blowout. To keep the hair looking healthy and shiny, it’s important to use heat protectant products. Invest in regular trims to avoid split ends. When styling, a smoothing serum or cream can help tame any frizz or flyaways.

Gorgeous Curtain Fringe on Long Sleek Straight Hair for girls in their 20s
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#10: Gorgeous Curtain Fringe on Long Sleek Hair

Long sleek hair with a curtain fringe is a gorgeous combo that looks best on women with medium to thick hair. If you have long hair but want to add some shape, I suggest a long curtain fringe to frame your face and add dimension.

#11: Sweeping Curtain Fringe on Long Straight Hair

Sweeping curtain fringe can add instant lift and movement around the face. Adding face-framing movement can be one of the easiest ways to switch up your long layers. Be sure to keep the layers soft and blended into the haircut. It’s important to keep them short enough to have an impact and sit softly on the face. Ask your stylist to texturize them, but remember you want a bold face-framing statement.

#12: Chestnut Brown Straight Hair with Arched Bangs

When thinking about trying a chestnut hue, ask about adding different shades. It will help to create a high-end look. The contrasts of the dark and light are the factors at play, allowing an upgraded take on brunette hair. Pair this with straight glossy flowing locks and a strong but feminine arched fringe for the win.

#13: Blunt Bangs on a Blunt Cut

This haircut pairs extremely well with long face shapes. It will give you a chic, modern style. To keep your look sleek and stylish, use a smoothing serum or mousse to tame any flyaways before styling. Finish with an anti-frizz spray to combat humidity and add shine. A favorite product of mine is Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Cream. It’ll guarantee smooth results every time! I suggest you tell your stylist about the exact length you want. That way, they give you the best length for your particular face shape. Ask for more length around the jawline and chin if desired.

#14: Long Black Hair with a Wispy Fringe

One of the best framing tricks for a wider forehead on straight hair, is feathered bangs. Because straight hair is harder to shape, the textured ends on razor-cut bangs shape the hair. This gives a tousled look. It also removes the weight from your hair so your fringe has more movement. Ask for your stylist to show you how to round brush your forehead frame to add curvature.

#15: Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Brunette Hair

Give your straight locks some life with curtain bangs on mid-length brunette hair. A medium-length cut is perfect for your sleek locks to keep them thicker and healthier. Curtain bangs are the perfect alternative to the traditional bang. They will instantly frame your face for a more youthful appearance.

Medium-Length Straight Hair with Long Layers and Bangs
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#16: Medium-Length Hair with Long Layers and Bangs

Are you looking for a bold new haircut without taking too much length off? Ask your stylist if bangs would be suitable for your face shape. Straight-across bangs that are texturized will give you a look that is both bold and soft at the same time. Pair it with some face-framing layers to bring this stunning look together.

Sleek Straight Shoulder-Length Cut with See-Through Bangs
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#17: Sleek Shoulder-Length Cut with See-Through Bangs

See-through bangs are all the rage at the moment. The bang trend is always around in some form or another. If this is something you’re interested in, be very specific with your stylist. Everyone’s interpretation of this can be different. I have found that this particular bang trend does look best on ladies with fine-medium hair.

Straight Long Razor Cut Layers and Bangs
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#18: Long Razor Cut Layers and Bangs

As a stylist, one of my favorite things to do is break out my razor for a haircut. Cutting hair with a razor can give more of a textured, feathered look such as in the photo above. Be aware though, not every client is the right candidate for a razor cut. So speak with your stylist to see if this is right for you.

Sleek Straight Fringe on Long Hair
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#19: Sleek Straight Fringe on Long Hair

Sleek straight fringe on long hair highlights the eyes and frames the face. The bangs add a playful touch if you’re someone who likes to pull their hair up. This makes you look put-together on days you only have a few minutes to style your hair in the morning. Bangs need a 4-6 week touch-up to keep them out of your eyes.

#20: Long Side Bangs with Front Layers for Round Faces

Long side bangs with front layers are a fabulous hairstyle for round faces. This is because it creates an illusion of a narrower face. Also, the soft framing layers are a good idea to shape round faces. Style using a round brush and give it a little flick-in rather than out.

Summer Blonde Hair with Side-Swept Bangs
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#21: Summer Blonde Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

You’ll want summer blonde hair with side-swept bangs, no matter the season. You’ll always be in style with slightly layered and highlighted blonde locks. Add the long bangs, which can be cut to whatever length you desire. Cheek-length, nose-length, or chin-length all work to accent your long straight hair with bangs. Try a side-swept face frame and create interest in your cut.

#22: Straight Shaggy Hair with Long Bangs

There are variations of the straight shaggy hair that can be adapted to your texture and density. If you have overly straight fine hair, face-framing will give you similar results while retaining natural density.

Straight Mid-Length Bob with Micro Bangs
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#23: Mid-Length Bob with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are a bold new trend that is exploding! If you aren’t afraid to try something new and stand out, this look is for you. These types of bangs would pair great with any length of hair. However, a mid-length angled bob would add to the boldness of the bangs.

Straight Black Bob with a Fringe
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#24: Straight Black Bob with a Fringe

Go for a flattering hairstyle with a straight black bob with a fringe. A bob complements all different hair types and face shapes. Short straight hair with bangs will be easy to style taking minimal effort. The bangs will need the most styling and upkeep.

#25: Blunt Bob and Bangs with Tousled Texture

Go for an eye-catching cut with a blunt bob and bangs with a tousled texture. If you have fine straight locks cutting the ends blunt will make your ends seem denser. This will give you a fuller appearance. Shoulder-length straight hair with bangs is easy to style. But, the bangs do require some upkeep. Getting frequent trims will keep your hair looking healthy and your haircut in shape.

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Straight Blowout Style with Bardot Bangs for Oval Faces
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#26: Blowout Style with Bardot Bangs for Oval Faces

Consider a blowout style with Bardot bangs. Oval faces are ideal and your options are endless when it comes to hairstyles. Middle-part bangs are a great introduction to bangs and work on most face shapes. The grow-out is painless and the maintenance is very low. When styling, use a big round brush to get a polished style that will last for days.

Sleek Long Bob Cut with Straight-Across Bangs
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#27: Sleek Long Bob Cut with Straight-Across Bangs

Get a sleek long bob cut with straight-across bangs if you want to be trendy this season. The heavy straight-across bangs will beautifully compliment your shiny lob and give you a bit of a mysterious vibe. Put a few drops of Olaplex 7 bonding oil rub between your palms and then on your hair for extra shine.

#28: Soft Shag with Textured Bangs for Fine Hair

Give your straight hair a feather-light movement with a soft shag with textured bangs for fine hair. If you want to prevent your straight, fine hair from hanging, consider a neck-length cut. Make the style your own by customizing your cut with feathered layers and bangs. This will add body and texture for fuller-looking locks.

Straight Face-Framing Layers and Bangs for Older Women
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#29: Face-Framing Layers and Bangs for Older Women

Consider face-framing layers with bangs if you’re an older woman. Face-framing layers will bring softness to your face. Plus, they can be customized to highlight your best features. When blended with full bangs, your forehead wrinkles will be concealed.

#30: ’90s Neck-Length Haircut with Bangs

This ‘90s neck-length haircut with bangs could be the change you’re looking for. If you’re wanting short hair, but have fine hair, look no further! Styling will be easy with the straight bob with bangs.

Short Mullet Shag with Baby Bangs for Straight Hair
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#31: Short Mullet Shag with Baby Bangs

If you’re a woman who has been wanting a funky new look, consider a mullet shag with micro bangs. This look is very much in style right now and can easily be finished after air drying with just your hands and some wax. Make sure you have a full consultation with your stylist to determine whether the cut is the right one for you.

#32: Sleek Long Hair with Light Bangs

Sleek long hair with light bangs is a captivating hairstyle. It’s ideal for straight to slightly naturally textured hair, but not very curly hair because the fringe will need to be straightened daily. If it’s humid or your forehead gets sweaty, the straight bangs might frizz up and curl, unless your hair is naturally straight.

Messy Layered Cut with Bangs for Thin Straight Hair
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#33: Messy Layered Cut with Bangs for Thin Hair

For women with thin hair try rocking a messy layered cut with bangs. A mid-length cut is a great length for thin hair, making your ends appear fuller and denser. Soft and messy layers are great for thin hair to give body and volume. Be sure to not over-layer or your thin hair will look more sparse. Adding soft bangs is the perfect way to frame your face and update your look.

Pixie Undercut with Piece-y Bangs for Straight Hair
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#34: Pixie Undercut with Piece-y Bangs

Get a pixie undercut with piece-y bangs and rock a short hairstyle. Make sure your stylist layers your top and fringe to achieve a choppy shape. Point cutting can be applied for more texture and can help your hair grow better. The best option is to style your hair more forward for a trendy finish. You’ll definitely want to use a texture paste to bring out the pieciness.

#35: Straight Tousled Hair with Middle Part Bangs

Shoulder-length hair is beautiful. It can be a great way to accentuate certain features, such as your neck or collarbone, the same way bangs can bring attention to certain parts of the face. This is a great cut for women with a bit of a wave in their hair. Be warned: curtain bangs on straight hair do not look like this without being properly styled every day. So talk to your stylist to make sure this look is the right one for you.

#36: Blonde Lob with Straight Bangs

Look sleek and sophisticated with a blonde lob with straight bangs. Make sure your straight lob lands either right above your shoulders or below to avoid an awkward length. For example, if it falls in between it will flip up and will not sit correctly. Chipping into the ends will give your straight hairstyle movement and body. Finish off with a bang to frame your face beautifully.

Short Choppy Bangs on a Straight Vintage Haircut
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#37: Short Choppy Bangs on a Vintage Haircut

Give your straight hair some style with short choppy bangs on a vintage haircut. Choppy bangs are full of texture and movement. Bangs will conceal your forehead and hide unwanted wrinkles and lines. Just be prepared to upkeep your bangs by cutting them every 3-4 weeks. Use a round brush when blow drying to give your straight hair some movement and body.

Straight Voluminous Layered Cut with Bottleneck Bangs
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#38: Straight Voluminous Layered Cut with Bottleneck Bangs

Look totally on trend with a straight voluminous layered cut with bottleneck bangs. Swoop bangs are the new fringe look that will make your hair look flippy and fresh. Shorter in the middle and longer on the sides gives the bottleneck shape and will create a softer grow-out. Give your straight hair life with layers and body for the perfect voluminous style.

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Sleek Side Bangs and Subtle Layers
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#39: Sleek Side Bangs and Subtle Layers

Sleek side bangs and subtle layers are a smart and classy hairstyle perfect for your fine to medium, straight to slightly wavy hair. The side bangs look great if your side part is quite far over. Style using a big round brush and dryer with a nozzle.

#40: Graduated Bixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

If you’re a woman who has always worn her hair in a short cut such as a pixie, but wants to update your look, try a bixie. A bixie is a combination of a bob and a pixie and is one of the hottest trends. As a stylist, I often suggest some wispy bangs to my clients with this to add some interest around the face and keep the overall look very light.

Straight hair with bangs makes simple yet sleek and gorgeous hairstyles. It’s a practical look for women who value convenience. The fringe serves to frame the face and add shape to the hairstyle as a whole.

Keep these pointers from UK-based hairstylist and color technician Kelly Townsend in mind if you’re considering trying out this style.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Start with longer bangs and then go shorter. You can always go shorter, but you can’t put it back on.
  • Don’t go too short. The sweet spot is around nose length for “style-ability.”
  • Consult an expert and ask these; “How do I style this? Will my bangs sit right?”
  • Bangs are not for everyone. This look is not the right choice if:
    • You’re a very active person.
    • You’re not willing to do the minimum it takes to style them.
    • You have a hairline with “personality,” like calf licks, widow peaks, etc.

Go ahead and check out these images of stunning and trendy ideas for straight hair with bangs before you visit your go-to salon.