31 Flattering Ways to Wear Bangs for Square Face Shapes

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best bangs for square faces can frame and soften women’s facial features. These bangs can accentuate stunning eyes and prominent cheekbones depending on the length. Here are a few tips provided by Melanie Stipdonk, a hairstylist from Kelowna, BC.

“Having layers and texture around the face gives your hair an effortless look. That makes a frothy softness that highlights all your best features,” says Stipdonk.

The #1 rule is to keep the lines in your bangs soft. This creates an illusion of a more oval face shape.

Stipdonk recommends a curtain fringe. “It’s great for softening the widest part of the face and creating balance,” she states. It’s a middle-parted style, but you can opt for a side part to give you total freedom to flip or flop your hair.

There are other options, too, aside from curtain bangs. Soften heavier bangs with a point-cutting technique or create a chunky effect. “It draws the eyes up and will help to de-emphasize the line of your jaw,” Stipdonk explains.

Stay within the bounds of the bangs’ length to avoid accentuating a broader face. Start anywhere from the eyebrows. If you prefer tying your locks for your workout, consider a longer fringe that blends into face-framing layers.

Consultation is a necessity. “Your stylist will help you decide which bangs suit your ideals and lifestyle. Have a good chat about what to expect,” Stipdonk notes.

Ready for a new look? Steal ideas from these images of the trendiest styles of bangs for square faces.

Simple Blonde Curtain Fringe for Square Faces
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#1: Simple Blonde Curtain Fringe

You’ll want to choose a simple blonde with a curtain fringe at your next salon visit. Be prepared to love the shaggy layers of fringe surrounding your face. Don’t forget to style your curtain fringe by moving backward in the corners to achieve this popular shape. Blonde highlights compliment this gorgeous cut and accent the layering. You’ll need a salon visit every 8-12 weeks to maintain your cut and color.

Swept Fringe on Longer Red Hair for Square Faces
Instagram @hairby_caseyw

#2: Swept Fringe on Longer Red Hair

A swept fringe can improve the look of your long red hair by adding texture and making it soft around your face. You need to talk with your stylist about the best length that suits you and your hair texture to keep this look easy to style.

#3: Waterfall Bangs on Long Hair

Waterfall bangs on long hair are an excellent choice if you style your hair and wear it down. Adding bangs creates visual interest in long hair while highlighting your face.

Choppy Bottleneck Bangs for Square Face Shapes
Instagram @hirohair

#4: Choppy Bottleneck Bangs

Want to enhance your facial features? Choose the bottleneck bangs style. It looks great with hair that is shorter around the eyes. The style, often called a curtain bang, frames the eyes and cheekbones. It has shorter hair in the middle and longer edges. This style goes well with both long hair and short bobs.

Face-Framing Fringe on Sleek Long Hair for Square Faces
Instagram @studio_mostton

#5: Face-Framing Fringe on Sleek Long Hair

You can fully alter the look and style of smooth long hair by including a face-framing fringe. Bangs will focus attention on your eyes. They will also soften the look of your face, preventing long hair from dragging your face down. People wearing their hair up will look cute with face-framing bangs. Having both bangs and long hair adds lots of style options.

#6: Rock-Inspired Thick Bangs

Consider rock-inspired thick bangs if you have a square face shape and want a hairstyle that shows confidence with a flair of rock. This hairstyle is great for adding a touch of edginess to your look while complimenting your facial structure. Thick bangs offer a focal point that diverts attention from the square features of your face and softens its look.

#7: Face-Framing Bangs for Curly Hair

Opting for face-framing bangs is smart if you have curly hair and a square face. I suggest a cut that creates a versatile look. It should provide balance and soften the jawline while also enhancing your curls. Remember to stay moderate on taking out the weight within the shape. It can become lifeless and flat and become hard to style. Instead, opt for a lighter but structured approach to your layers. Let them frame your face while allowing your curls to shine.

Effortless Ombre Hair and Bangs for square face shapes and for ladies with mid-length hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#8: Effortless Ombre

When it comes to low-maintenance hair, a lived-in balayage ombre is the ideal choice to create a soft look. An ombre has a darker base color that transitions to lightened ends. This gives a sunkissed effect. The dimension and depth in the hair are perfect for a square face shape. It creates a softness around the sharper points of the face. For square faces, bangs are an excellent choice to help soften any strong angles around the face. Keep bangs around the eyebrow length or longer. Ask your stylist to make them longer outside to create softness around the cheekbones.

#9: Wispy Side Bangs on a Platinum Bob

If you want an edgy color with texture, try side bangs on a platinum bob. With my years of experience, achieving this color can be a process, but if you can be patient, you will get there!

#10: Golden Brown French Bob with Fringe

If you’re looking for a flattering way to wear bangs with your square face shape, a jawline bob may be your solution. Its soft, angled layers and lengths can help soften and contour your features. And while still maintaining clean lines. Plus, this style is perfect for your fine or medium hair types and will help create movement in the cut. Use a texturing spray to add body and hold without weighing down strands.

#11: Chin-Length Cut with Sweeping Choppy Bangs and Tendrils

A chin-length cut with choppy bangs and tendrils is a great option. If you want, opt for longer layers around the face to create softness and movement. This style works best when there’s some texture to it. Consider using a texturizing product like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. It will give your hair more volume and body. Maintain your look between salon visits. Be sure to tell your stylist about any specific styling requirements. For example, controlling cowlicks or adding extra hold.

Collarbone-Length Lob with See-Through Bottleneck Fringe for Square Faces
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#12: Collarbone-Length Lob with See-Through Bottleneck Fringe

My best advice for square face shapes is to pay attention to your bangs’ length and subtle details. A collarbone-length lob with a see-through fringe adds a delicate touch. It can be very flattering and create softness. To keep this look polished, use Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Strong Finish Firm Hold Hairspray.

#13: Face-Framing Bottleneck Bangs

Over this year, the fringe has evolved into many styles. This makes it possible for a variety of features and hair textures. Face-framing bottleneck bangs are long and soft and are best for wavy to straight hair. These hair textures are made for easy styling. A daily refresh can be easy. All you need are tools to help control the style. A blow dryer, flat iron, round brush, and velcro rollers are just a few.

Wispy See-Through Bangs for Square Face Shapes
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#14: Wispy See-Through Bangs

Wispy see-through bangs are a nice break from all the blunt and side-swept styles we’ve seen lately. Help your stylist by bringing in some photos of bangs you like in this style for the best results. This will help you both create a perfect version of these bangs that are tailored to you.

Choppy Bangs for Square Face Shapes
Instagram @yukistylist

#15: Choppy Bangs

It’s amazing how choppy bangs can change your entire look. Ask your stylist to start small if you are ready to try bangs. Just a few choppy pieces in the middle blended into the sides can make a big impact. To blend bangs into the sides of your hair, start with the middle part. Then, over-direct each side to the opposite side of the head and cut. If you want to see and be seen…get that square face bangs.

Curtain Fringe and Internal Layers for Square Faces
Instagram @yukistylist

#16: Curtain Fringe and Internal Layers

To keep medium-length hair moving, try internal layers with a curtain fringe. Layers cut seamlessly into the hair move easily without the look of traditional layers. Help conceal a longer face shape with curtain bangs that bring softness around the face.

#17: Layered Soft Shag with Curtain Bangs

Have you ever wondered, “Would I look good with bangs?” You’re not alone. Curtain bangs are the right choice for you; they’re the trend to try this year! Curtain bangs can be easily sprayed or pinned back, so it isn’t too much of a commitment. They can also remove attention from the jawline and soften the features nicely.

Blunt bangs on a square face
Instagram @viorosie

#18: Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs give a bold statement. Strong lines in a haircut can highlight strong lines in a square-shaped face.

Long curtain bangs for a square face
Instagram @fernanducruz

#19: Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs are a great way to elongate the face. Keeping softer lines within the haircut is ideal for those with a square facial shape wanting to soften their face shape.

#20: Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs for a square face bring a much-needed softness to a strong face shape. Side-swept bangs are the most low-maintenance of any bang type.

Bangs for women over 40 with square faces
Instagram @bareeminimum

#21: For Women Over 40

For women over 40, adding bangs can be flattering and help elongate the face. Plus, adding bangs is perfect for covering fine lines.

Long hair with bangs for square face shapes
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#22: Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs helps break up the length, giving it more shape and making the haircut more interesting.

Fringe for women with curly hair and a square face
Instagram @nubiarezo

#23: Shaggy Curly Hair with Fringe

A shaggy crop with a fringe looks incredible with curly hair and a square jaw! If you’re lucky enough to have both, this is a cut you have to try. To finish this look flawlessly, add a sculpting product before air drying or diffusing. EuforaStyle’s “Sculpture” Glaze is a great choice as it defines and de-frizzes curls without weighing them down.

Lob with bangs for a square face
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#24: Lob with Bangs

To make this cut the most flattering, keep your length below the chin but above the shoulder, and go for the curtain bang. This will compliment your face shape and draw attention to your best features.

Wispy bangs for a square face
Instagram @sophie_daem

#25: Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a great way to contour a square face. Purposeful snips paired with little peekaboos of the face will shine light where you want and hide what you don’t. Wispy bangs can look best with smooth tresses, so be sure to utilize a smoothing serum or cream during your blow dry. REF of Sweden’s “Stay Smooth” is a great option as it works for any hair type.

Bangs for women over 50 with square faces
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#26: For Women Over 50

Women over 50 hit the rewind button by choosing textured crops and choppy bangs. This youthful cut brings life to aging hair by utilizing endless layers and razored edges. This choppy crop is Ultra high fashion and super on trend and serves major movement, huge volume, and a playful spirit.

Bangs for older women with square faces
Instagram @felix.lynn

#27: For Older Women

Softer, rounder bangs for a square face help change the face shape for a more flattering style. For older women, adding texture and accentuating high points in the face gives a youthful look.

Bangs for women over 60 with square faces
Instagram @maygovintage

#28: For Women Over 60

This cut is the perfect cut for women over 60! The layering in this style is so soft and flattering, making your face shape look its best. If you’re on the fence about trying this style, talk to your stylist and take the plunge.

#29: Face-Framing Bangs

A face-framing fringe works on a variety of face shapes. When tailoring bangs on a square face, a rounded “short point” and blended texture will create the most compliments. Seamless blending around the jawline will soften the shape of the face, drawing attention away from the chin and up toward the eyes instead.

#30: Long Bangs

Long bangs are another flattering option for a face that’s square. Utilizing soft, gradual angles around the eye line and cheekbones helps balance the strength of the jawline.

#31: Short Hair with Bangs

Short hair cuts with bangs can challenge angular face shapes, but it’s possible! It’s important to know how to tailor bangs for a square face shape to achieve the desired look. The key is seamless texture and a lot of blending. Blending things around the face and ends will soften the jawline and distract from harsh angles.