29 Prettiest Ways to Get Soft Curtain Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Soft curtain bangs add a face-framing feature to any women’s hairstyle. It’s parted in the middle or off-center, resembling theater drapes. If you like this classic and feminine look, you found the right place!

It was the 1960s when ladies started getting hooked by this retro fringe. Many years later, it never went out of style. Here’s why:

“The softest curtain bangs are low-maintenance and easy to grow out,” says Shelby Loos, a stylist from Kansas City, MO. These don’t require a huge commitment if you’re scared of getting a full fringe.

Nonetheless, once you decide that this is the look you want to keep, be mindful of getting constant trims. Plan your visits to the salon.

There is not one particular type of curtain bangs. They all look different, depending on your face shape and features. So, it’s crucial to look at picture references and consult them with your stylist.

Loos suggests asking about styling and product recommendations. Know the right tools to use and the ideal products to apply to your hair, based on its type and texture.

“I always advise women to make sure that their hair dries forward. Right after washing, place your wet bangs where you want them dry. This trains your hair to set forward,” Loos states.

Get more inspirational ideas on how you can rock the popular soft curtain bangs from these images.

Medium to Long Hair with Deep Auburn Tones and Soft Curtain Bangs
Instagram @studio_mostton

#1: Medium to Long Hair with Deep Auburn Tones

If you have shoulder-length hair or longer, choosing deep auburn tones will give your hair great depth. Warm red and orange tones will make your hair rich and shiny in a way no hair product can.

Long Blonde Hair with Curtain Fringe and Choppy Ends
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#2: Long Blonde Hair with Curtain Fringe and Choppy Ends

Long blonde hair with curtain fringe and choppy ends add textures to fine straight hair. All hair types pair well with a face-framing curtain bang.

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#3: Gray Balayage with Curtain Fringe

This super cool grey balayage with a curtain fringe is a great option if you love ashy tones. You’ll plan to be in the salon more often for regular toners to keep this color extra cool.

Short Textured bob with Soft Curtain Fringe on women who wear eyeglasses
Instagram @meganvalishair

#4: Short Textured Bob with Soft Fringe

Consider a soft curtain fringe if you have a longer or square face shape. This will help balance the face shape and the rule of thirds principle with style and balance. A bob that hits in the middle of the neck pairs great with a curtain bang.

Curtain Fringe and Layers on a mid-length cut for fine hair
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#5: Curtain Fringe and Layers

When in doubt, flip it out. Try a fun shag shape if you have thicker hair with face-framing layers that you can flip out or under. Flipping out gives you the ultimate Bardot vibes. If you have thicker hair and want to try curtain bangs, be aware of the thickness you’d like around your eyes. A thinner curtain bang can be just as beautiful with a little flip-out.

Ginger Softly Layered Curtain Fringe for women in their 30s with long hair
Instagram @deeprootsatx

#6: Ginger Softly Layered Curtain Fringe

A softly layered curtain fringe is a romantic and soft take on a traditional curtain bang. This shape is ideal for oval or diamond face shapes. This accentuates the eyes and cheekbones. Adding extra layers around the face helps blend any fringe with the rest of the haircut. Instead of short shag-like layers, opt for something a little softer like this face frame. I love how effortless and lived-in this haircut shape is.

#7: Perfectly Rounded Bob with Soft Bangs

Opt for a perfectly rounded bob with soft bangs. If you want a bob to curl under, naturally, ask your stylist for an under-bevel cut. I suggest an above collar bone style so the shoulders don’t create any unnecessary flips. This style looks great on all textures, considering what layers you may need for more or less volume.

Thick Curtain Bangs for a Medium Haircut
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#8: Thick Curtain Bangs for a Medium Haircut

Thick curtain bangs for a medium haircut are definitely a bold style. Soft curtain bangs are best worn with a center part. Warm honey blonde is the perfect complimentary color to a new cut, too.

Voluminous Curtain Bangs for Long Layered Hair
Instagram @girlorgun

#9: Voluminous Curtain Bangs for Long Layered Hair

A voluminous soft curtain bang on long layered haircuts compliments a dimensional highlight perfectly. Face-framing fringe and long layers give movement and remove weight from long thick hair.

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Layered Fringe and Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @amaliaberglund

#10: Layered Fringe and Haircut for Thick Hair

A layered fringe haircut is a perfect choice for thick hair. Thick hair can easily become lifeless and weighed down. Soft curtain bangs with layers remove weight creating a bouncier tousled style.

Razored Shag with Curtain Fringe and Beach Waves
Instagram @davidwbullen

#11: Razored Shag with Curtain Fringe and Beach Waves

A razored shag with curtain fringe and beach waves is a great cut to add volume to long hair. Razored haircuts with curtain bangs typically look and style best on textured wavy hair.

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#12: Long Face-Framing Layers and Center-Parted Bangs

Long face-framing layers and center-parted bangs give long hair a shape and style while maintaining length. Soft curtain bangs for straight hair should be cut at chin length for a low-maintenance style.

#13: Medium-Length Layered Cut with Soft Bardot Bangs

A medium-length layered cut with soft Bardot bangs instantly gives volume and bounce to fine hair. Dimensional cinnamon hair color compliments a fair skin complexion.

#14: Textured Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs

A textured shag cut with curtain bangs is a perfect choice for a woman with glasses. Curtain bangs harmoniously frame the face alongside glasses.

Soft Medium Shag with Bardot Bangs
Instagram @lifesizebarber

#15: Soft Medium Shag with Bardot Bangs

Consider choosing soft curtain bangs for medium hair. A soft medium shag with Bardot bangs opens up the face to showcase natural facial features.

#16: Layered Curtain Bangs on Long Hair

Layered curtain bangs on longer hair are the perfect cut to complement a melted balayage. Long hair pairs well with subtle curtain bangs.

Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Hair for Women Over 60
Instagram @notesandknotss

#17: Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Hair for Women Over 60

Curtain bangs on mid-length hair is a stunning style for women over 60. Soft bangs give a youthful vibe and conceal forehead wrinkles for more mature women looking to take years off instantly.

Shaggy Pixie Cut with Short Curtain Bangs
Instagram @shearpulp

#18: Shaggy Pixie Cut with Short Curtain Bangs

A shaggy pixie cut with short curtain bangs gives fine lifeless hair volume and texture. Soft curtain bangs for short hair frame the face, especially on shorter haircuts. Chocolate brown hair color compliments this textured cut.

Mid-Length Hair with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs
Instagram @reneeparishair

#19: Mid-Length Hair with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

A mid-length haircut with face-framing curtain bangs is the perfect length and bang for a round face. Curtain bangs for round face shapes that land right at the cheekbone are very flattering and low-maintenance styling.

Long Blonde Shag with Middle-Parted Bangs
Instagram @lockandshade

#20: Long Blonde Shag with Middle-Parted Bangs

A long blonde shag with middle-parted bangs is the perfect cut to showcase face-framing highlights. Long soft curtain bangs look best when styled with a center part.

#21: Feathered Bardot Fringe on Shoulder-Length Hair

A feathered Bardot fringe on shoulder-length hair is the perfect touch to add fullness to fine hair. These soft long curtain bangs spice up any cut and color adding playfulness.

#22: Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bangs for Ginger Hair

Shaggy layers and curtain bangs on ginger hair give a modern take to a 70’s-inspired cut. Soft layered hair with curtain bangs will automatically make any woman look more youthful.

#23: Textured Lob with a Middle Part and Bangs

A textured lob with a middle part and bangs is a beautiful cut to make thin hair look and feel fuller. Curtain bangs typically fall at the cheekbones complimenting every face shape.

#24: Soft Curtain Bangs with Textured Layers

Softer curtain bangs with textured layers compliment wavy textures. Hairstyles with curtain bangs are low-maintenance for women looking to change up their look.

Curtain Fringe on a Soft Pixie Cut
Instagram @nina_surov_a

#25: Curtain Fringe on a Soft Pixie Cut

Curtain fringe on a soft pixie cut is a great cut to make fine hair appear thicker and fuller. A middle part and curtain bangs complement an oval face shape. Shorter pixie cuts can be more high-maintenance haircuts needing regular trims to keep the shape.

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Wavy Shag with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @lockandshade

#26: Wavy Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

A wavy shag with long curtain bangs is the perfect cut to highlight new dimensional highlights. The soft layers with curtain bangs give volume and bounce to long hair. Ask your stylist if your hair is long enough to style in an updo.

#27: Tousled Soft Shag with Bardot Bangs

A tousled soft shag with Bardot bangs is the perfect curtain fringe for square face shapes. The soft curtain bangs for long hair flow and gives square features a softer look. These 70’s inspired bangs are making a comeback.

Long Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @kim.uly

#28: Long Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs

A long choppy bob with curtain bangs is a great haircut choice for almost any face shape. Shoulder-length hair with textured bangs frames the face. Softer curtain bangs are very soft-swept bangs that complete any cut.

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#29: Subtle Layers and Soft Curtain Fringe

Subtle layers and a soft curtain fringe are a great choice for women looking to try something new without taking too much length away. Long layers give texture and body while creating movement.