27 Flattering Ways to Wear Bangs for Women with Small Foreheads

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Bangs for a small forehead highlight the angles of the face, bringing out your best features. They make for a fresh and stylish upgrade without causing too much drama.

Mo Safi, an International Artistic Director of TONI&GUY, from London, UK, shares some tips on bangs. Customizing the fringe is a must. He says, “Cutting a fringe depends on the client’s facial features, hair density, hair texture, hairline, and desired level of upkeep.”

Safi goes on to explain that strong, straight-across bangs highlight the eyes and cheeks. Soft-sweeping, side fringe softens round-shaped faces and suits small foreheads. Safi explains how sectioning the hair a bit deeper creates the illusion of a longer forehead.

The biggest drawback of having a fringe pertains to issues regarding the weather. Women tend to keep their hair away from their faces to lessen the heat on a hot summer day. The sweat that comes off from the heat may also cause the accumulation of acne.

Safi adds not to miss out on the consultation. Discuss your expectations and the required maintenance and styling of bangs hairstyles. A clear understanding between you and your hairstylist will bring you the cut you were opting for.

So dive into these popular images of bangs for a small forehead. Here’s a set of photos for you to choose from!

Soft Wispy Bangs for a Small Forehead
Instagram @haum_n

#1: Soft Wispy Bangs for a Small Forehead

Soft wispy bangs for a small forehead are great for women with fine, straight hair. This type of fringe is perfect for women wanting to elevate their bangs hairstyle while not wanting the commitment of full-on bangs. For women with petite features, keep them grazing the eyebrow, or slightly below, to accentuate the eyes and cheekbones.

#2: Bombshell Layers and Bangs

Your hair is often the first thing people notice about you. If your hair loses its fullness or vibrancy, enhancing its look with face-framing and curtain bangs can help. Face framing and curtain bangs can give long hair more volume and dynamism, accentuating your facial features.

#3: Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs are an excellent choice for women wanting versatility within their blonde hair. They add softness to any cut but can easily be pushed back or pinned to the side for a different, cute look. Tell your stylist to keep them grazing your cheekbones for a beautiful and low-maintenance fringe.

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#4: Side-Swept Bangs for a Small Forehead

Side-swept bangs for a small forehead are ideal, especially if you have long hair. Keeping the length on the longer side creates the ultimate low-maintenance shape that blends seamlessly into the rest of the haircut for small foreheads. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers for the perfect complement to this chic fringe that works on even the smallest of foreheads.

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#5: Long Swooping Bangs

Try long swooping bangs for a cool girl vibe. It’s best coupled with a shag or with extra layers. This curtain fringe is a trend that has a wow factor. Hairstyles for bangs do require maintenance, but this shape grows out effortlessly. Ask your stylist to taper around your face with some piecey bits perfect for softness when the hair is styled up.

Wavy Bangs for Small Foreheads
Instagram @catsnsass

#6: Wavy Bangs

Even if you do not have straight hair, you can wear wavy bangs. This effortless hairstyle for small foreheads is perfect for the girl on the go and is quite popular right now. Wavy hair bangs look even better with a shag or a very layered cut. Ask your stylist if this look would be fit for you and your lifestyle.

Side Fringe
Instagram @chouffevon

#7: Side Fringe

A side fringe compliments any small face shape. Ask your stylist to start on the longer side then, customize them to your face shape and personal preference. This type of fringe is perfect for women with fine hair or women not wanting the commitment of a bold and dense fringe.

Bettie Bangs for Small Forehead
Instagram @bettycombs

#8: Bettie Bangs

For the pin-up girl at heart, try Bettie bangs. This retro-inspired shape is perfect for an oval face or round-shaped face and dense hair. Style with a flat iron to emphasize a strong line and to create a sleek finish.

Straight Bangs to Hide Small Forehead
Instagram @olgaslookbook

#9: Straight Bangs

Straight bangs are a classic that never goes out of style. They are a bold choice for women willing to commit to a full and dense fringe. Keep these bangs looking sharp through regular trimmings.

#10: Tapered Bangs for a Short Forehead

Tapered bangs for a short forehead are a perfect option for women with less density around their hairline. Brown, fine hair, and curtain-shaped fringe are perfect for adding softness to any look. These types of bangs require very little maintenance and add a polished finish.

Rounded Fringe
Instagram @highhorsesalon

#11: Rounded Fringe

Try a rounded fringe for a twist on the classic full bangs. The slightly rounded bangs shape opens the face and is perfect for women that have a rounder face shape. This type of fringe works best on dense hair and complements any hair length.

Swoopy Bangs + Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @kyleecuts

#12: Swoopy Bangs + Mid-Length Hair

Swoopy bangs + mid-length hair are the perfect low-maintenance duo. Both are versatile and suit a variety of face shapes. This combo is an excellent choice for women with busy lifestyles who do not have a lot of time to style their hair.

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#13: Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs are highly on-trend. This soft retro-inspired look is ideal for women interested in fringe while keeping them a little longer. Ask your stylist to cut some short face-framing pieces. Pull your hair up, and you’re good to go!

#14: Blunt Bangs to Hide a Small Forehead

Try blunt bangs to hide a small forehead. This type of fringe is perfect for women with fine hair. The blunt line creates the effect of density and fullness, accentuating the eyes. Depending on your face shape, the line can be straight or curved. Ask your stylist about what option would work best for you.

Feathered Bangs for Smaller Foreheads
Instagram @hayley.salon.z

#15: Feathered Bangs for Smaller Foreheads

Feathered bangs for smaller foreheads are a perfect way to wear a fringe while keeping the look soft. The short to long shape creates a lovely, tapered effect suitable for all face shapes. Ask your hairstylist to cut your bangs in an inverted V-shape with the center as the shortest point. It helps the bangs feather outwards, creating a face-framing curtain.

Short Bangs for Shorter Foreheads
Instagram @ailiseu_p

#16: Short Bangs for Shorter Foreheads

Try short bangs for a shorter forehead to create a fun and retro look. A mini fringe can work with any hair length. It opens the face, especially for those with a heart-shaped face. They are customizable by shape and texture to create balance and harmony in any face shape.

Choppy Bangs for a Small-Shaped Forehead
Instagram @tomsmithhd

#17: Choppy Bangs for a Small-Shaped Forehead

Try choppy bangs for a small-shaped forehead. To maximize their impact, ask your stylist to cut a fair amount of hair from a deep point behind your natural hairline, then texturize with a razor. Tie hair up and style fringe with dry shampoo for extended wear without having to shampoo.

Brow-Grazing Fringe
Instagram @laboratorie

#18: Brow-Grazing Fringe

Ask your stylist for a brow-grazing fringe for your next salon appointment. This kind of fringe is cut right above the brow line, exposing the eyes. The sides curve and blend into short layers, adding to the allure of an eye-framing trim. Maintain them by trimming every month or let them grow out into curtain fringe bangs.

#19: Arched Bangs

Remember that arched bangs can spotlight the eyes. Highlight your best features by requesting the fringe be cut in a blunt line just below the brows, curving slightly to open up the top of the cheekbone. Don’t forget to have a little fun with some waves for a bit of textured contrast!

Textured Bangs for Short Forehead
Instagram @dieslley.braz

#20: Textured Bangs

Textured bangs for a short forehead are an excellent choice for your next haircut. An undersized forehead may need some balance created by bangs to lengthen the space above the eyebrows and the hairline. Make sure they blend perfectly with keeping the sides feathery.

#21: Middle-Parted Bangs

Middle-parted bangs for tiny foreheads can uplift and highlight a face while softly drawing attention to the eyes. The fringe is cut long to the tip of the nose. It’s skillfully blended on the sides to incorporate face-framing layers and works best on women with thin hair.

#22: Asymmetrical Bangs

Request asymmetrical bangs for small foreheads to add tons of interest to the haircut. On a round face, the asymmetry will create an illusion of more height and movement. One side is cut close to the hairline, long enough to allow the hair to lie down the bangs, then sweep longer to the cheekbone on the other end. Talk to your stylist about how to personalize the fringe just for you!

#23: Layered Bangs

Layered bangs can create balance on a small forehead. The length should cover the eyebrows, framing the eyes closely to draw attention to the top half of the face. Style the bangs with some soft waves to create an easygoing feel.

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Baby Bangs for a Smaller Forehead
Instagram @kats__chair

#24: Baby Bangs for a Smaller Forehead

Baby bangs for a smaller forehead are a perfect choice to create the illusion of a longer forehead while adding volume to the front and top of the haircut. Ask your stylist to keep them choppy and piecey with an uneven perimeter line. The sides of the bangs seamlessly blend into the face-framing layers with ease and precision.

#25: Straight Across Bangs

Draw attention to the eyes with bold, straight-across bangs. Contrasted by long, flowing locks, bold bangs should be cut bluntly just below the eyebrows. Keep in mind that the fringe will need monthly trims to maintain their impact.

#26: Curtain Fringe for Small Forehead

Try a curtain fringe for a small forehead to add fullness on top and balance out a teeny forehead. With a nod to mod, the hair is cut to the collarbone with the fringe right around the cheekbones, softened with point cutting to keep the ends from looking blunt.

Thick, Blunt Fringe
Instagram @kslush716

#27: Thick, Blunt Fringe

When you’re ready to make a statement, try a thick, blunt fringe! This face-framing fringe emphasizes your facial features in the best light. Use a flat iron to pull off a smooth and straight finish when dealing with curly hair texture.