23 Flattering Hairstyles with Side Bangs for Every Face Shape & Length

Hairstyles with side bangs

Getting side bangs is a great way to completely change up your style! Plus, it’s a super sly way to alter your face shape without being too drastic. So grab your brush and learn how to sweep your bangs to the side!

Some tips and things to consider when getting side bangs hairstyles:

Any way you choose to style it, side fringe hairstyles are a great accent to any face shape, especially round face shapes. It offers face framing and delicately highlights your eyes and cheekbones. It’s a small way to freshen up your entire hairdo.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of hairstyles with side bangs!

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Short, Layered with Side Fringe

Short, Layered with Side Fringe
Instagram @hair_by_katie

Stylist Katie made sure to chop towards the back and leave full, long strands towards the front for a sassier short layered hair with side fringe.

Korean Side Bangs

korean side bangs
Instagram @miel_bykorea

Korean side bangs work well for difficult to manage Asian hair texture. Side bangs hairstyles can be difficult to recreate with some types of Asian hair because of how pin-straight it can be. Seek a stylist who specializes in creating seamless blends of layers and texture.

Swoop Bangs on Long Hair

swoop bangs on long hair
Instagram @zhair_studio

Swoop bangs on long hair are the perfect thing to try if you’re bored with your long hair but don’t want to go short. Hairstyles with side bangs soften the facial features and frame the face in the most perfect way. Make sure to ask your stylist if they think this style would work for you and your hair texture.

Side Bangs for Short Hair

Side Bangs for Short Hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

Try side bangs for short hair if you love your short hair but feel like you need to try something new. Side bangs can completely change the look of your haircut without taking any length off. It can also help you get more volume while framing your features in the best light.

Long Side Bangs

long side bangs for women
Instagram @ashleenormanhair

Long side bangs are the perfect option to spice up any haircut. Side bangs softly frame the face and help to give volume right where you need it most.

Long Hair Angled Side Bangs

Long Hair Angled Side Bangs
Instagram @excellencebbb

These long angled side bangs were created by licensed barber Excelsior Cerezo of San Jose, CA. “The layers frame the face and the added side bangs are just another great feature. Even if they were long side bangs it still would look amazing,” says Cerezo.

Long and short side bangs give any haircut more of a pop. This kind of haircut will look great on any girl with sleek hair who is looking for something fun!

Cerezo says to remember that side bangs haircuts require you to style them i.e. blow dry them. “If they aren’t styled then it just sits there waiting for something to happen to them. Also, if you tie the hair in a pony you can create a different ‘do as well like a sleek ponytail with side bangs,” he says.

“If you’re an air dry type that’s totally fine. You can use the Bumble and Bumble “don’t blow it” air dry cream,” says Cerezo. “It’s a great product since, and they have it for thick or fine hair. You just towel dry the hair really well, part to the desired side, and then use about a nickel to quarter size amount and run it through mids to ends. Smooth it or scrunch it through to add some more texture.”

Feminine Layers with Long Side Bangs

“This is a very soft and feminine side bangs hairstyle,” says hair colorist and style creator Michaela O’Keefe of San Diego, CA. “The layers and long side fringe flow nicely together and the color ties it all in because it is more of a sunkissed and very natural feel.”

To maintain and recreate this layered hair with side bangs, O’Keefe says to use something that gives volume and smoothes at the same time to reduce frizz. “For example, L’Oreal professional Liss & Pump. It gives that needed volume and smoothes at the same time,” she explains.

This cut is ideal for thicker hair because the layering takes out the weight. Less dense of hair wouldn’t have this same effect on side bangs styles like this.

As for the color, this was created by using a balayage technique that is suitable for everyone.

Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for Fine Hair

Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @louiblunthair

A pixie bob with side bangs is perfect for a heart face shape. This pixie bob was created by stylist Loui Blunt of London, UK. “It’s cheeky and has the perfect bedhead. These are what make wispy side bangs special. Smooth or wavy hair will express themselves freely,” adds Blunt.

Blunt believes this style is suitable for thick hair types, as the top is disconnected from underneath, showing the undercut. “The wispy bangs and layers were created with a razor. If the hair is thin then it would be possible to design something similar. Just texturize the hair rather than doing layers.”

Shoulder-Length Hair with Curly Bangs

Shoulder-Length Hair with Curly Bangs
Instagram @jemhair

Hair artist Jenna Erin Murray of Yorba Linda, CA created this balayage with a side fringe. “It’s blended to perfection and it sits right along the eye area,” says Murray.

She recommends you use a leave-in conditioner like 7 Seconds by UNITE. “All hair types are suitable for this side fringe haircut except really curly hair. Curly side bangs are hard to achieve,” she adds.

Mid-Length Bob with Long Side Swoop Bangs

Mid-Length Bob with Long Side Swoop Bangs
Instagram @theresaprzybyla

This is a blunt bob with long side swoop bangs and internal texture. It was created by hairstylist Theresa of Austin, TX. “The bob is a classic cut for all face shapes and hair textures,” she says.

Theresa says swoopy bangs are best achieved with a pea-sized amount of Oribe Gel Serum. “This product provides a flexible hold for your swoopy side bangs. It can be applied throughout the entire head from roots to ends for an effortless style.”

Layers with Long Side Swept Bangs

Layers with Long Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

These layers with long side swept bangs are a modern-day “Farrah Fawcett.” They were created by celebrity hairstylist Emanuel of Las Vegas, NV. “The long layers with the long swept bangs showcase the angles in the front which give the option to play with different looks, such as creating curtain bangs, when styling,” he adds.

Emanuel recommends trying Perfect Hair Day line by Living Proof. “It’s good for volume, texture, and shine. Also, try the hairspray by Living Proof. A large round brush is a must when styling long hair with side bangs.”

Most side bang hairstyles works best for anyone with normal to thick hair due to their natural ability to achieve more volume. The cut itself is universal because a side swept bang is flattering for all face shapes and lifestyles.

Long Hair with Side Bangs for Thick Hair

long hair with side bangs for thick hair
Instagram @appu_wayne

Here’s the stunning long hair with side bangs for thick hair! The feathered layers remove some weight and bulk. The side bangs, meanwhile, would flatter a length like this, which stops at the waist. Try a simple natural long hairstyle such as this one if you want to keep your mane looking healthy.

Side Bangs on a Choppy Bob

choppy bob with side bangs
Instagram @rayvoltagebeauty

The added side bangs on a choppy bob bring more style to the haircut. They can frame the face and accentuate gorgeous facial features. A layered jaw-length bob, styled with texture, matches a wispy side fringe haircut so well.

Long Bob with Bangs to the Side

long bob with bangs to the side
Instagram @trinnie_hair

A long bob with bangs to the side can be pulled off by many different women! This trendy lob for women is paired with a side fringe hairstyle to match most face shapes. Jazz it up by adding texture for more structure and depth.

Inverted Bob with Side Fringe Bangs

inverted bob with side fringe bangs
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

Flaunt an inverted bob with side fringe bangs for easy-to-style hair. Aside from the sleekness of the hairstyle, the blonde hue also adds sophistication. What’s fun about this cut is it grows out very pretty even after a few months.

Blunt Bob with Side Fringes

blunt bob with side fringes
Instagram @salsalhair

A blunt bob with side fringes is a style that makes a great option for women with fine hair. Both the length and shape of the cut give the appearance of fuller and thicker tresses. It has side bangs to add a modern, contemporary feel to the classic bob. The platinum blonde shade, meanwhile, offers a more lived-in vibe.

Medium-Length Hair with Side Bangs

medium length hair with side bangs
Instagram @yunuskarat

Craving a medium-length haircut with side bangs? Take this as an inspiration. This style is excellent for ladies who think of getting bangs but are afraid of a full heavy bangs style. You can tuck the fringe behind the ear or pin it back. With the right tool, this medium-length hairstyle with bangs to the side is easy to recreate.

Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

layered haircut with side bangs
Instagram @wendos_

Here’s a layered haircut with side bangs that looks glamorous! When spiced up with waves, the style gives the locks lots of movement. The touch of bangs creates lift and softness around the face, so the tresses aren’t laying flat to the head. This long layered haircut with long side bangs is versatile. For ladies who want bangs but still want to pull the hair back, the side bangs hairstyle is advisable.

Feathered Collarbone-Length Hairstyle with Side Bangs

feathered collarbone length hairstyle with side bangs
Instagram @Laboratori

Featuring a collarbone-length hairstyle with side bangs, amped up with copper streaks! This cut has bangs to the sides that blend with the face-framing strands. They accent facial features very well. The layers are tapered down toward the back for a feathered and shag effect.

Short Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Short Pixie Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @corrinndoeshair

This short pixie cut with side bangs can be both cute and edgy. It has that androgynous style that works with any outfit.

Deep Side Part

deep side part with bangs
Instagram @hairbyshannonmarie

A deep side part with bangs offers a classic shag haircut that suits most ladies. It can be worn by any woman, whatever hair type she has. This fringe style goes well with any haircuts, as well, whether long or short.

Shag Haircut with Side Bangs

shag haircut with side bangs
Instagram @anhcotran

A shag haircut with side bangs, if pumped up with volume and texture, makes an effortless style. It still works the best with natural texture. The chop has the shag layers that flatter almost every face shape. The secret to copying the style is by focusing the fringe and shortest layers on the cheekbones. The loose bangs can be worn down or swept aside for two different looks.

Short Hair with Side Bangs

short hair with side bangs
Instagram @pixierqueen

Wear this short hair with side bangs if you prefer the edgy styles. Feel free to spice it up with lots of texture and cool shaved sides. When styling it, use Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray and a sticky styling cream or pomade to really piece it out. This haircut is ideal for women who have black, thick locks.