43 On-Trend Ways to Get a Shag with Curtain Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shag with curtain bangs is a tousled, layered haircut with a face-framing fringe to add softness to the style. You must be comfortable with having bangs and a middle part if you are going to wear this hairstyle.

“The shag can help you with lifeless hair as it gives volume and so much movement,” says Illinois-based stylist Tori Niezabitowski. “You might be surprised at how little you need to do when styling every day. It’s also amazing for wavy and curly hair because the layers provide a nice shape,” she adds.

It’s paramount to talk to your trusted hairdresser before diving into a new look. “Ask about the tools you will need to prep your hair. Then, learn how to rejuvenate the shaggy style on days 2 and 3,” says Niezabitowski.

The most significant benefit of a versatile shag is how low-maintenance it can be.

Niezabitowski recommends a fresh trim every 6-8 weeks. Ladies with very long hair can go much longer than two months. “Adding these layers helps their hair maintain movement and reduce weight for a long period of time,” she adds.

If you love wearing your hair in a ponytail, a shag might not be your best option. Layers will only stick out and fall out around your face.

Wanna learn more about this stunning hairstyle? Check out these images to see trendy ways to wear a shag with curtain bangs!


#1: Medium Chocolate

f you want to add body, movement, and texture to your hair, a shag haircut is ideal. Bring out the natural waves in your hair with a razor cut and curtain bangs that frame your face. Curtain bangs can either blend seamlessly into your haircut or be styled with a ponytail.

Undone Shag for Shoulder-Length, Straight Hair wtih Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#2: Undone Shag for Shoulder-Length, Straight Hair

Consider a shoulder-length undone shag if you have straight hair. Cutting dead ends off will give your limp hair the fullness you desire. The modern cut is trendy and requires minimal styling. Use a Volumizing spray at the root to give more lift and body.

Bright Blonde Shag with Bardot Curtain Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#3: Bright Blonde Shag with Bardot Bangs

A bright blonde shag with Bardot bangs is a sultry cut that you should try! If you opt for the bright blonde shag, remember to invest in professional-strength shower toner. This will help keep the color crisp and bright at home.

#4: Pink Shag with Cascading Waves

This pink shag haircut with cascading waves gives a soft and feminine look. The pink shag adds movement and texture, and its bangs frame the face beautifully. If you have medium to long hair and want a playful yet elegant look, consider a pink haircut. When visiting your hairstylist, ask for tips to recreate the cut at home.

Reshaped Shag with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#5: Reshaped Shag

Adding a curtain fringe can enhance a reshaped shag. Curtain fringes add more texture and further diversify the shape. To style this look, use a light blow dry cream and finish with a dry texture spray.

Internal Layers on a Shag with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#6: Internal Layers

A curtain fringe is a good option if you find a full shape too daunting. Combine this with a longer layered cut for a soft and delicate look. For a beachy look, use a large hair tong. Wrap your hair around the tong, let it cool, and then brush it. To add texture, you can also apply a sea salt spray.

#7: Blonde Shag with Thick Curtain Bangs

If you want a trendy haircut, try this blonde shag with thick curtain bangs. This cut has choppy layers that give volume and let your hair move freely. The thick curtain bangs beautifully frame your face. If you have thick hair, this style is ideal. It lessens weight from the sides, preventing the cut from looking too harsh. To maintain this style, use volumizing mousse on wet hair. This helps add separation and boosts curls. After washing your hair, use a microfiber towel to remove excess water. But be gentle to avoid causing frizz.

Sexy Curtain Fringe on a Medium Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#8: Curtain Fringe on a Medium Shag

The fringe with medium shag is a captivating hairstyle. It combines textured layers and appealing bangs. The curtain fringe, neatly split down the middle, gives a classic 70’s feel. Select a curtain bang length that fits your face shape and lifestyle. This stylish pairing creates the ideal easy-care hairstyle for any woman.

Sexy Jet Black Shag with French Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#9: Jet Black Shag with French Bangs

A jet-black shag with French bangs is a hot and trendy shape. Ask for many layers, and a long fringe is parted in the middle and flows to the corner of each eye. The French fringe sets off this style and will enhance your features seductively. This beautiful shape can be styled easily by scrunching or air drying with a texture putty. You can rock it.

#10: Feathery Fluffy Shag Cut

If you want to add movement to your hair, a feathery, fluffy shag cut could be an option. This cut is all about creating volume and layers without sacrificing length. This makes it a versatile option for various hair types. To achieve volume, start with wet hair and add products to encourage curling. The addition of curtain bangs can help frame your face if your hair is heavier. It will give you a chic, stylish look.

#11: Shag with Mega Texture

Looking for a haircut that exudes rock-and-roll vibes? Consider a shag with mega texture and curtain bangs. This cut will add the volume and movement you’ve always wanted to your hair. I recommend the Bumble and Bumble surf spray on dry hair and scrunch to add a tousled, grungy edge to your style. Ask for curtain bangs to add a 70s-inspired flair and a bleached-out blonde color for an edge.

Mullet-Inspired Shag with Longer Curtain Fringe for ladies with fine hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#12: Mullet-Inspired Shag with Longer Curtain Fringe

This hairstyle is perfect for those with fine hair looking for a modern twist on a classic style. The shag with a longer curtain fringe has layers in the back and shorter layers in the front. This creates natural movement and texture. To style, use a volumizing or texturizing spray to damp hair and rough dry it with a blow dryer. Use a curling iron to add loose waves to the ends and finish with a texture spray for added hold and definition. This style is versatile and easy to maintain. It’s a great option for a busy woman looking for a chic and effortless look.

Medium Ombre Shag with Curtain Fringe for ladies in their 40s
Instagram @giboazhair

#13: Medium Ombre Shag

A medium ombre shag is this year’s hottest haircut and color combo. This is the number one haircut and color requested in salons. This is easy to style and can be worn for months without touching up much. To help with the texture, I recommend using hairspray.

Shaggy and Sassy with Curtain Fringe for women with messy medium to long hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#14: Shaggy and Sassy with Curtain Fringe

A shaggy curtain fringe is a great option if you are interested in bangs but don’t want to commit to full bangs. My best advice would be to talk with your stylist first to review your fringe options.

Short Salt-and-Pepper Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs for older women with coarse hair
Instagram @se_augusto

#15: Short Salt-and-Pepper Shaggy Cut

A short shaggy cut can be a fun and helpful way to change up your traditional hairstyle. If you’re on the fence about cutting bangs, consider a soft curtain fringe. This is a wonderful way to try out a new haircut shape without the commitment of a full bang. I recommend using a round brush to style, my favorite round brushes are the T3 Volume 2.5.

Medium-Length Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair with Curtain Bangs for ladies with messy layered hair
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Medium-Length Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair

Try a medium-length shaggy cut if you have thick hair. If you’re on the thicker side of hair textures, the best way to work with what you got is to create some softness to the hair. When used by a professional, a razor is your best friend to carve out the weight where needed. This will allow movement and softness. This style can be achieved with your natural texture. Hand style with Hairstory Undressed and Hair Balm.

Sassy Shaggy Style with Curtain Fringe and Choppy Ends
Instagram @yukistylist

#17: Sassy Shaggy Style

If you want a sassy look with choppy ends and curtain fringe, this on-trend style has lots of personality. To prevent the weight from pulling down your locks, avoid too much length and not enough layering. Lots of weightless layers will bring movement and texture to your strands. This style offers plenty of volume, as well as ease of styling so that you can enjoy it all day long! Use mousse or light hairspray to add extra body when needed.

Messy Shag with Center-Parted Bangs
Instagram @nothingobvious

#18: Messy Shag with Center-Parted Bangs

Go for a tousled style with a messy shag with center-parted bangs. A shag cut is great to give movement and volume to your limp hair. Do not confuse curtain bangs with traditional bangs. Unlike traditional bangs, curtain bangs are low maintenance and lift your face instantly. In my experience, shag haircuts are great for all different hair types and are low-maintenance. Use a curling iron to add textured messy waves for an easy, modern style.

Trendy Blonde Shag with Curtain Fringe and Curled Ends
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#19: Trendy Blonde Shag with Curled Ends

For a trendy cut, your best bet is to go for softer layers. They should start around the chin area. To avoid an overly done look, opt for tousled strands throughout your hair and soft curls at the end. When styling this look, make sure you use a light-hold hairspray. Try Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray for long-lasting definition and bounce. Be sure to tell your hairstylist about how much layering you would prefer. Do this before they begin cutting so you get exactly what you want!

#20: Shaggy Layers with Reverse Ombre

Ask for these shaggy layers with reverse ombre if you’ve been looking for a new cut and color for the new year! This shaggy hairstyle is easy to maintain. It works for almost all wavy hair types, especially when paired with a diffuser and a salt spray.

Platinum Short Fluffy Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @mallendshair

#21: Platinum Short Fluffy Shag with Bangs

Change it up in a platinum short fluffy shag with bangs. If you are searching for a new shape for your bob, opt for lots of layering. It will shag out your cut. Short fluffy hair is trending, but the top is styled on the flatter side. Try a middle part to help keep your shape closer to the head and more modern. Mess your finish with a texture paste. Apply it to dry hair for fabulous results.

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Cool Platinum Undone Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#22: Cool Platinum Undone Shag

If you’re looking to shape your iced blonde locks, consider trying a wispy layered cut. If you care about your ends and want them to stay healthy, keep up on regular trims with your hair appointments. It helps prevent breakage and split ends. You should also keep your blonding sessions every 4-6 weeks. Doing so will help you achieve the best possible results.

Shaggy Undone Texture with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#23: Undone Texture with Curtain Fringe

Instead of straight across bangs, try an undone texture with curtain fringe. I highly recommend the Oribe texture spray if you are looking for a product. Oribe products help to encourage a tousled haircut.

Effortless Jet Black Shaggy Cut with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#24: Effortless Jet Black Shaggy Cut

We always love the effortless jet-black shaggy cut! It’s not just for rock stars; this cut has become so versatile that you can dress it up or down. Blow dry with a round brush for maximum volume and shine. Pack a texture spray in case you need to go out for drinks after work. You can add some messy texture for a more fun look.

#25: Thick Curtain Fringe

Consider a thick curtain fringe if you want to change up your hairstyle! The best way to style your curtain bang is to use a flat iron if you can. Curling your bang away from your face will give your fringe the curtain effect. Plus, it will help show off your features.

#26: Vintage Long Shag

If you love the 70s and the 80s and have a lively personality, this vintage long shag is just screaming at you. Try to style all of the hair in front of your ears forward towards your face while it’s drying. Once your hair is 85% dry, start curving your hair outward with a round brush to form the shape you want your hair to take once it’s completely dried. If you want, you can finish off your style by curling the longer parts of your shag and using volumizing products to enhance your hair’s new natural shape.

#27: Shaggy Cut with Feathery 70s Curtain Bangs

Try a shag cut with feathery 70s curtain bangs for a fun, textured style. Easy to cover the forehead for more coverage or styled away from your face for a beautiful flow and a retro feel.

Short Shaggy Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @katknepphair

#28: Short Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

The short shaggy wolf cut is great for thick hair. The wolf cut is the new popular term for a short, shaggy cut with bangs. The styling comes easy since the cut is detailed to shape your particular face and head shape. Curtain bangs on a wolf cut add more flair to the shape of your hair around the face.

#29: Medium Shag with Soft Curls for Women Over 50

Try a medium shag with soft curls to get an effortless look. Shag cuts with curtain bangs are easily styled with or without curl products and work for any curly texture.

Long Curtain Bangs on a Textured Shag
Instagram @ezramulleta

#30: Long Curtain Bangs on a Textured Shag

Long curtain bangs on a textured shag are a great add-on. The long curtain bangs are not only trending for long hair right now but will always work well with shag cuts. A shag cut is a heavily layered, textured look that can be tailored to your face shape and curl pattern. Always ask for recommendations for products and styling at home.

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Short Messy Shag with Curtain Fringe for Women Over 70
Instagram @_cocoparle

#31: Short Messy Shag for Women Over 70

For women over 70 looking for a fun and youthful cut, try a short messy shag. Textured layers that frame the face give a soft youthful appearance. The bob cut is easily styled with some texture paste to show off the messy fun style. For more texture have your stylist use a razor to rough up the ends.

Long Wispy Shag with a Curtain Fringe
Instagram @sunandscissors

#32: Long Wispy Shag

A long shag with a curtain fringe is the perfect cut for long hair. Shag styles can be for any woman, including ladies who want to keep the length but also incorporate layers. Adding a fringe is a great way to frame a shag as well.

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Wavy Hair with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @gracez_hair

#33: Wavy Hair with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

Shaggy layers and bangs work perfectly for wavy hair and make styling a breeze. Make your cheekbones and eyes pop with the shaggy layers with curtain bangs. Use a volumizing spray at the root and texture spray to get tousled-looking waves.

#34: 70s Shag Style for Women Over 60

The 70s shag style for women over 60 is an empowering hairstyle ideal for long hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s colored or natural salt and pepper, it’s perfect for more hair textures as well. When your hair is quite straight you can style it in piece-y waves using a GHD soft curl tong.

#35: Medium-Length Wolf Cut with Bangs

A wolf cut with bangs allows medium-length finer hair to flow and look more full. A medium shag with curtain bangs is great for heart-shaped faces.

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#36: Long Shag for Women Over 40

A shag with bangs is perfect for women over 40 with long hair and can add a rocker-chic look to any woman. The shag is great for any face shape because it’s all layered and textured to suit your face shape and curl pattern. Curtain bangs and shags go hand in hand, adding shape and curves to the fringe area. A shag cut should be waved with a curl cream and finished with a texture spray to create volume.

Wavy Modern Shag with a Middle Part and Bangs
Instagram @nataliarok

#37: Wavy Modern Shag with a Middle Part

Hairstyles with curtain fringe are always in style and very modern. A wavy shag styled with a middle part gives all-over volume and fullness!

Mid-Length Shag with Face-Framing Layers and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#38: Mid-Length Shag with Face-Framing Layers

Release some dead weight with a mid-length shag with face-framing layers. Great for naturally curly hair, a shag haircut with curtain bangs gives massive texture, body, and movement. Minimal styling is required for this low-maintenance cut.

Razor Cut Shag with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @ezramulleta

#39: Razor Cut Shag with Middle Part Bangs

Show off your natural wavy texture with a razor-cut shag with middle-part bangs. Release weight with shaggy layers to give natural waves the perfect wash-and-go vibe.

#40: Winged Curtain Bangs on Shaggy, Fine Hair

Winged bangs on shaggy hair are the perfect recipe for volume and texture if you’re a fine-haired lady. Great on curly and/or fine hair, bangs can frame eyebrows and enhance features.

#41: Shaggy Bob with Shorter Layers

If you want a messy bedhead style, go for a bob with short layers. Shaggy hair looks effortless with textured ends and is easily styled with your natural wave. Short layered ends give body and movement. Use styling paste, scrunch, and go.

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#42: Curly Shag with Razored Layers

Go for a shag with razored layers for a sweet and sassy style. A shag hairstyle is low-maintenance and makes naturally curly hair bounce with ease. Have your stylist customize your layers to frame your face and make your facial features pop. Style with your favorite curl cream and defuser.

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Shullet with Bardot Bangs
Instagram @stefannysnow

#43: Shullet with Bardot Bangs

A shullet with Bardot bangs is just a modern, shaggy mullet. A mullet shag blends the layers into the length effortlessly.