If You Have a Long Face, These Are The Most Flattering Bangs to Get

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Long layered hair with full bangs and voluminous waves, perfect for adding width to long faces.

#1 Long Hair with Bangs and Volume

Showcasing long layers with voluminous waves and full bangs, this style gives a fabulous frame to long faces. The bangs help shorten the overall facial length, while the volume on the sides adds width. Perfect for those who want to enhance their features and prefer a fuller hair look. Just be ready for a bit of styling to keep those waves lush.

Face-framing bangs designed to add width and balance to long, narrow face shapes.

#2 Face-Framing Bangs for Long-Narrow Faces

Notice how these face-framing bangs can beautifully contour a long, narrow face. They add width and draw the gaze outward, giving your features a more balanced appearance. Straight to wavy hair types will find this style a breeze to manage. For those with a little more curl, a flat iron might become your best friend.

Medium-length layered hairstyle with curtain bangs and subtle balayage highlights.

#3 Long Layers with Curtain Bangs for Medium Hair

This shoulder-length cut is a charmer with its seamless layers and subtle balayage, which add dimension without overpowering. The curtain bangs soften a long face, framing it with a gentle curve that’s versatile for styling. Be mindful, curtain bangs require regular trims to maintain their shape, and while they flatter most, they might not suit very fine or oily hair as they can look sparse or cling too quickly.

Long shag cut with bangs, adding a modern, edgy look while softening long facial features.

#4 Long Shag Cut with Bangs

Embrace a bit of that rocker chic with this long shag cut, darlings. The messy bangs and textured layers add a modern twist, perfect for softening a long face and adding edge. While it’s a fantastic style for most, those with fine hair will love the extra volume the most.

Long layered hair with soft side bangs adding volume and softening long face shapes.

#5 Long Hair with Layers and Side Bangs

This look is an absolute win for those with long faces. The side bangs add a touch of softness, and the layers work their magic to give your hair that desirable bounce and volume. If you’ve got straight to wavy hair, this look will be low maintenance, keeping you chic without the fuss.

Long hair with wispy curtain bangs, creating a romantic look that's flattering for oval faces.

#6 Wispy Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

These wispy curtain bangs paired with long, flowing locks create a dreamy, romantic look. They’re especially flattering for longer faces and work like a charm to add a bit of mystery to your eyes. This style is great for those who like a softer look that doesn’t need too much daily upkeep—just a bit of texturizing spray, and you’re golden.

Long layers with face-framing pieces and bangs, versatile and adaptable for all hair types.

#7 Long Layers with Face Framing Pieces and Bangs

Long, luscious layers with face-framing bangs are just the ticket for adding movement while accentuating your best features. It’s a versatile cut, adaptable for most hair types, and the bangs can be styled to suit your daily vibe—straight down or swept to the side.

Long layered hair with side-swept bangs that add volume and elegance, perfect for thicker hair.

#8 Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

This layered masterpiece with side-swept bangs is perfect for adding volume and a touch of elegance. The sweeping bangs work wonders on longer faces, directing the eye diagonally to add width. Thick-haired lovelies will rock this look with minimal fuss, though a quick tousle with mousse might be needed to keep the volume.

Woman with a high ponytail and full straight-across bangs wearing glasses, suitable for long faces.

#9 Bangs and Glasses

Meet the perfect duo for long-faced lovelies with specs: a high ponytail paired with full, straight-across bangs. This look balances facial proportions while the bangs add a youthful twist. Ideal for those with thicker hair, it can be a bit high-maintenance for growth, needing frequent trims. Avoid if you have a hectic schedule or prefer a low upkeep style.

Woman with face-framing curtain bangs, ideal for highlighting cheekbones and easy maintenance.

#10 Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

Here’s a style that’s as breezy as it is beautiful! These curtain bangs open up the face and highlight the cheekbones, especially on an oval face. They’re low-maintenance and grow out beautifully, making them a fantastic choice if you’re someone who’s not into frequent salon visits.

Long dark hair with round bangs that soften and balance long facial features.

#11 Long Dark Hair with Round Bangs

Loving this look for its flirtatious fringe that softens long facial lines. The round bangs add a playful touch and draw attention to the eyes. They’re a fun choice for those with thicker hair—just be mindful, this style might require a bit of extra morning attention to keep the bangs sitting just right.

Korean style long hair with round bangs offering a youthful look suitable for balancing longer faces.

#12 Korean Style Long Hair with Round Bangs

The round bangs in this Korean-style cut are nothing short of adorable, adding a youthful, playful feel while balancing a longer face. The fullness on top contrasts with the length, giving a harmonious silhouette. This style might require a bit more upkeep to keep the bangs rounded and full—so be ready to embrace the styling ritual!

Woman over 60 with soft bangs and warm-toned medium hair, styled to flatter a long face shape.

#13 Bangs for Women Over 60

These bangs are a fabulous option for women over 60, adding softness and style to any look. The warm, honeyed tones brighten the complexion and the fringe’s texture ensures it’s not too heavy on the face. If your hair is on the drier side, which can happen as we age, keep in mind these bangs may require nourishing products to maintain their vitality.

Bangs cut to suit a long face with a small forehead, creating an illusion of height.

#14 Bangs for Small Forehead

This cut is ideal if you’re looking to enhance a long face with a smaller forehead. The bangs are cut just right to create the illusion of a higher forehead, while the layered sides soften the overall look. If you’re on the go, these bangs are your ally—they’ll look just as good air-dried as they do styled.

Long layers with curtain bangs adding dimension and fullness, suitable for fine hair types.

#15 Long Layers and Curtain Bangs for Dimension

The long layers paired with these breezy curtain bangs add such dimension, creating a full-bodied look that’s to die for. This combo works wonders for fine hair, giving it that oomph without weighing it down. While it’s fabulous for most, if you’ve got super curly locks, you may spend a bit more time styling.

Side-swept bangs styled to flatter long face shapes, giving a sleek and chic look.

#16 Side-Swept Bangs

These side-swept bangs are magic for elongating your face while keeping it sleek and chic. They gracefully sweep across the forehead, leading the eye sideways rather than down, making them fab for those with a more prominent forehead. They’re versatile and less demanding maintenance-wise—just a bit of styling cream to keep them in place.

Woman with wispy bangs that soften and complement a long face shape.

#17 Wispy Bangs for Softening Long Faces

For those with a longer visage seeking a touch of softness, these wispy bangs are simply perfection. They’re light, don’t overpower your features, and the soft edges offer a whimsical charm. Great for all hair types but do consider a little texturizing spray to keep them looking effortless. On the flip side, they can appear straggly if not maintained well, so a little TLC goes a long way.

Silver-haired woman with contemporary bangs, offering a youthful look suitable for long faces over 50.

#18 Bangs for Ladies Over 50

For elegant ladies over 50, these bangs add a contemporary twist to silver locks. They offer forehead coverage while the grays blend effortlessly for a chic look. Just a note: silver hair can be coarser, so these bangs might need a smoothing serum. They are low-maintenance, but consider your hair texture when choosing this youthful refresh.

Woman with 90s inspired layers and curtain bangs, great for thick hair and adding movement.

#19 90s-Inspired Layers with Curtain Bangs

Throwing it back to the 90s, this layered look with curtain bangs is a serious nod to the era, perfect for my thick-haired beauties. The layers add movement, and the bangs provide a chic yet casual framing effect. A solid blow-dry will keep these layers bouncing. If you’re not into styling, the layers might feel high-maintenance, but for that throwback flair, it’s worth it.

Woman with elongated curtain bangs and face-framing layers, ideal for adding volume to fine hair.

#20 Elongated Curtain Bangs with Face-Framing Layers

Here’s a stylish and flattering look for my gals with that coveted oval face. These elongated curtain bangs gently sweep the cheekbones, adding a touch of mystery, while the face-framing layers keep the style airy. A great choice for fine hair, as it creates the illusion of thickness. Remember, the key to keeping these bangs fabulous is ensuring they’re trimmed to just the right length.

Long layered haircut with face-framing curtain bangs, ideal for creating a romantic look on elongated faces.

#21 Long Layered Haircut with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

Long, luscious layers coupled with face-framing curtain bangs create an undeniably romantic look that’s easy to fall for. It’s just the thing for elongated faces, drawing attention to those eyes and cheeks. Plus, it’s versatile enough for all hair textures to look effortlessly polished.

Woman with chin-length curtain bangs perfect for elongating a longer face shape.

#22 Chin-Length Curtain Bangs

Darlings, these chin-length curtain bangs are a dream for those with a longer face! Drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones creates a lovely balance in the face. The bangs’ soft separation allows for easy styling and a breezy feel. They’re superb for adding volume to fine hair but might require daily styling if you have a wave to your tresses. A quick round brush blowout will keep them looking sharp.

Woman with long hair and face-framing layers and bangs suited for medium to thick hair types.

#23 Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Sweethearts, this cut’s got it all – the length for versatility and layers that delicately frame the face. Ideal for medium to thick hair, the face-framing layers give movement and remove weight, making it a breeze to manage. Bangs here work well for oval faces, adding softness. One caveat: the layers may require regular trims to maintain their shape, especially if your hair grows fast.

Softly textured bangs on wavy medium-length hair for a long face shape, ideal for women over 40.

#24 Bangs for Women Over 40

Soft, textured bangs are a great choice for my over-40 clients. These wispy ends bring movement, complementing the natural texture of maturing hair. This look can be forgiving with grow-out and is less demanding on trims. However, if your hair tends to be on the thinner side, these bangs may require a bit of styling product to keep their shape throughout the day.

Soft casual updo with side-swept bangs framing a long face, adding a feminine and stylish touch.

#25 Soft Casual Updo with Bangs

This casual updo with side-swept bangs is a charming choice for elongating long faces. The bangs frame the face beautifully, adding softness and a feminine touch to your look. It’s practical, keeps hair off the face, and the bangs maintain a stylish edge. Ideal for an easy-breezy day or a classy evening out!

When it comes to styling bangs for a long face, the key is creating the illusion of width. The best bangs for this face shape are those that help shorten the perceived length of the face while highlighting your best features, like your eyes. Side-swept, curtain, and blunt bangs do an excellent job of adding that necessary horizontal line, which can make the face appear more oval and balanced.

What many don’t realize is the importance of considering hair texture and growth patterns like cowlicks when choosing your bang style. This can determine how your bangs will sit and whether they will naturally complement your face shape or require more styling effort. Choosing the right bangs can transform your look, enhancing your facial symmetry and overall style. Ready to see which bang style can best accentuate your face? Let’s find your perfect match!