These 25 Women In Their 60s Prove You Can Rock Bangs No Matter Your Age

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Silver Wavy Pixie Crop With Fringe for Women Over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @jeanniejachman

#1: Silver Wavy Pixie Crop

A wavy pixie will add depth to your natural hair texture, enhancing it with cute curls and flips to give your style a character. This hairstyle frames your face nicely and emphasizes your eyes. Adding longer fringe flips at the back of the neck can enhance the balance and femininity of your hairstyle. This hairstyle is most suitable for women with a concave profile or an inverted triangle face shape characterized by a wide forehead and a narrow jawline.

#2: Pixie Bowl Cut with Full Bangs

Transform your look with a short, rounded pixie crop. Those with angular features, like a square or rectangular face or a combination of sharp jaw lines and a wide forehead, will benefit from a cut that brings a rounded shape. A slight undercut can help remove bulk around the hairline, directing more attention to the crown and fringe of the hairstyle. A soft side sweep keeps this style feminine and allows for movement.

Medium Shaggy Hair with Fringe for Women over 60
Instagram @giuliasteiger

#3: Medium Shaggy Hair with Fringe

Consider a medium shaggy hairstyle with a fringe. For a standout style in your 60’s, the shag is a reliable choice. With perfect bangs and face-framing flips, you can highlight your eyes (with spectacles), show off your cheekbones, and showcase a youthful and lively style. To work with your natural hair texture, I suggest using a product like Cult King Jelly for a beachy, soft hold.

#4: Layered Pixie Crop with Side Fringe

A layered pixie crop with a side fringe is a great option for anyone looking for an attractive and easy haircut. This style is feminine, thanks to the long draping fringe that softens the short tapered sides. A layered pixie crop works well with coarse and thick hair textures. This cut reduces bulk and simplifies blow drying. For a less voluminous and more modern finish, I recommend shaping your cut to fall forward and to the side. Try using your hands to dry your cut, and possibly a medium round brush on the top if needed.

Edgy Feathered Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs on women 60 and up
Instagram @jeanniejachman

#5: Edgy Feathered Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

If you’re over 60 and looking for a flattering, short, and sassy style, look no further. This particular style is ideal for those with pear-shaped faces. The extra body and width in the temples and parietal ridge create the balance that flatters these face shapes. Adding in lots of texture with shears, texturizes, or a razor gives this style dimension and a youthful vibe.

#6: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Messy Layers

For those who don’t want very short hair, consider a shaggy pixie bob with messy layers. A pixie bob keeps some length around the face but has shorter layers at the back. This lets your hair feel long while having the advantages of short hair. Short hair dries fast and can give you a trendy look. Layers are vital. To achieve the desired messy style, dry them with your hands and use texturing wax. This cute style will look exceptional on most face shapes and hair textures.

Low-Maintenance Pixie with Mini Bangs for Seniors Over 60
Instagram @steph.spencer.lindley

#7: Low-Maintenance Pixie with Mini Bangs

If you prefer easy care, consider a pixie haircut with short fringes. This very short hairstyle is easy to handle daily. However, depending on your hair growth speed and how long you hold on to this style, you may need more regular haircuts.

#8: Short-Length French Bob with Bangs

You’ll feel fashionable and chic in a short-length French bob with bangs. A medium round brush can help achieve the smooth and shiny finish allowed by the long layers. The shorter bob length with a bang creates a timeless shape. This flattering style suits many facial features, which explains the bob’s popularity. As an added bonus, the French bob grows out well, needing a trim only every 6-8 weeks.

Dimensional Short Shag with Swoopy Bangs for Women Over 60 and Up
Instagram @jeanniejachman

#9: Dimensional Short Shag with Swoopy Bangs

Try the versatile appearance of a textured short shag haircut with swoopy bangs. If you want to make your hair stand out, highlights can add texture and dimension, enhancing your hairstyle. To achieve this look, instruct your hairdresser to trim your hair in short layers but keep the top slightly longer. Keeping the bangs longer enables you to style them in a side sweep. Use a medium round brush to soften your blow-dried hair. If you want, you can tuck the hair behind your ear.

Stacked Short Hair with Long Bangs for women in their 60s
Instagram @knippobello

#10: Stacked Short Hair with Long Bangs

Ask for a short, stacked hairstyle with long bangs. Finer hair textures prefer a short stacked pixie cut. The graduation at the back of the hair, in the occipital area, adds roundness to the overall shape. Longer pixie-like framing and curtain bangs bring fullness and dimension to the look. Styling the hair away from the face creates a youthful appearance.

#11: See-Through Bangs on Classic Bob Cut

If you’re a lady with fine hair and want to enliven a classic bob, a blunt under beveled perimeter cut will be beneficial. This style adds fullness to any look and best suits fine, straight hair textures. Break up a blunt cut with some light, wispy bangs that will highlight your eyes and beautifully frame your face.

#12: Chin-Length Bob Cut with Angled Layers

A framed bob cut is always in style. You can adjust it based on your taste to remain fashionable. By directing more layers to the back of the head, you create a rounded, layered shape and fewer layers around the temples. If you want to add extra shaping and layers around the face, I suggest a layered side-swept bang that blends into the style. This technique produces a blending effect and adds elegance to your style.

Tapered Pixie Cut with Soft Bangs for Ladies Aged 60 with Round Faces
Instagram @angelo.baiunco

#13: Tapered Pixie Cut with Soft Bangs

A tapered pixie cut with soft bangs is a good and popular choice for women over 60. As we age, our hair sometimes needs to be cut short to appear healthy again. A soft, shattered pixie like this is a flattering way to go short while still feeling stylish.

Tousled White Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Women Over 60
Instagram @pureformsalon

#14: Tousled White Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

The style is a tousled white pixie cut with side-swept bangs. A pixie crop that matches your natural hair’s texture will simplify styling and add a youthful look. Subtle layers and a deep side part in your hair will flatter your round, long, or oval face. Add volume and hold to your natural hair with a texture spray, then dry it with a diffuser. After drying, fluff it up with your fingertips for extra body.

Wavy Jaw-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs on Women Aged 60
Instagram @leadstylist36

#15: Wavy Jaw-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs

Everybody loves a shag, and this wavy jaw-length shag with choppy bangs is the perfect way to show off the trend with a shorter length. The expertly carved fringe adds a playful, youthful vibe to this style but still keeps the overall look manageable and easy to style.

#16: Short Grey Pixie with Side Bangs

A short grey pixie with side bangs can bring a stylish look to your life, especially when you reach the age of 60 and above. Your face shape should determine whether your pixie should be longer or shorter. If you have a fuller face shape, try a pixie with longer side bangs to accentuate your cheekbones and eyes. Bangs are very helpful in hiding fine lines. They add beauty to your look without needles, making them known as the hairdresser’s Botox tool.

Very Short Hair with Blonde Highlights and Fringe for Ladies Over 60

#17: Very Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

A short hairstyle with blonde highlights can bring a light and airy feel to your look, adding warmth. This hairstyle and color are particularly flattering for aging or graying hair. The highlights add a youthful glow, rejuvenating dull hair.

Blonde Choppy Pixie with Red Highlights and Bangs on Seniors Aged 60
Instagram @harverkstanthn

#18: Blonde Choppy Pixie with Red Highlights

A blonde choppy pixie with red highlights is elegant. A trendy shaggy pixie features long pieces around the edges that highlight your neck, face, and eyes. The trendy cut is a fantastic choice for those with straight to wavy hair textures, as it adds body to your hair and accentuates its natural flips and bends. For an added body, apply a texture spray, for example, Afterworld Organics Texture Mist.

Layered Pixie Hair with Short Bangs on Women Over 60
Instagram @emstiebelhair

#19: Layered Pixie Hair with Short Bangs

Layered pixie hair with short bangs is an artsy, edgy style that 60-year-olds love. For a similar effect, ask for a bixie cut that resembles a short French bob. Layered and short pixie bangs add a truly unique style, adding lots of texture. Layers assist in removing weight from thick hair and inducing soft movement in the hair shape.

#20: Asymmetrical Bangs on Classic Pixie Cut

Some people associate pixie cuts with bad bowl cuts from the past. However, asymmetrical bangs added to a classic pixie cut show that the short hairstyle can be revived with a choppy fringe.

#21: Undone Layered Pixie on Copper Hair

The layered pixie cut is a playful style with lots of texture, creating a messy look! A copper color complements those with bright eyes well and makes their eyes stand out!

#22: Short Rounded Haircut with Thin Bangs

Opt for a short, rounded haircut with thinner bangs for a wispier finish. There are a lot of layers to achieve volume and a more rounded look!

Classic Grey Bob with Feathered Bangs for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @katiekoromhair

#23: Classic Grey Bob with Feathered Bangs

A classic bob usually has a full shape that bends inward and has a beveled cut. This makes styling easy. Consider adding a curtain bang, which will add depth to your hair. This style frames the eyes, and it also works well with glasses. A curved moonbeam bang is feminine, with a subtle curve at the ends. It enhances the tapered style and suits round, long, and oval face shapes.

#24: Soft Bixie with Wispy Bangs

Start with a style that includes a soft bixie and wispy bangs. As you age, it’s important to keep your look modern yet classy and elegant. Aim for personal style and choose a hair design based on your face shape. Also, pick a color to boost your skin tone. A pixie bob is a great fit for those with long face shapes. It adds volume at the crown and includes a soft bang, which breaks up the shape of the face without relying on a heavy bang. Don’t be afraid to switch things up once in a while. Adjust your part and consider tucking hair behind your ears for a different look.

Messy Wavy Hair with Blunt Bangs for Older ladies over 60
Instagram @emstiebelhair

#25: Messy Wavy Hair with Blunt Bangs

This style is perfect for someone seeking a quick, easy look for textured hair. The style gets its unique flair from its strikingly blunt bangs.

Choosing the right hairstyles for women over 60 with bangs can transform your look, adding a youthful flair and sophistication. Bangs can frame the face beautifully, offering versatility for all hair types and textures. Dive into our expert advice from Lacey Krummel, a renowned stylist who loves to see mature women shine with chic bangs.

Meet The Expert

Lacey Krummel
Lacey Krummel
Lacey is a stylist and educator with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Locke Hair in Webster Groves, MO

The Magic of Bangs

“Bangs on women, no matter the age – it’s such a fabulous look,” says Lacey. She notes how bangs are particularly striking on mature women, offering a chic touch that can elevate any look. Bangs serve as a secret weapon, cleverly hiding any signs of aging while adding volume to thinning hair. Whether your hair is fine, thick, curly, or straight, bangs are a versatile choice that can suit anyone.

Tailoring Bangs to Your Unique Face

Lacey emphasizes the importance of considering the forehead’s size more than the overall face shape. She suggests adjusting the start point of the bangs based on the forehead’s dimensions to achieve a balanced and open look. This approach ensures that with the right tweaks, bangs can flatter any face shape, reflecting your personal style and lifestyle perfectly.

Simple Styling Tips and Must-Have Products

Styling bangs can be easy and quick. Lacey advises, “All you need is a blow dryer, a brush, and 5 minutes.” A daily cleanse for your bangs can make a significant difference, keeping them fresh without the need to wash your entire hair. For this, Lacey recommends the Hairstory New Wash, ideal for balancing hair affected by hormonal changes. She also suggests the Hairstory Powder, a lightweight dry shampoo that keeps bangs voluminous and fresh between washes. These products are key for women over 60 looking to maintain gorgeous, voluminous bangs.

Photos of Super-Flattering Hairstyles for Women over 60 with Bangs