26 Women Over 50 Show How to Get The Most Flattering Bangs Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Neck-Grazing Razor Cut Bob with Front Bangs for Women Aged 50
Instagram @hairbymeganw

#1: Razor Cut Bob with Front Bangs

For women in their 50s, I suggest trying a new style with a little fringe and some texture. A light, piecey textured style infuses a sense of lightness and youthful essence into your hair. Ask your stylist for a razor cut. This technique suits fine, medium, and thick hair textures when executed properly. A razor cut enhances the hair’s texture and natural movement. Incorporating bangs will highlight your eyes and complement the razor-cut bob perfectly.

#2: Modern Bowl Cut with Bangs

This style, also known as a crop, is a bowl cut that has volume on the crown and on the sides. You can modernize this style by adding textured layers. You can also get a slight undercut where the ears’ front meets the parietal ridge. The slight undercut prevents the hair from bulging at the temples. It also allows for a longer length of hair to cover the undercut. The style works great for medium to fine hair textures.

#3: Textured French Bob with Thin Bangs

The French bob is a beautiful style for any age, and it looks even better on those over 50. This bob gets an uplifting effect from its texture. This hairstyle frames the face snugly and has thin, wispy bangs. This gives the ‘do a light, chunky look around the face.

#4: Pull-Through Braid and Thin Bangs for Long Hair

Long hair suits a pull-through braid with thin bangs. Pull-through braids are actually easy, but they look fancy and complex. You can clip in some extensions for added fullness and length. This usually is a quick fix. Women aged 50 or above can add a light bang to their style to beautifully enhance their features.

Side Part Pixie Crop with Curly Bangs for older women over 50
Instagram @hairbymeganw

#5: Side Part Pixie Crop with Curly Bangs

For ladies over 50, here’s a top pick for classy hairstyles with bangs: a pixie cut with a side part. This gives a playful take on short hair. This unique style works because the contrasting length and texture of the two sides create a dynamic look. Let your natural curls air dry to stop frizz, and use a curling iron once dry to achieve the look you want. Be bold. Remember, you’re not trying to achieve a blended hair look.

Layered Chin Bob with Wispy Bangs for Mature Women Over 50 with Glasses
Instagram @alexxajoleen

#6: Layered Chin Bob with Wispy Bangs

Ask for a layered chin-length bob with wispy bangs. For a fuller shape, request your stylist to give a layered bob. This style creates height at the crown. It can also add a wispy hairline, just like a pixie bob. As you age, it’s crucial to have soft and wispy bangs. They help to highlight your eyes and soften your features. However, be cautious with thick or full bangs, as they can make your face appear heavier. Soft and wispy is just enough.

#7: Vivid Blunt Bob with Full Bangs

A vivid, bold, bright, blunt bob hairstyle represents confidence, and it’s perfect for women who refuse to blend into the background. Bob hairstyles can range from jaw to shoulder length. The shorter ones are more striking. Add full bangs to highlight your eyes. Keep styling simple with sleek, straight locks. Let your cut and color speak for themselves.

Two-Toned Pixie with Mini Bangs for women Over 50s
Instagram @puravidahairco

#8: Two-Toned Pixie with Mini Bangs

A two-toned pixie with mini bangs does two things. It creates contrast in your style and blends grey into your natural color. If you’re over 50 and want an edgy look, a blonde pixie crop can work. You would keep your natural color at the bottom, which, at this age, may include specks of grey. This style creates a fun two-tone look. To allow for ease of movement and simple styling, ensure your pixie cut has lots of texture, which adds an edge to the look.

#9: Sleek Straight Bixie with Blunt Fringe

A sleek bixie with a blunt fringe is the best for straight, fine, or thin hair to keep it looking thick and full. The added fringe will frame your face and prevent the hair on your sides from dragging your face down.

Medium Curly Cut with Feathered Bangs on Older Ladies Over Fifty
Instagram @kelly.numberthree

#10: Medium Curly Cut with Feathered Bangs

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, then embrace it. Make the hair shorter and add layers. This boosts volume and reduces heaviness. It also prevents the curls from being pulled out, letting them bounce. For people who want minor forehead coverage, a full yet soft, feathered fringe is a good choice. To prevent frizz, let your hair dry naturally.

#11: Soft Pixie Style with Sweeping Fringe

Finding a soft, short cut for mature ladies can be a challenge. My top tip is to retain a soft look over the ears. It’s less harsh than a full, rounded cut. Also, maintain a side fringe that sweeps across the forehead for a flattering finish. To keep things modern, forget the traditional parting and pull hair forward and to one side.

Short Bob with Face-Framing Bangs and Layers for ladies Aged 50
Instagram @knippobello

#12: Short Bob with Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

A short bob is always a classic. However, you can add a twist by including layers and a soft-shaped edge. Remember to blow-dry the ends to promote flicking and movement. Always use heat protection before styling your hair, and finish with a strong-hold hairspray. Ask your hairdresser to cut your bob at a level that helps your hair to flick easily.

Short Wavy Mullet with Bangs for Women Aged 50 with Glasses
Instagram @ajfb_styles

#13: Short Wavy Mullet with Bangs

Gen Zers have a name for this new, effortless look – they call it a shullet, which is a mix of half shag and half mullet. The shullet has shorter textured pieces near the face, soft flattering bangs, and many layers. This style is a great choice for wavy or curly hair. If you prefer a modern style that needs little upkeep, the shullet might be perfect for you!

Light Brown Inverted Bob with Bangs for Short Hair and seniors over 50
Instagram @915emstyles

#14: Light Brown Inverted Bob for Short Hair

Consider a light brown, inverted bob haircut. It’s suitable for short hair. The bob haircut style never fails to be trendy. No haircut flatters fine hair textures more than a layered bob to reveal its shape and volume. If you have thick hair, additional texturing can remove some weight from this bob haircut while maintaining its great look. An inverted bob means the hair is a little or considerably longer at the front than at the back. You can adjust the length based on your style, preference, and facial structure.

#15: Shaggy Pink Bob with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Opt for the shaggy pink bob, which features an eye-grazing fringe. A great hairstyle should accentuate your facial features effectively. This shaggy bob accentuates the eye area with the right amount of wispiness. Its perfect length loves the cheekbones, and when styled upwards, away from the face, it creates an uplifting effect. This hairstyle compliments individuals with a narrow jawline.

#16: Shaggy Bob with Choppy Bangs and Layers

A shaggy bob works well with fine, straight hair. This hairstyle offers an edgy, piecey texture that you’ll love. If your hair is white or gray, try adding lowlights for a more dimensional and vibrant look. Lowlight hues can be chosen to match your style and skin complexion, whether edgy or soft and feminine.

Short Crop with Micro Bangs for Thin Hair and Ladies Aged 50
Instagram @roodoeshair

#17: Short Crop with Micro Bangs for Thin Hair

A short crop with micro bangs works well for thin hair. Style your fine hair with a cute textured bob with micro bangs to elongate your face. Micro bangs, which can be designed in many ways, are a great tool for enhancing your face shape to an oval structure. Adding a shaggy bob to your hairstyle introduces movement and definition. It even makes your hair look fuller and introduces unexpected bends in your hairstyle.

Medium Soft Shag with Bottleneck Bangs for Mature Women Over 50
Instagram @hairbynikkiml

#18: Medium Soft Shag with Bottleneck Bangs

Create a refreshed look with a mid-length shag style. This style has layers that remove the heaviness from your hair, preventing it from dragging your face down. The layers in this style also add movement and texture to your hair. Choose a style that gradually angles down to blend in with the rest of your hair. It should reveal your face and not make you feel hidden behind your hair. This a modern and appealing bottleneck bangs style, ideal for the more mature lady.

Very Short Blonde Bob and Bangs for Fine Hair for Ladies Over 50
Instagram @carmenshairdos

#19: Blonde Bob and Bangs for Fine Hair

Keeping finer hair short is beneficial as it gives the illusion of thick hair. Additionally, adding a few layers can enhance the volume. Avoid a heavy face-framing fringe, it can make the shape look heavier. Here’s a professional tip: Apply a thickening cream to wet hair. As you dry it, the cream swells the hair shaft, making it appear thicker.

Baby Mullet with Micro Spiky Bangs on Ladies Over 50
Instagram @witchscissors

#20: Baby Mullet with Micro Spiky Bangs

By transforming a basic bob or pixie into a classic mullet cut with short micro bangs, you can become an age-defying icon. Pairing these dramatic styles with bold jewelry creates a strong fashion statement.

Mini Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs for Mature 50-year-olds
Instagram @frankcqhair

#21: Mini Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs

Have you been looking for gorgeous fun haircuts for ladies above 50 with bangs? This chic bob with blunt bangs accentuates your eyes and gives a modern twist to the classic bob cut.

Short Choppy Pixie with Short Bangs for Seniors Over 50
Instagram @am.ber.the.sty.list

#22: Choppy Pixie with Short Bangs

This easy-to-manage pixie cut adds dimension to your fine, straight, soft hair. If you want a youthful, low-maintenance style with a unique touch, try a color-depositing shampoo. Brands like Watercolor or Viral can offer temporary color changes.

#23: Short Hair with Shaggy Layers and Straight Bangs

Experiment with a simple, short hairstyle featuring shaggy layers and straight bangs. For a tousled and feminine look, get blended layers that match your head shape to enhance your natural wave. Use a curl amplifier when blow drying and scrunch with your hands to add volume to your hair. Explore different styles with your hair, and remember to keep your bangs in shape using a round brush.

#24: Bright Orange Pixie with Curtain Bangs

If you are still searching for the perfect bangs hairstyles for women over 50, here’s an excellent choice. Try this popular pixie cut with soft bangs. The cut of this hairstyle suits many face types. Moreover, its color adds a vibrant touch, proving that beauty isn’t bound by age.

#25: Layered Chin-Length Bob with Light Bangs

layered chin-length bob with light bangs is a simple cut with lots of style. A shorter cut could uplift your features. It can change the angles of your face to go upward. For women aged 50 and above, fringed hairstyles are ideal. They can help to hide lines on the forehead and highlight the eyes. The layers give your cut a soft look. This youthful style is easy to handle with a round, medium brush.

Asymmetric Bangs on a Mullet for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @maisonsilvia

#26: Asymmetric Bangs on a Mullet

A mullet haircut combined with asymmetric bangs provides an edgy and unique charm. A mullet is a perfect option if you’re looking to express your individuality. Keep in mind a mullet haircut may require a bit of styling. It’s advisable to invest in a good flat iron and a top-notch heat protectant. That will make sure your new style won’t harm your hair.

Wondering how to enhance your look? Hairstyles for women over 50 with bangs could be your answer. Hair professional Trey Gillen shares his insights on how bangs can shape your face, conceal signs of aging, and showcase personal style. From styling advice tailored for various face shapes and hair types, to nifty tricks for taming stubborn cowlicks, Gillen provides invaluable tips for mature women to look graceful and trendy.

Meet The Expert

Trey Gillen
Trey Gillen
Trey is a master hairstylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find him at Bella Rinova Salon in Houston, TX

Understanding Your Hair Texture

Trey Gillen offers advice for aging ladies yearning for a youthful appearance. He suggests adding bangs to cover signs of aging. If you have fine or thin hair, consider opting for trendy wispy bangs. For ladies with thick hair, a blunt full fringe or a side fringe works best.

For aging hair, keep some length to manage the frizz. A long curtain bang should do the trick. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, Gillen suggests hopping on the curly bangs trend for a modern, youthful look.

The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Your face shape is crucial in choosing the right kind of bangs. For diamond faces like Halle Berry’s, bangs soften a pointed forehead. For long, narrow faces, a strong, wispy bang balances the length. Round faces suit a piecey micro bang.

People with heart-shaped face, like Reese Witherspoon, look great with a short, dusty, side swoop. On a triangle face shape, add volume in the fringe and layering around the jawline. Oval faces suit curtain bangs that begin at the bridge of the nose and rest under the ears. Square faces should avoid straight bangs and instead go for a side swoop.

Helpful Tips for Styling and Caring for Your Bangs

If pesky cowlicks are giving you grief, Gillen suggests using a small amount of a blowdry cream, such as Sachajuan’s styling cream. To control a cowlick, blow dry your fringe right to left, left to right until 95% dry, then style as desired.

Curtain bangs and side-sweep fringe may benefit from a bit of mousse. Shu Uemura Awa Volume Hair Mousse works wonders. Finally, Gillen adds, “once you’re done styling, don’t forget the finishing work! Use spray wax (Sachajuan Molding Spray), putty (American Crew Molding Clay), paste (Evo The Shag Paste), sea salt spray (Rizos Curls Salt Spray), cream (Amika Curl Defining Cream) to add texture”. These simple tricks will make your fringe a work of art, making you feel young and vibrant in your 50s.

Pictures of Chic Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Bangs