24 Best Ways to Have Feathered Bangs Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy feathered bangs consist of textured, flipped-out ends. You may choose to style it straight across or side-parted, offering you versatility. It has the power to change your look to a 180-degree transformation.

Nicole Rich, a hairstylist from Roseville, CA, explains how a fringe can change your style. “A fringe in different lengths creates symmetry to your look,” she says.

Rich warns women that adopting a fringe to their cut requires commitment. “Sometimes, women are unaware of the amount of work that goes into having bangs,” she points out. “Trimming the fringe between full haircut appointments is vital to maintain its shape.”

Styling bangs can be tricky. After the haircut session, ask your hairdresser for guidelines on how to prep your fringe. Knowing the proper way of blow-drying and brushing your fringe makes a huge difference.

Often when styling bangs, a lot of heat is used to get the desired style. Rich suggests using heat protectant products to keep your hair healthy and lively even as you’re styling it daily.

Looking for the best way to spruce up your tresses without a radical change? Look no further! Browse through these images of inspiring haircuts with feathered bangs!


#1: Cute Short Feathered Bangs

Aren’t these cute short feathered bangs the best? They look soft on a short haircut. Feathery bangs even add a youthful touch to a classic look. Pairing a short chop with a sandy ash blonde is a big plus!

Shaggy Pixie with feathered bangs

#2 Shaggy Pixie with Feathered Bangs

Look how magnificent a shaggy pixie with feather bangs is! A shaggy haircut has bangs that add maximum style. It also complements the tousled texture. For added fullness, use texturizing products when styling. Sea salt or a finishing spray will do.

Long, sun-kissed balayage feathered bangs suitable for oval faces, capturing the '90s allure.

#3 90s Style Feathered Bangs

Harness the essence of the ’90s with this face-framing feathered bangs hairstyle, tailored for an oval face. The thick, balayage-highlighted locks flow into long layers, adding effortless volume. While ideal for a low-maintenance, natural look, be mindful of potential heat styling needs. Perfect for adding a personalized touch, this style provides a chic yet practical option.

Textured Cut with Feathery Bangs for Fine Hair

#4 Textured Cut with Bangs for Fine Hair

A textured cut with bangs for fine hair can give an edgy and exciting impression. The finish has a messy, tousled style that allows the tresses to have a fuller effect. If you’re a lady with green eyes, wear it with a bright blonde hue to complement the color. The end result is gonna be incredible!

Feathered Layers with Bangs

#5 Feathered Layers with Bangs

Feathered layers with bangs is a combo that’s ideal for fine, thin hair. It looks great with a messy or tousled style. And that allows the tresses to achieve greater density and volume. A layred haircut frames the face and looks softer with waves.

Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs

#6 Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs

These asymmetrical feathered bangs are so flattering. They suit women with a round face shape. The key to its edgy style is a large amount of shorter strands. The layers add texture and shape to a feather haircut.

Feathered Bob with Side-Swept Feathered Bangs

#7 Feathered Bob with Side-Swept Feathered Bangs

feathered bob with side-swept feathered bangs features lots of layers. The cut keeps the texture soft, resulting in a very feminine vibe. When going out, using a mist of a flexible hold hairspray is essential. It allows thick hair to obtain bounce and volume without adding weight.

Feathered Bangs on Blonde Hair for Older Women

#8 Feathered Bangs on Blonde Hair for Older Women

These feathered bangs for older women are soft and less structured. Pair the fringe with a short layered cut on blonde locks. Feathered bangs work great on women who enjoy a less structured look. It can be flattering on all face shapes, especially if you adjust the length of the bangs to open or close the face shape.

Thin Feathered Bangs for Fine Hair

#9 Thin Feathered Bangs for Fine Hair

Achieve these thin feathered bangs for fine hair with a fresh razor cut. For women with a wavy texture, the fringe is worth a shot. It offers a texture that suits the hair’s natural movement. The entire style looks incredible and it only requires little to no manipulation.

Voluminous Bob with Feathered Fringe
Instagram @katz9132

#10: Voluminous Bob with Fringe

Have your hair look soft with a bob with a feathered fringe. A bob is the perfect medium length and will make your hair look healthy and full of bounce. Show off all the layers by using a round brush away from your face to get a soft and feathered look. With my years of experience, the bob is the perfect low-maintenance cut.

Long feathered bangs with Long Hair
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#11: Long Feathered Bangs with Long Hair

Long feathered bangs with long hair? Yes, please! Complete the style by jazzing it up with soft waves. That will add body and more texture to the locks. What makes these wispy bangs trendy and cool is that it works on any face shape. See more long feathered hairstyles.

Medium Hair with Feathery Fringe
Instagram @shinobuhair

#12: Medium Hair with Fringe

Medium hair with fringe looks sweet with waves. Copy the style by curling the strands to boost the movement and texture. Finish it off with any texturizing spray for an added definition. Such style makes it suitable for finer hair as the shaggy feathery bangs give it a fuller effect.

#13: 70s Style Feathered Bangs

Blunt bangs may be trendy but the ’70s style feathered bangs are classic and glamorous! It’s the fringe that radiates a fresher vibe. It suits curly hair, giving it a more defined and voluminous look. When styling, apply hairspray to prevent frizz and boost its body.

#14: Awesome 80s Feathered Bangs Style

An awesome ’80s feathered bangs style is a perfect match for a layered cut. The combo creates a classic vibe that’s truly eye-catching. Copy the look by creating bouncy volume at the crown and curling the ends. It’s ideal for ladies with a round face shape.

Feathered Full Fringe with Short Hair
Instagram @jarahshair

#15: Feathered Full Fringe with Short Hair

Opt for a hair idea that includes a feathered, full fringe with short hair. With a tousled texture, it looks modish and effortless. Short feathered haircuts also feature jagged ends for added texture and detail. Pair the chop with a dark blonde color and get a more lived-in style.

Stylish Feathered Side Bangs
Instagram @scribblebugg

#16: Stylish Feathered Side Bangs

Don’t miss these stylish feathered side bangs! Fringe is what brings out the softness in a hairstyle. It goes well with fine tresses, cut in a shoulder-level hair length. Amp up the locks with waves and look super chic with these bangs and style.

low-maintenance feathered bangs with long hair
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#17: Low-Maintenance Feathered Bangs with Long Hair

Feathered bangs with long hair are a great option for round faces. The style of fringe can define cheekbones. With waves, it offers a soft hairstyle that can be pulled off during a formal night event.

Trendy Feathered Curtain Bangs
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#18: Trendy Feathered Curtain Bangs

These long curtain feathered bangs are trendy and such a perfect fit for long, voluminous hair. The waves create a movement that complements such bangs. A feathered hairstyle with curtain bangs is achievable if the hair has a lot of layers and density. It offers a look that can boost any lady’s confidence.

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Light Feathered bangs on a Pixie Cut for Women Over 50
Instagram @tori_doeshair

#19: Light Feathered Bangs on a Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

These light feathered bangs for women over 50 are such #hairspiration! The fringe has a soft, flattering finish and a feminine vibe to it. Partner it with a short angled pixie bob and get that refined, edgy style.

The feathered bangs and pixie cut, created by stylist Tori Richards of Illinois, were finished with dry cutting and texturizing. The technique ensures you’ll have to put minimal effort in while styling yourself.

Richards, on the other hand, explains that shorter styles often result in needing to be maintained more often. “Once your ears are cut out, it will bump into the ear as it grows out. Your shape will begin to change, as well as needing to keep your hairline in the back clean,” Richards states.

#20: The Best Feathered Side-Swept Bangs

The best feathered side-swept bangs pair well with a soft shag haircut. It gives a round face shape a much flattering angle. A layered cut carries out a natural wave and movement to flat-looking tresses.

“The shortest pieces dusting the bridge of the nose and sweeping away at an angle meets the layers of the side,” stylist Eileen Sheppard of Peekskill, NY describes.

Shags are very versatile! When asked how to style feathered bangs on a shag, Sheppard points out that if you’re using a flat iron or curling wand, always work away from your face. Many types of face shapes can wear the cut with slight adjustments of face-framing layers.

Choppy Hair with Feather Cut Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#21: Choppy Hair with Feather Cut Bangs

Choppy hair with feather cut bangs is a modern shag style, designed by LA-based stylist Hiro Ochi. The bangs really pop your eyes.

“When styling a choppy shag with short feathered bangs, use a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. Then, apply texture spray and Sachajuan ocean mist for a natural texture,” Ochi recommends.

#22: Medium-Length Haircut with Soft Feathered Bangs

Pair a medium-length haircut with soft feathered bangs to form a very modern shag. It has a ’70s vibe to it, which makes it both classy and classic. It’s hairstyle inspiration for women with fine to medium density of locks. When going out, enhance the shaggy waves with a hair balm.

Feathered Fringe on Wavy Hair
Instagram @haily_doeshair

#23: Fringe on Wavy Hair

A fringe on wavy hair is guaranteed to be adorable! The sleekness of the bangs and movement of the waves create a perfect balance. It’s a hair trend with a face-framing feature to suit round face shapes. Plus, if you have gorgeous eye color, give bangs a shot. They can accentuate your eyes.

Textured and Layered Bob with Feathered Front Bangs
Instagram @glambygabby7

#24: Textured and Layered Bob with Feathered Front Bangs

A short layered bob with feathered bangs is a fun, whimsical textured bob. The cut is such a stylish hair idea by stylist Gabby Miller from Fort Collins, CO.

When styling feathered front bangs, Miller states to “use a good heat protectant such as the Try Unite U oil. Buy yourself a good flat iron to create a soft, alluring vibe.”