20 Curtain Bangs Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

Curtain bangs for women over 60

Age is just a number, and these 15 women over 60 are proving it! Their bold and beautiful curtain bangs show that a stylish haircut can make you look and feel your best at any age. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next haircut or want to see some fantastic women rocking a trendy new look, these women will impress!

I spoke with Kristen Wilson, a haircutting expert based in Wilmington, NC. According to her, this style is low-maintenance. Plus, it draws attention to your greatest features and gives your haircut dimension.

Wilson also shared some insightful tips for mature women interested in trying a curtain fringe.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Once you’re ready for some bangs, go for it. You can’t undo them, so give careful consideration before proceeding.
  • This is not a great choice if you like to keep your face hair-free.
  • When styling, don’t overthink it. Curtain bangs are meant to be effortless.
  • Consult your stylist to choose the right length that suits you best.

Get ready to be inspired by these pictures of fierce and fabulous women proving that age is truly just a number and that curtain bangs can look stunning over 60!

Feathery Layered Hair with Curtain Wispy Bangs

If you want a lightweight hairstyle with much movement and shape, consider feathery layered hair with wispy curtain bangs. Curtain bangs help hide fine lines and wrinkles. Adding layers can frame your face and add more movement to your hair, making it less heavy. Talk to your stylist about texturizing. This process can make your hair feathery. It also removes some weight from your hair while keeping it light.

Blunt Bob with Soft Face-Framing Layers

Blunt Bob with Soft Face-Framing Layers and Curtain Fringe for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @gencdoganay

A blunt bob with soft face-framing layers is so chic! Trying a bob with curtain bangs can modernize the typical bob shape. The perfect texture of hair for a blunt bob is straight hair. Adding a soft bend to the bang and letting the rest air dry can make for a low-maintenance bob hairstyle.

Grey Shag with Curtain Light Bangs

Mid-Long Grey Shag with Curtain Light Bangs for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @bigbearhair

Let your fringe take center stage! The grey shag with bangs proves the huge impact bangs can have, even on a basic cut.

Mid-Length Wavy Hair with Face- Framing Bangs

Mid-Length Wavy Hair with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs for Over-60 Women
Instagram @hannahjohair

Want to try bangs but don’t like them falling straight across your forehead? Request a shoulder-length wavy hairstyle with bangs that frame the face! These bangs enhance the facial features using soft layers that integrate with the bangs.

Long Face-Framing Swoop Bangs for Layered Hair

Swoop bangs that frame the face are perfect for layered hair. Layered hair with curtain bangs that graze the cheeks looks stunning on oval faces. A curvy layered style can make grey hair stand out, accentuating natural highlights and cool tones in women over 60.

Short Wavy Hair with Curtain Fringe

Short Wavy Hair with Curtain Fringe for Women Over 60
Instagram @ruteboazhair

Start your look with a hairstyle that features short, wavy hair with a curtain fringe. Improve your hair’s texture and highlight your features with a soft, shaggy bob cut. For women over 60, adding curtain bangs provides a soft facial framing style. To complete the look, apply a light balm from Hairstory for an effortless, carefree style.

Lob Cut with Middle Part Bangs and Soft Layers

A longer bob or lob is an ideal length for ladies that are more mature. It’s soft and flattering while still covering ears and necklines. And, adding a versatile curtain bang gives a modern feel and is also less maintenance then a full fringe. I’d recommend keeping your hair looking glossy. To do so, finish your style with a shine mist spray.

Swoopy Feathered Layers and Curtain Fringe

Swoopy Feathered Layers and Curtain Fringe for Women 60 and Over
Instagram @glammed_by_van

Swoopy feathery layers and curtain fringe are very flattering. This mid-length cut can be styled by using some foam on wet hair. Just shake out the moisture with your blow dryer and grab your round brush to create a flip. Grab some Kenra working wax and piece out your swoop bangs along with accentuating your ends.

Textured Shaggy Layers and Bangs for Long Hair

Textured Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bangs for Women Over 60 with Long Hair
Instagram @_victoriaslade

Textured shaggy layers can be an edgy and fun way to spice up traditional face-framing layers. My favorite way to achieve a shag with thin hair is to add movement by using a straight razor. Straight razor haircuts add lots of texture and piece airy movement. And, it makes styling short bangs super easy!

Short Hair with Wavy Bangs and Layers

Short hair with curtain bangs and layers is soft and youthful. Adding feathered bangs can keep a traditional pixie fun and modern. A great style for women over sixty with glasses and optical wear.

Textured Mid-Length Hair with Long Bangs

Textured Mid-Length Hair with Long Curtain Bangs for Women Past 60
Instagram @electricliz

Try textured mid-length hair with long curtain bangs and you won’t be sorry. Mid-length hair is a great style choice. It maintains femininity and adds a more fashionable look. Your wavy hair will be enhanced by the textured layers, making it simple to tousle dry with your hands. Don’t forget to try a pretty bang to camouflage those unwanted wrinkles on your forehead.

Wash-and-Wear Style with Bardot Bangs on Bobbed Hair

Wash-and-Wear Style with Bardot Bangs on Bobbed Hair for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @valentebhc

A wash-and-wear style with Bardot bangs on bobbed hair can add volume and height to limp hair. I recommend asking your stylist for a soft graduated bob. This ensures fullness in your haircut. Adding a short curtain bang for the French girl aesthetic is the perfect way to finish the style.

Short Layered Waves with Curtain Bangs on White Hair

A 60-Year-Old with Short Layered Waves with Curtain Bangs on White Hair
Instagram @carmenshairdos

Short layered waves with curtain bangs are funky and edgy! A mix between a shag and a pixie, this exciting take is so much fun. Adding light bangs can help add weight around your eyes and forehead.

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Light Feathered Bangs and Razored Layers on Grey Hair

Light Feathered Curtain Bangs and Razored Layers on Grey Hair for a Woman Over 60
Instagram @style.room23

When considering how to make a woman with grey hair feel younger, try wispy bangs and razored layers. It will give them a more modern look. The razored layers and feathered bangs are perfect for thick hair. It gives it the right amount of movement while also taking some heaviness out of the style. The style is a perfect wash-and-wear haircut for women with straight hair.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Cut on Fine Hair

Curtain Bangs and a Sleek Shoulder-Length Cut on Fine Hair for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @angelicaguirao

Change things up with the modern style of a sleek shoulder-length cut on fine hair. Your hair will be more trendy with face-framing layers. A middle part will work the best but you can move the part to the side if you desire. Shorter layers around the face will make the most of fine hair. It will give it more style and make it appear thicker. Try blow drying with a medium round brush working backwards around your face, for a soft and sleek finish.

Spiky Style on Edgy Long Pixie Hair

Spiky Style on Edgy Long Pixie Hair with Curtain Bangs for Ladies 60 and Up
Instagram @chebangssalon

Short hair cuts can be edgy and fun, ask for lots of layers to your cut to take away bulk and give lots of lift and texture. Maintaining softness around the face is key to keep your look feminine. When drying, I’d recommend using a liquid spray volumizer. And, don’t worry about a parting. Let your hair fall where it wants. A finishing product you can add to your hair with your hands will work great, giving a real lived-in look.

Shaggy Hair with Razor Cut Layers and Bangs

Shaggy Hair with Razor Cut Layers and Curtain Bangs for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @hair_ritualist

Shaggy hair with razor cut layers and bangs will give your hair texture and movement. If you want to enhance your natural wave consider having your hair razor cut. Keep in mind, fine hair can handle a razored and layered shape. But, too much will remove the integrity of the bottom. I would recommend having your layer start at the cheekbone. Then, scrunch dry for a tousled finish.

Center-Parted Curly Bob with Bangs

As a woman over 60, don’t shy away from trying the curtain bangs trend. And, add it to your curly bob at your next haircut. The middle part bangs are perfect for any face shape and can help modernize your style. It’s a perfect idea for someone that is young at heart and loves to keep up with modern trends.

Short Bottleneck Bob for Thin Hair

A short bottleneck bob for thin hair is a beautiful and modern way to wear a textured style. To get soft waves, I suggest using Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom Hair. It’s an aerosol texture spray. Ask your stylist and local salon for a soft take on a traditional bob.

Medium-Length Straight Choppy Wolf Cut

A medium-length straight choppy wolf cut is an edgy and soft take on a shag. A perfect winter look, you can also pair this look with a curtain fringe.

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