30 Best Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair, According to Stylists

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

Try curtain bangs for short hair if you’re thinking of exploring a historical haircut. Stemming from the 70s, curtain bangs, also known as fringe bangs, have a distinctive middle part and soft textured ends to create a whimsy look around the frame of your face. Women with chill vibes and a laid-back personality go hand in hand with this fun haircut.

Face-Framing Medium Haircut with Wispy Layers with Curtain Bangs for Straighter Locks
Instagram @nadine_berneis

#2: Face-Framing Medium Haircut with Wispy Layers

A mid-length straight cut is a classic shape that never goes out of fashion. This style, with barely noticeable layers, gives a subtly textured finish. It’s perfect for finer hair types. Add a defined frame around the face to prevent heavy hanging hair. For an easy look, keep the drying process simple.

Very Straight Bob with Curtain Fringe on shoulder-length hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#3: Very Straight Bob with Curtain Fringe

Ask for a very straight bob with a curtain fringe. Make your eyes and cheekbones pop with a curtain bang that suits your shape. Invest in a high-quality blow dryer like Babyliss and heat protectant spray. Both will ensure you’re smoothing out your hair and maintaining the health of your hair. Be aware of creating too much bulk in the bangs. Ask your stylist to create a soft fringe with some texturizing or slide cutting.

#4: Low-Maintenance Swoopy Curtain Bangs

Swoopy curtain bangs for straight hair are cut to achieve a soft wave and low-maintenance style. Curtain bangs are very versatile, which means they look amazing on all face shapes. When styling, blowdry the hair with a round brush to pull off your desired volume.

Straight Strawberry Blonde Medium Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @marisacuts

#5: Strawberry Blonde Medium Bob with Curtain Bangs

This years IT hair mash-up is a strawberry blonde medium bob with curtain bangs. It’s wildly popular. In my experience, it can require some routine changes to maintain its vibrancy. You must lighten your hair if your natural color is dark. Keep up with a glaze about every 6-8 weeks and routine salon maintenance for bang and layer trim. Best recommended for fine to medium density with straight to curly texture.

#6: Long Curtain Fringe

Try a long curtain fringe if you want to change your hairstyle without changing the actual length of your hair. A hairstyle that’s easy to maintain but requires a little bit of styling if you want to create shape and volume around your face. If you need to, ask your hairstylist to give you tips on how to style your curtain fringe or to show you how to style it. A long curtain fringe looks best when round brushed forward and under while blow drying.

#7: Low-Maintenance Layered Haircut

A low-maintenance layered haircut is perfect for ladies looking for a haircut to make their cheekbones pop! Add some face-framing layers for extra texture and volume. These layers also create a seamless, luxe finish.

Ponytail with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @nickyswardrobe

#8: Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytails with bangs are stylish, sleek, and versatile. It can be dressed up or down, worn curly or straight, and is perfect for ladies of all ages.

Messy Bun Hairstyle with Bardot Bangs
Instagram @maiibeauties

#9: Messy Bun Hairstyle with Bardot Bangs

Messy bun hairstyle with Bardot bangs is the most stunning, put-together, yet messy hairstyle. Bardot bangs are universal and look beautiful on all face shapes. Messy buns are easy, fun and stylish.

#10: 70’s Flipped Up Curtain Bangs

The 70’s flipped-up bangs are perfect for ladies with thick hair. Curtain bangs are also suitable for ladies with heart or oval-shaped faces.

Straight Hair with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @shay_achen

#11: Middle-Part Bangs

Middle-part bangs are a super-romantic haircut. This helps frame the face as well as being a good combination for semi-up hairstyles, ponytails, and tufts.

#12: Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair

Feathered curtain bangs for thick hair tend to be chin-length with face-framing and surface layers to create a beautiful blend. Layered straight haircuts with curtain bangs are perfect for ladies with thick hair who want to keep their length but lose weight.

Long curtain bangs for straight, short hair
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#13: Long Bangs for Straight, Short Hair

Long curtain bangs for straight, short hair is extremely stylish and versatile. Ladies with a straight, bob haircut looking to elongate their face should consider soft curtain bangs.

#14: Straight Bangs on Medium Hair

Straight curtain bangs on medium hair are a classic. To achieve this effect, use some finishing product, tap the dryer on the base as if you were drying a traditional straight fringe, and divide it in half.

Wispy curtain bangs for straight hair
Instagram @jefree_3

#15: Wispy Curtain Bangs

Wispy bangs for straight hair are very versatile. They can be straightened or curled. The most characteristic style is with the ends shaped outwards, giving even more movement and a retro look to this haircut.

#16: Straight Shag with Curtain Bangs

A longer straight shag with flowy curtain bangs is an effortless-looking haircut with a longer fringe that doesn’t take long to grow. A hairstyle with bangs is the perfect trick to give your hair personality and vary your look a bit.

#17: Straight Curtain Fringe

Straight fringe with blended, face-framing layers look stunning on many face shapes, especially heart-shaped faces. Curtain fringe is quick and easy to style. It looks stunning with a middle or center part style.

#18: Middle-Part Bangs for Straighter Hair

Middle-part bangs are versatile and provide the perfect amount of volume. Ladies with fine hair may be interested in extra texture. Ask your stylist what needs to be done for your tresses.

Curtain Fringe Haircut for Straight-Haired Women
Instagram @fattalelie

#19: Curtain Fringe for Straight-Haired Women

This cut is cut with care for a seamless finish. Ladies with square face shapes may be interested in wispy, curtain fringe with a deep center part.

Curtain Bangs for Long Hair
Instagram @leticialorette

#20: Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

These bangs for straight-haired women will look beautiful on all face shapes. With the correct styling routine, curtain fringe bangs for long hair have many options and tend to elongate your face shape or hide a big forehead flawlessly.

Curtain fringe for straight blonde hair haircut
Instagram @chiranhair

#21: Fringe for Blonde Hair

Fringe for blonde hair is suited for women who have rounder or oval face shapes. Ideally, the center of the bangs is slightly shorter than the edges to create smoothness.

Straight fine hair with curtain bangs hairstyle
Instagram @qtran

#22: Straight, Fine Hair with Bangs

Straight, fine hair cut into a long bob with curtain bangs gives more body and volume to fine hair textures. It’s a perfect alternative to adding layers all around the head. If you have straight fine hair, ask your hairdresser for a blunt cut.

#23: Face-Framing Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

Face-framing bangs for mid-length hair have multiple layers that lay beautifully. A soft, shaggy curtain bangs with a center part looks stunning on heart-shaped faces as it provides the illusion of a longer face shape.

#24: Straight Bob with Bangs

A straight bob gives a new softness to the classic blunt bob. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for a straight, all-around blunt bob with light, short curtain bangs.

#25: Longer Curtain Bangs for Straight, Thin Hair

Longer curtain bangs for straight, thin hair adds a good amount of texture to the hair. Often with thin hair, it’s not recommended to add layers to your hair, as it would only thin out the bottom even more. So, adding long curtain bangs adds a good amount of layer around the face to give more volume to the hair.

#26: Straight Curtain Bangs for Older Women

Straight bangs for older women give a soft face-framing feature and are suitable for all face shapes. To get this style, ask your stylist for soft, textured curtain bangs with wispy ends.

#27: Fringe on Straight, Short Hair

Curtain fringe on straight, short hair has been popular lately because of its low-maintenance bangs. With this short haircut, it can frame your face, and you won’t have to worry about it getting cut too often because of the soft grow-out it offers.

#28: Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs

Shoulder-length straight hair with curtain bangs showcases the ultimate Goldie Hawn vibe. Anyone can pull off this stunning look with added layers and long bangs for shoulder-length hair. And hey, this cut appears eye-catching on curly hair, too!

Curtain bangs for a round face shape
Instagram @aubry_million

#29: Curtain Bangs for a Round Face Shape

Opt for bangs for a round face shape to create the illusion of a longer face. For women with round face shapes, you may want to enhance your cheekbones, which is why shorter curtain bangs are flattering.

#30: Curtain Bangs for Straighter, Wavy Hair

Bangs for straighter, wavy hair textures work well with minimal hair styling. With a slight manipulation and light styling cream while the hair is wet, then you’re good to go. These bangs are perfect for highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. Ask your stylist what length to start and stop the fringe that best fits your facial features.

Trendy curtain bangs on straight hair, or the iconic Bardot curtain bangs, consist of a middle part that sits on both sides of the face. Unlike some fringes that only suit a specific hair type, curtain bangs are flexible to all hair types.

Bailie Kate, a hairstylist from Boulder, CO, shares how she creates this style. She explains, “First, I inspect how wide or narrow the hairline is and if there is any presence of cowlicks. The hairline will show me how the hair is going to lay and the level of styling needed.”

When considering straight hairstyles with curtain bangs, Kate assesses a woman’s facial shape next. “I look at the face shape to make a clear-cut decision on what length would be most flattering,” she states.

When styling fringes, opt for a style that promotes ease and practicality. Kate suggests asking your stylist to have the curtain bangs long enough so you can pull them back into a ponytail if desired. You may use the aid of bobby pins and headbands whenever you’re exercising or washing your face.

On the topic of hair maintenance, Kate points out that this style has low upkeep. “They grow seamlessly well that even if they get too long, they become a soft face frame,” she says. If you like having your curtain bangs short, trimming every 6-8 weeks is vital.

Before your next salon visit, check out these popular images and ideas of how you wear or style curtain bangs on straight hair.