11 Hair Tricks Clever Hairstylists Use For Themselves

hair tricksDoes your hairstylist’s hair always seem almost TOO perfect? I’m here to tell you they are using some surprisingly inexpensive little hair tricks to help them achieve their seemingly effortless, yet always perfect style. It’s time to reveal some of our secrets. Read on!

1. Got greasy hair? “Cleanse” your hair with your own version of dry shampoo. Baby powder, all-purpose baking flour or baking powder works wonders! Though this may be a surprise to you, most hairdressers only wash their hair a few times a week and are HUGE fans of any form of hair powder.

2. Got gray hair but your color appointment isn’t for a few weeks? Use some regular mascara and paint over the strands. It easily washes out and is a great get-me-by.

3. Woke up with kinks in your hair and don’t want to restyle? Grab a Spin Pin and throw your hair up in a messy bun. This suddenly turns your “just rolled out of bed” hair into a classy and modern style.

4. Annoying cowlick in your bang area? Tease it with a toothbrush (unused of course). The little brush head is great to get into those annoying spots of your hair that can ruin your overall hairstyle.

5. Annoyed with staticy hair? Rub a dryer sheet over the top of your head to smooth out the flyaways. We prefer unscented, but if you want to smell like “Mountain Rain” or “Fresh Spring Lilies”, feel free to get one with fragrance!

6. Add texture to your hair with ocean water. If you love the look of your hair when you go to the beach then you’ll love this. Literally put some sea water in a spray bottle, add in a little leave-in conditioner and spritz evenly over your hair. This will instantly give you sexy vacation hair! Think of this as a free DIY surf spray.

7. Are the ends of your hair looking frizzy? Rub some access hand lotion through them softly to tame the frizz. It’s a win win for your hair and your hands!

8. Hair feeling dry and damaged? Use coconut oil to add softness and shine. Comb a whole bunch of oil through your hair, wrap it up in a towel and sit for 20 minutes. The heat from you scalp will heat up the oil and help it to penetrate your hair. Follow by washing and conditioning your hair as usual. Coconut oil is also a great remedy for a dry scalp!

9. Sleep with your hair in a low pony secured with a scrunchie, yes a scrunchie. These fun hair accessories from 4th grade are the perfect way to keep your hair tamed while sleeping, but won’t create a dent like most hair ties will.

10. Hide your roots with a trendy headband or head wrap. You’d think hairstylists spend their spare time in the salon pampering themselves, but we rarely even have time! Headbands not only add a fun flare to your outfit, but also can distract from roots.

11. Make hair look longer and fuller in five minutes? It can be done! Hairstylists’ and celebrities’ trick to this is clip-in extensions. They are temporary, won’t damage your hair and instantly give you sex kitten hair. Every girl should own a set! Most wig shops and some beauty supply stores carry them.

Now go give your hairstylist a run for their money and use their secret little hair tricks yourself!

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