Top Spring Hair Tips From Top Celebrity Stylists

Happy first day of spring! Winter comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb…and then we have spring! Are you — and your hair — prepared? Check out these top spring hair tips!

Celebrity colorist Kazumi Morton says that this spring, women are going for color that is softer and warmer. Brunettes are straying away from harsh highlights in favor of more pecan, praline, caramel highlights that are more subtle and don’t scream highlights. Blondes look less platinum and ash, instead going for warmer and richer “buttery” blondes, which is very soft and natural. There are lots of reds appearing–rich auburn on the darker side and soft apricot on the lighter side. Highlights always give depth and dimension.

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“One of the best hair trends for the spring is switching from regular shampoos to sulfate-free, no lather cleansers to bring you hair back to its natural, healthy state. Having healthy hair, whether you are a celebrity, model or a regular woman, allows your natural beauty to shine through and you will radiate with confidence. Conditioning cleansers, like the Salon Grafix’s Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser, is the perfect product for any woman to use to achieve healthy, natural looking hair. The cleanser gently cleans your hair, but doesn’t strip it of the natural oils it needs to be healthy, shiny and full of body. By making the switch to a conditioning cleanser, your hair will regain its health and show its full potential of beauty, the natural way!” says celebrity stylist Gregory Alan.

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One of the basic rules and best way to stay true to your roots and really get the most out of your hair color, is to try not to stray too far from your natural tone. “I recommend staying within three shades of your own color,” says Mordechai Alvoz for Yarok Hair. This includes using a color safe shampoo and conditioner and using organic formulas that are very gentle on the hair.

Penelope Cruz and Mila Jovovich wore faux bobs for this years Academy Awards.  The look draws it’s inspiration from the mid-century modern style of the fifties.  Rolling and pinning the hair at the nape is a great way to make longer hair look short, depending upon the finish it can be soft and romantic or structured and timeless, says Kendall Ong of Mane Attraction salon in Phoenix. Kendall also advises you Step up your conditioning regimen.  Winter can be particularly drying to your hair, think of chapped skin.  Add a weekly deep moisturizing treatment to your hair care regimen.  Bumble and Bumble’s Quenching Masque ($37 suggested retail) is a great lightweight treatment that will restore the natural moisture balance.

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Excessive sunshine can fade color and damage hair. We are all conscientious about using sunscreen on our skin but what about our hair?  Aveda Sun Care Hair Veil ($26 suggested retail) is a light, water resistant mist that you spray on dry hair after styling. UVA and UVB filters protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays for up to sixteen hours.

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