Top 10 Worst Haircuts and How You Can Avoid Them

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Styling and maintaining our tresses at home can be overwhelming. When you can’t find time to prep your locks, that’s when the bad hair day comes. These are the rare moments no one wants ever to happen again.

Sure, everyone is opting for hair that looks great, healthy, and will stand out from the crowd. However, these are difficult to achieve when you have a chop that’s outdated and downright bothersome.

We’ve been serving you the hottest and most gorgeous looks for both men and women. This time, let’s take a step back and see what the worst haircuts and hairstyles you could ever imagine and must avoid!


#1 Beehive

The beehive isn’t the best haircut to get because it can be difficult to style. When you go to see your stylist make sure you let them know you don’t want your layers super short to avoid getting this cut.

Eye Skimming Bangs

#2 Eye-Skimming Bangs

This haircut is the worst because the blunt short length of the bangs isn’t flattering for any face shape. Make sure when asking your stylist for bangs that you let them know you want them soft and not too short to avoid this cut.

Spiky Haircut

#3 Spiky Haircut

This cut is extremely high maintenance and would take a long time to style. Ask your stylist for a blended, soft cut to avoid receiving this style.

Karen Haircut

#4 Karen Haircut

This Karen haircut is also known as a chemical cut. Too many harsh chemicals applied to your hair will have you rocking this ugly style. Make sure to see a stylist who utilizes Olaplex in their salon to ensure you don’t end up looking like Karen.

Long Hair with One Shaved Side

#5 Long Hair with One Shaved Side

This cut will have you in the salon weekly for touch ups. Try a softer version of this by asking your stylist to give you a cut that isn’t so high maintenance.

Mickey Mouse Look

#6 Mickey Mouse Look

This Mickey Mouse look just shouldn’t exist. Nothing about this is flattering. Ask your stylist to refrain from any pigtail looks to avoid this style.

Front Yard Fringe

#7 Front Yard Fringe

This front yard fringe is the worst of the worst and highlights the wrong parts of the face. Make sure to ask your stylist for a normal and blended look to avoid getting this style.

Wacky Shaved Fade

#8 Wacky Shaved Fade

This wacky shaved fade should never happen again. We are all for trying something new but make sure your stylist knows that you don’t want anything too weird to avoid this look.

John Travolta Haircut

#9 John Travolta Haircut

This John Travolta toupee is a no-go. Make sure if you want to try out a wig or a toupee to see someone who specializes in them so you don’t end up looking like John.

90s Justin Timberlake Haircut

#10 90s Justin Timberlake Haircut

This Justin Timberlake haircut is way too top heavy and not right for the hair texture. To avoid this cut make sure to talk to your stylist about what cuts and styles will work best with your hair.