Tips For Braided Hairstyles: Take Your Braids From Summer To Fall

Beautiful braided hairstyles were all the rage this summer and are still going strong!  From fishtail braids to French braids, these pretty plaits aren’t going anywhere soon.  However, just with any beauty or fashion trend, a style must be tweaked a little to carry from season to season.  The same goes for the braid!  Here are a few tips to help you carry your braided hairstyle from summer to fall…

Summer braided styles were all about hippie love and your tresses literally being your “crowning glory”.  Any braided style that forms a “crown” or frames your face as well as super skinny hippie braids are best left behind as you move from summer to fall.
braided hairstyles    braided hairstyles summer

Moving into fall and winter, think BIG when it comes to your braid!  A big, thick braid peeking out from under your favorite hat or scarf or falling over a cowl-necked sweater is super pretty.
braided hairstyles fall

You can still wear a braided updo this fall, just opt for a messy braided bun as opposed to a braided “crown” of hair.

Think messy!  With a beautifully messy braid, you don’t have to worry about your coat collar or scarf pulling out strands…the messier the better!
braided hair

Add a pretty pompdour to your braided hairstyle to really boost the glam factor of your look for a night on the town!

Which fall braid will you be wearing?