Humid Out? Try These Tips to Keep Your Hair From Frizzing

frizzy hair tipsFRIZZ. It is the Achilles Heel to the best of us, but there is a way to counteract it, and often, it’s easier than you may imagine! We consulted some of our favorite experts for their tried-and-true anti-frizz tips.

Tame The Towel

“To aide in frizz reduction, don’t towel dry your hair roughly,” suggests VO5 hair care expert, Chris Lospalluto. “Blot with towel instead. It is much more gentle and won’t rough up the cuticle and hair shaft.”

For The Girls With Curls

“To tame summer frizz on curly hair, use a heat protecting serum like VO5’s Daily Leave-In Conditioning Cream after you shower. Let the hair dry for some natural volume, then use a curling iron and wrap pieces of hair around the barrel. This will help polish the existing curls and reduce the amount of frizz,” says Lospalluto. “Also, always use heat protecting products when using hair tools, especially in the summer.”

Keep It Healthy

“Battling humidity hair can be as simple as keeping your hair as healthy as possible during the hot and humid summer months,” says Missi Koebler, Master Stylist and Spa Owner at Secrets of Hairdesign Salon in Butler, PA. “Using a quality deep conditioner several times a week and avoiding hot water when shampooing and conditioning your hair will help tremendously. Hot water draws moisture out of your hair and excess washing can draw out your natural oils, leaving it prone to frizziness. We often recommend a deep conditioning treatment for our frizz fighting clients. My number one recommendation for battling dry hair, and ultimately frizziness, is pairing KPak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor with Sunglitz Repair and Shine Silk Leave-In Treatment. Both will rock your locks and give you the summer hair you’ll love!”

Be Picky With Your Products

Celeb stylist Kylee Heath works with Lily Collins, Sofia Vergara, and Whitney Port. She says keeping your hair moisturized from roots to ends helps to prevent frizz caused from summer humidity. Also, when you wash your hair in the morning with a moisture shampoo and conditioner, your hair will be much easier to work with and less likely to have crazy fly aways.

One Last Frizz Fighting Tip!

When in a bind, it’s good to keep drier sheets around. Yup. They help fight against static cling in your clothes and can do the same for static and frizz in your hair!

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