3 Fantastic Hairstyle Tips to Get Out Of A Super Boring Hair Funk

how to get out of a hairstyle funkChances are at one time or another, you’ve found yourself in a hairstyle funk. You know the drill: endless days spent staring at the same hairstyle completely uninspired, itching for a change but without the motivation to do anything about it. Sound about right? Don’t sweat, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes just thinking about doing something different to my hair feels like wasted energy. The thing is as soon as I do, I feel loads better. We’ve got 3 tips to lift you right out of that hairstyle funk.

1. Assess Your Hair

What is it about your hair that has you in a hairstyle funk to begin with? Are you only wearing it down without styling? In need of some fresh color or perhaps a bang? Your hair may just need some freshening up or, a completely new ‘do! Either way, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a hard look at your hair and figure out what it is about the hairstyle that’s having you feeling so deflated. A simple serum may be all the pick-me-up you’ll need but if you need a major revamp, at least you’ll have a better idea of a game plan.

2. Get Inspired

Check out our Pinterest boards, browse the website and stalk your favorite celebrities until you find a hairstyle that strikes your fancy. Maybe it’s the color you like or you’re lusting after a layered look, but there’s likely something that you’re gravitating toward. Make sure you clip out any magazine photos and start building your own hairstyle inspiration board on Pinterest so you have some ideas to take to your stylist.

3. See Your Stylist

Speaking of hairstylists, once you’ve done one and two, book an appointment–stat! Even if you think all you have is a mishmash of ideas, your hairstylist should be able to decode what it is you’re looking for. And if you’re fresh out and really just have no clue, a good stylist will be also able to provide you with some tips and suggestions. Maybe you wear your hair down and don’t want any layers because you like something fuss-free your stylist may be able to recommend a few ways to style your hair without needing a new cut. Are you scared of trying a completely new color but craving a subtle change? Try an ombré hair color which is super popular right now or some new highlights. Whatever it is you may be in the mood for, your stylist should be able to help you get there and lift you right out of that hairstyle funk.