10 Hair Tips for Women With Thinning Hair

In our society, it always seems like thin is in. But when it comes to our tresses, limp, thin hair is never at the top of any gal’s to-do list. If you’re a thin-haired beauty, there are plenty of ways you can put some pep in your hair’s step, and we sought out three uber talented stylists to help you do just that! They’re sharing their amazing tricks of the trade with these tips for women with thin hair, so just make sure to give us a shout-out when you start getting all kinds of compliments on that fab ‘do of yours. And we think you’ll love these hairstyles for thin hair!

#1 Dry shampoo is your friend

Most of us only think of using dry shampoo when our roots get greasy, but you can also use this hair savior to lend thin locks some volume – even when your hair is clean. “It will give your hair a little extra boost and height,” says Carla Rivas, hairstylist and co-founder of the all natural hair vitamin Hair La Vie. “Corn starch is [an] option too when you’re in a pickle.”

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#2 The cut is key

Looking to create the illusion of fuller hair? Your haircut might be the key, says Cortney Peck, stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon: “Shorter and blunt haircuts will make hair look more full and disguise hair from appearing so thin.” An added bonus? These cuts will also help hair stay healthier.

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#3 Try a diffuser

You probably associate diffusers with curly hair, but they’re great for straight-haired ladies, too, especially those with thin hair, says Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan. “They’re designed to keep body, movement and volume in the hair,” Strahan says, so it’s worth trying one to blow dry your locks.

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#4 Hands Off!

It can be tempting to run your hands through your hair over the course of the day, but avoid doing so unless you want to emphasize your thin locks. “Oils from fingers and hands will only flatten hair,” Peck says.

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#5 Re-think your shower routine

Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa says your shower routine can definitely make or break how thin your hair appears on any given day.

“Shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp, while conditioner is meant to moisturize just your ends. Too much conditioner on your roots and your hair will fall flat. Focus instead on a shampoo that also has moisturizing properties,” she says.

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#6 Be picky about products

When it comes to giving your ‘do a boost, rock star products are your best friends. Strahan recommends starting with a solid base product that will lend your hair a soft hold but also enhance its natural body and wave.

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#7 The difference in the blow dry

Did you know your trusty blow dryer can help you in your quest for fuller, more voluminous hair? By roughing up the cuticle of the hair, Peck says you can “create texture and movement to avoid a limp ‘do and help to create a foundation for styling.”

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#8 Be (extra) aware of heat damage

We all need to be cautious of over-styling our hair, but ladies with thin hair need to watch out for heat in particular, says Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist, Sunnie Brook Jones.  “Prior to heat styling, always use a heat protectant styling serum or spray. Also, lower the temperature of styling tools to protect thin hair,” Jones says.

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#9 Start at the root

Want to banish limp locks? Get to the root of the problem – literally. Rivas suggests starting at the roots when curling your thin hair: “This adds instant volume through your curls.” Place your curling iron about an inch from your scalp then wrap hair around the iron instead of wrapping the iron around your hair. Simple, right?

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#10 Hot rollers = your best friend

So many times, we blow dry our hair only to have it fall flat soon after. But you can make sure that volume you so crave lasts all day long with a genius styling tip Strahan suggested.

“A great trick to keep the body in the section that you’ve just finished blow drying is to set it with Velcro rollers to allow it to smooth while it cools to keep the lift and body,” he says.

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