10 Tips For Long Hair That Totally Work

Tips for Long HairGot long hair and DO care? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’ve put together 10 wonderfully wise tips for long hair. This is a must read for all the girls out there who are giving Rapunzel a run for her money (or at least trying, you know).

1. Stash dryer sheets in your handbag

Did you know that dryer sheets actually help cut static? According to Flora Shepelsky, hair expert and wig designer of Design by Flora, it’s true! “I always tell my clients to keep unscented dryer sheets on hand when outside, at work or before an event to prevent static and tangling (which can be especially bad if you have long locks). Simply brushing a dryer sheet over your hair will immediately remove any static,” she says. Another way to get rid of static is to spray a small amount of static guard on your brush and brush hair once through.

2. Go easy on the blow dryer

Believe it or not, blow drying is the number one reason hair splits, dries out and loses its overall luster, informs Frank Friscioni of Oscar Blandi Salon in NYC and Frank Cassi Beauty in Florida. If you must blow dry however, he advises only using the medium setting (not the highest hot setting). When feasible, try to minimize your blow dries to a couple times a week.

3. Keep your insides healthy

Turns out, the saying, ‘You are what you eat’ is really true. “What you ingest is translated in your hair,” explains celebrity hairstylist Julia Papworth. “To ensure your hair stays long and healthy, make sure to drink lots of water and take Biotin, a vitamin that helps hair grow faster.”

4. Remember: Vitamin D is key

Whether you’re soaking up the sun, eating specific foods or taking vitamin D supplements, having a significant amount of vitamin D in your diet will help long hair stay strong, healthy and shiny, points out Flora. “Don’t get too much sun though, as that can also damage your locks and skin.”

5. Use a hair mask treatment

Dr. Robert Dorin, New York’s leading hair specialist and top hair restoration surgeon, strongly suggests using a hair mask once a week for long locks. “Apply your conditioner after shampooing without rinsing it out in the shower or bath,” he instructs. “Then, wrap a warm moist towel around your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. This will help the conditioner intensify its repairing properties and penetrate the cuticle more readily. Next, rinse the conditioner out with cool water, which will further help the cuticle cells clamp down and lay flat, sealing and protecting the cortex of your hair from chemical and physical environmental aggressors.”

6. Don’t wash your mane every day

Sure, you’ve probably read this tip time and time again. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to NOT wash your hair every single day, even if you are a super active woman, notes Eden Sassoon of Eden by Eden Sassoon in West Hollywood. Instead, try to skip a day or wash your mane every few days if you can. “You can pull your hair back into a bun too and no one will notice,” she says. “Also, make sure to apply extra conditioner each wash. Hair masks are very important for sealing the hair follicle and preventing split ends and dryness.”

7. Brush your hair before bed every night

Have long locks that tend to get oily fast? Christophe Belkacemi of Lionel Renard Salon in Los Angeles recommends brushing your hair before bed every night (preferably with a Mason Pearson brush) to push down some of that excess oil to the dry ends of strands. “You can also stretch your wash by a day simply by using a dry shampoo,” he says.

8. Schedule regular trims

A lot of long-haired ladies tend to avoid the salon because they’re trying to grow their hair out even more. Good news though: Getting a trim every six to eight weeks will not disturb the growth process and will actually make your locks grow much faster, according to Eden. So seriously, make your next appointment before you leave and do the right thing by your mane.

9. Sleep with a humidifier

Between the indoor heat and cold temperatures, everything seems so much drier during the winter months, right? That’s why celebrity colorist Kyle White recommends using a humidifier at night for an extra boost of moisture while you sleep “This will not only keep your long locks looking luscious, but it will also give your skin a gorgeous glow as an added bonus.”

10. Sport softer fabrics

If you want healthier hair, what you wear could be the answer. “Every winter I see an increase in breakage at the nape of the neck, from high collars and heavy scarves,” points out Kyle. “Silk, cashmere and softer fabrics allow your hair to slide along the fabric instead of rubbing and breaking.” Hmm, good to keep in mind!

Now that you are armed with these great tips for long hair, check out our amazing collection of beautiful long hairstyles!