4 Things Your Hairstylist Wishes You Would Say

hairstylist adviceThere’s something about the relationship with your hairdresser that’s just a little bit different. If you’ve had the same stylist for years, you may feel guilty (maybe even like you’re cheating!) when you try someone new. You tell each other secrets yet you probably only see each other every few months. And she’s probably seen your hair through plenty of styles and trends. But no matter how much you may chatter, there’s still plenty left unsaid, things your hairstylist wishes you would say about your hair! Speak up ladies and your hair and hairstylist will be thankful.

1. I love her hairstyle because….

A lot of times we go into the salon begging for a look we saw on someone else. But rather than just saying “I want Kim Kardashian’s hair”, be specific of what it is you like about it! The length, volume, style and even hair color about the style you admire is what will help your hairdresser give you the exact look you want. If your end goal is volume, for example, but the hairstyle you’re wanting is a cut that isn’t right for your face shape, she/he will be able to guide you toward a voluminous look that’s right for you.

2. I don’t like it when you do…

If there’s something your hairstylist does that you aren’t a fan of, by all means speak up! So many of us are afraid of hurting others’ feelings, but at the end of the day, the stylist wants you to be thrilled with your look. Don’t be shy and let the stylist know if you part your hair a certain way or aren’t quite a fan of having your hair flat ironed stick straight.

3. I can’t recreate this… 

There’s nothing like a salon blowout. You leave with beautiful, bouncy hair worthy of a magazine cover! It’s so great, in fact, many of us just can’t do it the same at home. That’s also what happens with really great haircuts sometimes; you’ll leave the first day with a beautiful blowout but just can’t maintain the look on your own. If that’s the case, tell your hairstylist! They want to know if you can’t keep up with your new ‘do and will help transition you into something that’s much easier to maintain.

4. My hair does…

Make sure you tell your hairstylist as much about your hair as you can. Everyone’s hair is different; if it gets weighed down with conditioner, if it fries easily, if it won’t hold a curl, share the details! These are all aspects about your hair that your stylist will take into consideration when cutting and styling your locks. Give her as many details about how your hair is as you can and you’ll leave with even more fabulous locks and a ‘do that’s just right for you.

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