Healthy Hair Guide: 15 Things Women With Healthy Hair Do Differently

healthy hairIf you’ve ever envied another woman’s head of hair (don’t lie, you know you have), then this story’s for you! From the ordinary to the downright strange, check out these 15 tricks women with irresistibly healthy locks use to make the rest of us jealous.

1. They pour club soda on their hair.

Pools contains a plethora of hair-damaging chemicals and pollutants, so after stepping out, John Blaine, Creative Director of Obliphica Professional, recommends rinsing your hair with club soda. “The carbonation in club soda helps lift away harmful chlorine chemicals while your strands are still wet. Once your hair dries, however, it’s nearly impossible to remove those chlorine chemicals.”

2. They condition their tresses before the pool.

Smart girls also protect their hair prior to pool play! So if you’re less of a sunbather and more of a pool lover, celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez suggests using a thicker and inexpensive conditioner on dry hair before you hop in. “This is especially good for blondes,” he notes. “Since two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time, the conditioner will stop chlorine from entering your hair, preventing a green ashy tint and brittle ends.”

3. They protect their mane with SPF.

Did you know that keeping your locks protected from the sun is just as important as the sunscreen you put on your face? According to Ramirez, it’s true! “Most people aren’t aware that they should be wearing sunscreen for their hair,” he says. “Kerastase has an entire sun line of products formulated with heat protectors. Also, long hair is more prone to damage. Thus, on top of using a great sunscreen, it’s a good idea to style it into a braid for less exposure and a great beachy look.”

4. They don’t wash their hair every day.

Sounds dirty, but trust us; it’s far from it! As celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez points out, “if you can limit shampooing to 2-3 times per week, you’ll see major benefits in your hair. When you wash it regularly and too often, you strip your hair of its natural moisture and really dry it out.” To maintain a healthy mane, he advises relying on a good dry shampoo instead, such as Serge Normant’s Dry Shampoo, to eliminate that greasy look that’s inevitable after a couple of days sans washing.

5. They use a natural boar nylon brush.

Turns out, the type of brush you use can determine how healthy your hair is. “A natural boar nylon brush helps transfer essential oils from your scalp to your ends,” explains Perez. “This is one of the only ways you can get the benefits of your own natural oils, which will aid in keeping hair moisturized and hydrated for a longer period of time.”

6. They’re not tight ponytail types of girls.

Sorry ponytail lovers! Sleek, slicked back updos can create too much tension and essentially pull your hair out, especially when you remove the hair elastic, warns Perez. “The tightness may also lead to fly-aways, breakage and split ends. Instead, invest in a good gel or hairspray to achieve that slicked back style without having to pull so tightly,” he says. Use a gentle hair tie (or even a scrunchy at night) as well.

7. They prevent grays from a young age.

“With so many advances to help restore youthfulness in today’s world, why not start with your hair color and your texture?” asks AGEbeautiful creative director and NYC colorist Mike Petrizzi. “Women with healthy hair adopt an anti-aging hair routine at age 30, as opposed to waiting around for all those grays to come in.” Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

8. They get regular trims at the salon.

We’re sure you’ve heard this one plenty of times before, but seriously, you’ve got to schedule regular trims. “Keeping split ends at bay always screams, “great hair” and contributes to strands growing faster, and ultimately, looking healthier,” informs Remington celebrity stylist Richard Marin.

9. They’re active and eat healthy.

Girls with gorgeous hair clearly understand that you are what you eat…literally! “A balanced diet with raw food, healthy carbs, such as brown rice and whole wheat, fruits, vegetables and nuts will ensure healthy hair from the inside out,” notes hairstylist Nicole Hartmann of Prive Salon Los Angeles. Fried foods and sweets? Well, not so much…

10. They invest in quality products.

While you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to have great hair, the quality of your products do matter. “Women who use hair care products created by stylists have healthier hair because working with a professional allows for acute customization of their clients’ specific needs,” explains renowned hairstylist and founder of Peter Coppola Keratin Concept(r), Peter Coppola. Professionals consider what will improve their clients’ hair strength, style and overall health. “I like to think of the difference between mass versus professional hair care like the difference between going to buy a cough drop to fight pneumonia or visiting your physician. The stylist knows their client and knows what will work in the salon and what will work once they are home.”

11. They don’t put their hair up wet.

Believe it or not, putting your hair up in a ponytail wet will eventually begin to tear the hair in the back of your head. “Women do this after working out or when they’re in a hurry and don’t have time to blow dry,” says celebrity stylist and owner of the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Salon, Umberto. “Try a clip instead. And if you must use a hair tie, use a wide ponytail holder because they’re very forgiving and will still hold your hair without causing lots of damage.”

12. They rub coconut oil on their head.

One of beauty expert and author Donna Spangler’s favorite healthy hair tricks is that the day after she washes, she rubs coconut oil all over her head (massaging gently into her scalp) and leaves it on for half an hour. I prefer to put it on dry hair instead of wet hair because it allows the oil to penetrate more deeply. After half an hour, I rinse out the oil with a combination of vinegar and water (3 parts water to 1 part vinegar) to get my hair really clean. Do this routine once a week for glistening, strong, and healthy hair!”

13. They know better than to towel dry their hair.

Women with healthy locks def don’t rub their hair with a towel after shampooing; they pat it dry with a towel. According to Hartmann, rubbing causes split ends and the cuticle to become frizzy. Therefore the hair isn’t shiny and healthy looking.”

14. They take their vitamins.

A few vitamins a day keeps bad hair away! If you want your hair to grow longer, thicker and stronger, Hartmann suggests taking vitamins like folic acid, iron and calcium on a regular basis. “After about 2-3 months, you’ll notice a big difference.”

15. They don’t use hot styling tools every day.

Using a flat iron or curling iron a few times a month is okay, but no more than that, warns Hartmann. “Instead, work with your natural texture. Twist big sections of hair, and secure them with bobby pins before going to bed. Take them out in the morning, and you will have the cutest natural beachy wave without any damage done to your hair.”

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