The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cute Hair

lazy hair guideI lust after beautiful hair (who doesn’t?!) but I don’t typically have the patience to try out complicated hairstyles myself. I’m much more of a bystander who admires than being an active participant. But just because I prefer something low maintenance doesn’t mean I can’t have cute hair! Ladies, if you’re craving something chic without spending hours on your hair or potentially spraining a wrist, this lazy hair guide to cute hair is for you.

Hello, Headbands

Headbands coming back into style has been a blessing to all lazy girls out there! They are one of the easiest ways to add just a bit of pizazz to your look. From thin to thick to floral and overly-embellished, there are a ton of headbands out there that will suit just about any occasion. They can be worn casually (à la headscarf) or can be prim and proper for a wedding. Just be sure you check out our guide on the do’s and don’ts of wearing a headband before you head out the door with your new accessory.

Blowdry Bars

There are some trends which I just can’t wait to be over with and others that leave me wondering why they haven’t been in Vogue before! Blowdry bars are definitely the latter, having cropped up in cities across the country. You can get a shampoo, blowdry and style (usually for under $50) and enjoy getting pampered. Blowdry bars don’t offer any haircuts, just blowouts, which means you’re in and out in a flash with a hairstyle that typically lasts at least two days! They’re great for special occasions, an instant pick-me-up or, for when you’re just feeling a little bit lazy.

Don’t Forget the Pony!

Ladies, under no circumstances should you underestimate the power of the ponytail! This virtually fail-proof hairstyle is a cinch for even the laziest of us and is a great way to add a bit of style to your locks. From sleek, slicked back ponies to side ponytails and even the pony as a formal hair ‘do, there are tons of ways you can experiment with ponytails. Need some inspiration? Read our post on 4 ways to spice up your ponytail. 

Use Your Tools

Styling your hair doesn’t have to be complicated: a flat iron and some hot rollers may be all you need! For a polished look, apply a shine serum to your hair and use a flat iron on your locks. It’s an easy way to simple style that should take just a few minutes. If you aren’t in the mood to mess with a curling iron but like a bit of wave, try hot rollers instead. They can be popped in quickly and do all the work for you while you apply your makeup. Roll them out, spritz with some hairspray and your hairstyle is good to go!

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