7 Expert Styling Tips for Women With Thin Hair

Styling Tips for Women With Thin Hair

Gals with thick hair wish it was thinner. And us gals with thin hair just lust after thick locks! It’s always greener on the other side, isn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise. If you’ve got thin hair like me, trust me when I say I totally understand your hair woes. Limp lifeless strands, lack of volume, impossible to hold a curl…sound about right? Well, let’s make that all a thing of the past! Learn to love your beautiful, thin tresses again with these top styling tips for women with thin hair.

Styling Tips for Women With Thin Hair

1. Consider your cut

Just like wearing vertical stripes can make you appear taller, your actual haircut can trick the eye and make it appear fuller. An all-one-length, super long look will just make thin hair appear flat and lifeless. Try a layered haircut instead to add movement to your tresses. Consider bangs if you’ve got a receding hairline or baby fine hairs. Before you commit to a new style, be sure to talk to your hairstylist about the right haircuts for your face shape as well.

2. Play with color

Does your hair seem to lack depth? Play with color! Lowlights and highlights are one of the easiest ways to instantly add dimension to your hair, instantly transforming your locks!

3. Swap (or ditch!) your conditioner

With thin hair, heavy hair products are a definite don’t. All they do is weigh your hair down, making it lifeless and impossible to style. Try swapping out your current conditioner for a lighter one, using it only on your ends or, ditch it altogether! You can always spritz on a leave-in detangling solution post-shower.

4. Worship dry shampoo

Thin hair can be fragile, so you don’t want to overwash it. A great pick-me-up for those in between wash days is dry shampoo. Try one with volumizing prowess, like Osis Dust It, which works wonders for lifting roots.

5. Try a thickening spray

Add some texture to your hair with some thickening spray. We love Paul Mitchell Thicken Up. When it comes to hairspray, try something lightweight like Sebastian Shaper.

6. Get serious about your blowout

When it comes to thin hair, there are a few blowout commandments: First, you need to dry your hair completely. Any moisture left in the hair is going to make it susceptible to frizz, making your hair unruly and much harder to manage. Second, use a paddle or round brush to straighten and be sure to pull hair all the way up and in the opposite direction, aiming the nozzle at the root. Your hair will flip back over with plenty of volume.

7. Don’t fry fragile hair

Need to straighten your hair? Use your blow dryer and ditch the flat iron. Thin hair is often fragile, so you’ll need a good heat protecting spray, too. (We like Thermal Creations Heat Tamer by Tresemme.) When you do need to use a hot tool, make sure it’s on one of the lower settings.

Now that you’ve got the best styling tips for women with thin hair, check out these chic hairstyles that will work perfect for thin tresses, too!