Signs You Have Unhealthy Hair (& What You Can Do About It!)

Unhealthy hair

Signs of Unhealthy HairAcckkkk….summer has had its way with your skin, and now…your hair?

Recognize the Signs

The sun, the heat, the humidity, the chlorine – that’s just a start when it comes to reasons to worry when it comes to hair damage and unhealthy hair. “Some major signs of unhealthy hair are frizz, breakage, split ends and a dull appearance,” says Douglas David, managing partner of Douglas Carroll Salon. “A quick trick is to take a few pieces of hair and pull…the longer it takes to break, the healthier the hair—don’t get too carried away, though. Ripping out your hair will not help make hair any healthier!”

Not-so-Sweet Summertime

The summer is a particularly dangerous time for the health of our hair. “Chlorine and minerals from well water oftentimes cause damage that is not as noticeable. If you use well water or spend a lot of time in swimming pools, make a conscious effort to moisturize your hair. Additionally, curly or frizzy hair often lacks moisture. People with this hair texture often mistake the frizz for their natural texture, when really the hair just needs more moisture,” says David, who recommends using a detangling spray that seals the cuticle and locks in moisture. “The important thing to keep in mind is that more often than not, unhealthy hair is moisture-deprived hair. Seek products that put moisture back in the hair. Avoid products that contain alcohol, as these can be especially drying. A great product to repair unhealthy hair is KMS California Repair Overnight Mask. This is a time-released overnight mask that deeply hydrates and nurtures dry or damaged hair. It takes the phrase “beauty sleep” to another level!”

Be Proactive

“The first sign of knowing that your hair is unhealthy is when your hair has no shine to it, and it’s dry and brittle. You can also tell its unhealthy  when your is wet and you can’t put a comb or brush though your hair. Sometimes you can tell when your hair is breaking,”  says Terrence Manning, owner of SoHo Hair Designin North Attleboro, MA. “To fix this is easy! First, get a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Next, make sure your using a leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair, making sure to spray on the ends of your hair. When styling with any hot tools (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc.), make sure there is some kind of protection on your hair like shine drops or smoothing lotions to keep moisture in the hair.” Manning also recommends taking vitamins (fish oil, salmon, Omega 3 Biotin) to help the hair to grow longer and stronger faster.

You Are What You Eat

Holistic Nutritionist and author Sally Kravich, agrees – diets, hormones, stress, lack of nutrients, over usage of hair-coloring products all affect the quality of your hair. She suggests as a rule, we avoid foods that contain artificial colors and dyes, artificial sweeteners, and all preservatives. Avoid most packaged “fake foods” and do not drink sodas of any kind (even diet is bad!). Restrict your intake of caffeine and eat a plentiful array of vegetables and fruit. “Do not be afraid of healthy fats. Make sure your diet includes avocado, olive oil, coconut, fish, eggs, raw nuts and seeds, and include supplements such as Omega-3, B100 Complex, Biotin, Seaweed, and Silica or Horsetail. Zinc, Iron, and protein are also necessary building blocks for a shiny, rich mane,” states Kravich.

Get to the Salon

“A good trim is also a smart strategy you can utilize to reverse hair damage,” says celebrity stylist Naz Kupelian. “A heat protector is a must when using heat-styling products. Proper brushes, depending on your hair type, are also key and deep conditioners containing argon oil can really condition and reverse the damage. These strategies can make a huge difference in the process of reversing the damage and drastically change the way your hair looks and feels.”

Now that you are back on track to a healthier head of hair, be sure to seal the deal by committing to the five habits of people with beautiful hair here.