Growing Your Hair Out in Style – 3 Extraordinary Secrets!

tips to help grow out your hair

tips for growing your hair outGrowing your hair out can be a total drag. It tests your patience, especially in our “I want it now!” world and putting up with the whole in-between stage makes it seem anything but worthwhile. So, is it even possible to grow your hair out in style? Yes! We’ll show you how to get great lengths, without going nutty by sticking to these three secrets.

Become an Accessories Addict

Typically, the hardest part about growing your hair out is dealing with a length and style that you’re just not used to. Especially if you’re going from super short hair to long locks, styling can just be confusing. That’s where lovely hair accessories come in, which you should make your new best friend! From funky hats to hair scarves and pretty headbands, there are plenty of hair accessories to try which will help you style your temporary new look. Plus, they work with virtually any hair length! Have some fun experimenting with a few hair adornments and you may just end up more fond of that in-between stage than you would have thought.

Learn to Bun & Braid

Buns and braids are a great way to tame unmanageable hair into instant style. They’re simple, stylish and can help hide second-day hair, too! If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our guide on 10 trendy ways to wear a bun. One to master is the top knot, otherwise known as the sock bun and party bun! So of course, we’ve got a great party bun tutorial for you to master. As far as braided hairstyles go, the options are virtually endless, which can also be overwhelming. Some of our favorites to try are the Big Braided Bun, and the Infinity Braid.

Seek Inspiration

Most likely, what’s actually causing your hair distress is simply not being used to the new length! So go ahead and seek some inspiration on creative ways to style your hair for your new look. Even if it’s temporary. We’ve got plenty of trendy medium length hairstyle ideas to try or, head on over to our Pinterest boards for more hairstyle inspiration. If you’re still struggling or just stuck for ideas, book an appointment with your hair stylist or at your favorite blow dry bar! Sometimes, having someone else style your hair is all you’ll need to see the ways in which you can make your new style work.