15 Questions Your Hairstylist Should Be Asking You

Getting a new stylist? It’s a big move, and like any new relationship, it requires a fair amount of “dating” and getting to know each other.

15 Questions Your Hairstylist Should Be Asking You

Edmondo Blando, owner of Salon Vanity by Edmondo Blando, is an internationally-trained stylist known for his dry hair cutting and specialty color treatments. He believes it’s important for stylists to consult with their clients before they even touch their hair. “By learning about our client’s lifestyle, schedule and personal style, we can give them a hairstyle that will work with their everyday life.” Some questions Edmondo suggests stylists ask potential clients are:

1. How often do you like to get your hair done? 

2. What do you do for a living?

3.  What is your personal style?

4. How often do you wash, blow dry and style your hair?

5. Do you have the time and patience to style your hair the way it was cut to be styled?

6. How often do you work out or sweat? It’s important to understand how to manage gym hair, things like how often you wash it and what products you use.

“I believe that every hairstylist should take the time to teach their client how to blow dry and style their new haircut,” says Edmondo Blando. “That goes for everything from how much moisture they should leave for styling to how to hold a brush and what products to use. Our job is to make our clients feel confident in their new style even days after they leave the salon.”

“It’s a very personal connection, indeed,” says Mary Kay King, one of the co-owners and a Master Stylist of Salon Blue in Chicago. She recommends asking:

7. What do you love about your hair? Mary Kay recommends asking this question because it helps her understand a client’s preferences and ensures that her recommendations go along with the client’s goals.

8. What do you not love about your hair? This question is a great way to read a client’s self esteem and find out how open to change he/she is and why. These questions are great to ask as a duo – knowing a client’s positive and negative feelings about their hair can give the stylist great insight into their personality.

9. How much time do you have in the morning/what are your rituals? This helps to customize recommendations for a client’s patience and talent for home styling. Also, how much time they are willing to devote to their beauty rituals in general.

10. Are you open to change? Right off the bat, this helps a stylist understand how far he/she can go with creative recommendations – You never want to scare someone off! Hearing a guest speak about themselves is always very telling.

11. What type of styling tools do you own/are comfortable using? Again, this question gives a stylist insight to the type of styling rituals, etc. this guest is comfortable with and how much educating she will need to be able to manage her style at home.

Mahisha Dellinger, Founder and CEO and CURLS, a family of organic hair care products for women and girls agrees, and also furthers that there are specific questions to ask the curly clients.

12. Is your hair natural? If your hair has been color treated and/or if the texture has been relaxed, you must tell your stylist. Natural hair is much stronger and resilient while chemically altered hair requires more intensive care.

13. How much you want to trim/cut off? This is very important because as curly hair dries, it shrinks. One inch cut off of curly hair becomes two inches with shrinkage. Any stylist with experience cutting textured tresses will know this.

14. What products do you use to cleanse, condition and style your hair? A curly client that uses silicone based stylers will require clarifying and deep treatments.

15. Do you primarily wear your hair curly or straight?  The hair cut and style options should be based solely on this information.

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