4 Simple Tips to Keep Fake Curls Curly All Day

how to make curls last all day

how to keep curls curlyImagine my psychosis: I grew up with naturally curly hair that I started chemically straightening before I was even in a training bra. However, when I go to get my hair styled – there’s NOTHING I want more than curls. The control aspect of “fake” curls – ones that are created as part of a style and not just what you naturally have – is a key aspect in my affection. It’s hard to maintain, but when it’s beautiful — it’s, well, glorious! Here are a few simple tips from a top hair expert to make those hard earned fake curls LAST.

1. Build a Proper Foundation – The foundation of the hair is key, says Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach. Before you work with curls, always use a product that specializes in offering a healthy hold (not too sticky, not too stiff) and that minimizes frizz and blocks humidity.

2. Hands Off! – Try not to run your fingers through your hair. This will break up and separate the curls and cause them to lose their curly luster.

3. Give ’em a Boost – To re-establish curls, simply “bounce”. Flip your hair upside down like the super models we adore – trust me, it’s not a practice of vanity –  scrunch the ends upward and lightly fluff the hair from the scalp. Do this cautiously however. If you work with the hair too vigorously, it will open the cuticle and subject the hair to frizz and limp locks.

4. Stay Clean – Make sure when you do have to touch your curls that you do so with freshly washed hands. Your the skin carries crazy buildup that quickly and easily translates to heavy, oily hair.

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