How to Get Shiny Hair [No Aerosol Can Needed]

Want hair that shines bright like a diamond? Silly question, we know. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t want glam shiny hair that rivals that of her favorite stars.

But while celebrities have a glam squad on demand and an unlimited supply of Elnett hairspray, we’re about to let you in on a little hair glaze secret free of charge: you can get glowing locks without any help from an aerosol can.

From the vitamins you take to the temperature you wash your hair with, a number of factors can favor a shinier ‘do, so listen up ladies because we’re sharing seven simple tips for upping the shine factor of your mane.

How to Get Shiny Hair [No Aerosol Can Needed]

#1 Cancel your date with your shampoo

We obviously like to keep our strands pretty clean, but a daily shampoo just isn’t necessary and can strip your hair of necessary oils it craves to do its naturally shiny job. The result? Hair that gives off a greasy rather than glowy vibe.

When you make an effort to wash a bit less, you’ll not only notice an end to that dreaded grease factor, but you’ll also see that your hair can produce a natural glow all on its own without the help of a hairspray.

#2 Watch your shower’s temperature

When you do make a date with your fave shampoo, make sure to tone down the water temp. It’s hard to do so in the cooler temps especially, but blasting your hair with hot water (just like hot air) can shock it into rebellion, causing it to become dry and brittle over time. Cooler, lukewarm temps are much more likely to send you on your way to Hair Gloss town.

#3 Eat a nutritious snack

Who knew the road to shiny hair could be so darn tasty? It turns out adding foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon can pay off in the shine department. Tasty treats rich in vitamin A like carrots, sweet potatoes, and mangoes can also help your hair get a shiny boost. Why? Well, a diet that’s rich in certain nutrients like these gems translates into healthy, glowing locks worth getting jealous over. We’ll eat to that!

#4 Buddy up with biotin

Can’t stand the taste of foods naturally rich with the ingredients your hair needs to stay shiny? Reach for a vitamin to give your strands the boost it needs. Certain vitamins like biotin, niacin and iron work their magic and give your hair a shiny boost.

Considering this fact, we’re not at all surprised that certain beauty brands have taken note, adding ingredients like biotin to the list of ingredients in their hair care products.

#5 Turn down the heat

We bet you’re likely sick of hearing us tell you to lay off the hot tools by now, but we’ll say it again: step away from the hot air. Constantly barraging your strands with hot tools like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers can leave your hair looking dull, fried and anything but shiny. Skipping a day at least once a week and opting instead to air dry can let out your natural shine in a whole new way we think you’ll love!

Check out other products you can use to protect your hair from the heat!

#7 Blow some cold air

Even though we just told you to cool it on your hot air routine, we realize that’s impossible for some women to do (at first, at least). So if you’re absolutely devoted to your blow dry routine and can’t bear to part ways with your favorite hot tool, you can at least create shine (and long-lasting hold!) by blasting locks with a shot of cold air towards the end of your blowout. It’s a small way to create big shine!

#7 Go DIY

We’re not saying that hair care products and treatments are evil, people; in fact, the opposite is true. We love a luxurious hair care treatment just as much as the next gal! We just love to go DIY when we can because it’s more fun that way.

So if you’re looking for more shine, try boosting the moisture factor on your hair with a DIY hair treatment (we’ve got a few ideas!). The more moisture your hair laps up, the more it can do its thing and exude a naturally beautiful glow. And who doesn’t want that?

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