How To Cut 10 Minutes Off Your Hair Routine

Want to have hot hair, but don’t have a hot second to spare?

hurried hair routine

Celebrity stylist Patrick Melville suggests to wash and blow-dry your hair your hair the night before, then place hair in a high ponytail if you want it smooth or braid it if you want some texture.  If you’re going for the smooth look,  in the morning just use your flat iron to smooth over hair. If you want texture and movement, in the morning before leaving the house refresh the hair by using a 1 inch curling iron to smooth out any frizz you may have created while sleeping finish it off with Aveeno Nourish+ Fortifying Hairspray to ensure the texture holds – this will save you much more time in the morning and cut your routine in half!

Pam Kelly, National Technical Director of Fantastic Sams Hairs Salons, says a great way to save styling time is to embrace natural texture! Some of the latest trends don’t require perfectly smooth strands. In fact, natural texture can update a style instantly. Instead of using excessive heat from a blow dryer or iron, embrace your natural waves or curls.

Pam also says we can cut minutes from your blow out by drying your hair 30-40% before you begin styling with a brush. Flip your head upside down (for added volume) and dry hair up to 40% before sectioning off and using a round brush to complete a smooth look. Just be sure to use a heat protectant, like Fantastic Sams® Thermal Guard Spray to protect your tresses.

Second day hair doesn’t have to cramp your style.

In fact, some styles work best 24-48 hours after shampooing. Embrace bed head texture by trying an updo mid- week.  Chignons, ponytails, and messy buns work great a few days after washing and reduce styling time.

Don’t have time to restyle volume into your hair?

No problem! Simply style your natural hairpart to the opposite side and voila!…instant volume!