4 Hairstyles to Help You Appear Pounds Thinner

It’s the season when all of us are at risk for putting on a few pounds — holiday parties, cocktails and chilly weather makes padding a lot more likely, and ways to look slimmer at the top of our minds.

Did you know the right hairstyle can take as many as TEN pounds off? (Well, not literally, but make it appear to be so!)

If your face is looking a little round…

“A round face needs to be elongated, so envision a style that is all pushed to one side,” offers Douglas David, managing partner of Douglas Carroll Salon.

side swept hairstyle for a round face side swept hair idea for a round face

Start by applying Tigi’s Bedhead Small Talk to damp hair. Comb through for even distribution, then blow dry the hair with a round brush to create movement, and volume on top. Pin the hair on the lighter side behind the ear, and guide the hair around so that it falls to the heavy side. (a few strategically placed bobby pins are key here). Finish with a flexible hairspray like  Bedhead’s Masterpiece. This style opens the face, creating an upward vertical line on one side, and a downward vertical line on the other – enabling the long lines to fluidly create the illusion of a thinner, more oval-shaped face.

If you have a heart-shaped face that needs balancing…

“With a heart-shaped face, you want to fill in the negative space around the jawline for the most flattering appearance,” says David. “Ideally, individuals with this face shape should have a smooth, full style, cut to sit snuggly at the jaw.”

hairstyle for a heart shaped face hair idea for a heart shaped face

Prep the hair with Goldwell Top Whip, (add Goldwell Flat Marvel if working with coarse/resistant/frizz-prone hair) part the hair on the side, blow dry the hair smooth and curled under. The full perimeter curving inward creates the fullness needed to fill empty space and create a softer, more naturally slimming face shape.

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