7 Tried and True Hair Washing Tricks for Healthier, Shinier, More Gorgeous Locks

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Wish your hair looked like the models’ in all those orgasmic shampoo commercials? Ugh, so do we! That’s why weconsulted with a slew of celeb stylists to steal their best hair washing tips and tricks to get healthier, shinier, more gorgeous locks NOW.

1. Filter Your Shower Water

Did you know that you’re exposed to more chlorine in your shower than from swimming pools and drinking water combined!? Well, according to celebrity hairstylist and owner of Danka Panka Salon and Store in NYC, Dan Sharp, it’s true! “Chlorine is the culprit we usually associate with the dry, fried out, bleached out or even green hair of summertime. We come into contact with more chlorine each morning (or evening, depending upon when you bathe) that we ever do from swimming pools though,” he says.

To solve this issue, Dan recommends protecting your hair when you shower by extracting all the chlorine from your water. T3’s amazing new Source Shower Filter removes up to 95% of chlorine. The difference you’ll feel is both immediate and shocking, he notes. “Not only will you notice a change in your hair’s overall health (it’s clinically proven to reduce frizz), but you’ll start to see other unbelievable fringe benefits as well: color that lasts longer and stays more vibrant, plus less visits to the salon for maintenance.” What more could you ask for?

2. Try A Scalp Treatment BEFORE You Wash Your Hair

Before washing your hair, celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher recommends using a scalp treatment (something with essential oils) on dry tresses with a steam cap over top. “It’s really important to pay attention to your scalp to make hair strong,” he points out. “Scalp treatments start at the root and work their way down the shaft, which is why they’re so great for strong, healthy hair.” Nelson loves Steam Oil #2, as it really helps repair the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

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3. Make Sure You’re Using The Right Shampoo

When you have a build-up of oil in your hair, always use a clarifying shampoo (the bottle will say “clarify”), suggests celebrity hairstylist and the recipient of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s Golden Scissors Award, Rochelle Mosley. “If you don’t have any build-up, use a moisturizing shampoo.”

The best thing for breakage? Get a protein treatment, she advises. Use a moisturizing conditioner immediately afterwards, otherwise the protein alone will make your hair hard, causing it to break if you try to comb through without the conditioner.

Last but not least, just because a shampoo has great lather doesn’t mean it’s good for your hair! “Sulfur dries out your hair and is one of the ingredients they put in shampoos to give you that great lather,” she says. “However, it’s not necessary.”

4. Don’t Apply Conditioner To Your Roots

Squeeze all of the excess water out of your hair, and don’t apply conditioner to your roots, as this will lead to flat, limp locks, says Janet St. Paul, owner of Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair in Austin, Texas. “Work a quarter size of sulfate free conditioner gently into your hair, especially where there may be highlights or color applied. Leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes (shave or wash your body in the meantime), and then rinse it out well under warm to cool temperature water. If needed, you can towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner,” she adds.

5. Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

If possible, try to wash your hair every other day and use a dry shampoo on the days that you don’t wash, says RUSK celebrity stylist and owner of his own salon, Naz Kupelian. Taylor McFadden, hairstylist at Eufora International’s flagship salon, Lotus Salon in NYC, adds that over washing your hair can dry it out and cause your color to fade.

6. Don’t Rinse With Extremely Hot Water

Excessively hot water can dry out your hair AND skin, so keep it lukewarm, recommends celebrity hairstylist, Jonathan Product official “spokestylist” and salon owner, Keith Campbell.

7. Scrub Your Scalp

Healthy hair begins with good circulation so try to scrub your scalp well while shampooing, advises Bill Murphy, owner and founder of the William David Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. “This will increase the blood circulation to your hair follicles,” resulting in healthier, stronger, shinier strands.

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