10 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older and How to Fix Them

Hair Mistakes That Make You Look OlderWe all want to look our youngest and sexiest as long as possible. What we may not realize is hair mistakes we’re currently making – the wrong cut, color, style – can be adding years to our appearance! Check out these top hair mistakes that make you look older and learn how to fix them STAT.

1. NOT covering the gray

“Nothing ages a woman faster than silvery roots and wirey hairs popping out from your part or hairline, and it can start as early as the 20s or 30s in some women,” says Wendy Lewis of BeautyintheBag.com

2. Dry, damaged, hair due to chemical over-use

Cut it…period. “Healthy-looking hair gives a youthful appearance,” says Stephanie Scuoppo of The Salon and Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

3. Hair that is too long

“The hair should frame the face, graduating from the cheekbone to the chin, and not much longer than shoulder length,” says Scuoppo.

4. Hair that is cut too short

“A little length in the right places is softer and more forgiving,” says Scuoppo.

5. Going too dark

Dark brown, reddish tones, and jet black hair can be too harsh for some complexions. Face framing highlights and warm tones add light to the face for a softer overall look.

Clairol Color Director James Corbett advises that mature women shouldn’t just apply a dark black or brown all-over shade to cover their grays! For instance, products like Age Defy are formulated to cover 100% grays while providing lustrous, radiant color with the right tones and highlights to complement a woman’s skin tone.

6. Hiding behind your hair

Women often make the mistake of hiding their insecurities behind their hair which, in retrospect, does them no justice. “Instead of keeping the hair close to your face and covering your entire forehead with bangs, open your face up and style and cut your hair with simple yet sexy elements that will flatter your entire look rather than trying to hide all your imperfections and barely showing your face,” says Shab Aghajani of the Roy Teeluck Salon.

7. Avoid ashy tones that can look gray or white

As you get older, super short sculpted hairstyles are very hard to wear and tend to accentuate sagging skin and jowling. “So if you hate your neck, keep your hair at least at chin length or just touching your shoulders for camouflage,” says Lewis.

8. Do your part

Hair parted to the side with a long fringe will emphasize cheekbones and even sharpen jawlines, whereas bangs draw attention to the eyes, so keep that in mind if you’re worried around wrinkles around your eyes. “Longer hair is definitely most acceptable for more mature clients these days, so grow it to shoulder length and make sure it’s healthy because shiny, strong, healthy hair makes you look younger,” says Aghajani.

9. Watch out for straight across bangs

These are not always flattering and can be masculinizing and very hard to grow out. “Wispy, longer bangs are prettier, plus much more versatile,” says Lewis.

10. Don’t be afraid of change

Cut it, let it grow, change your style altogether — staying young is about feeling young, and that’s about letting your spirit guide you!

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