Expert Tips To Coordinate Hair And Makeup Colors

hair and makeup colors

One thing many people don’t think about when changing hair color is the potential change that may need to be made to makeup to enhance your best features, including your brand new hair. Below are some of our tips on enhancing your new hue and not clashing with it. Remember to always take your skin tone into consideration when choosing hair color or makeup, which a pro can easily steer you in the most flattering direction.

Golden Goddess

golden hair and makeup

Golden blonde has fun with copper peek-a-boo highlights and warm toned makeup. Opting for orange-based red lips enhances both this model’s skin tone as well as her fun, new hair. Choose warm and neutral toned makeup to enhance golden blonde and warm copper. This angled, layered bob works best on nearly all hair types except the very thick and very curly, unless you are skilled with a blow dryer.

Raving Red

red hair and makeup

Daring, in-your-face red gets big impact from bright red highlights placed around the face yet is still wearable paired with medium-long, textured layers and a trendy bang. Red haircolor can be tricky to enhance with makeup. Unless it is a red-violet (cool), you will usually be safe opting for warm and neutral makeup tones. If you rock a dramatic eye with dramatic hair, keep the rest of the makeup barely there with a peach lip gloss and blush. Tip: Try a cream blush for a very natural and easy to blend option.

Trendy Pastel

pastel hair and makeup

Icy toned platinum locks perfectly rock this season’s hottest highlight trend, cool pastel. Heavy lavender highlights let this pixie be a style chameleon and is especially lovely when paired with a cool pink matte lip. Opt for blue based pinks, lavenders and reds for lipstick hues; most cool and neutral makeup will compliment icy platinum. This pixie is easiest styled on straight or wavy hair of any thickness.

Auburn Beauty

old brass hair and makeup

Rich, prismatic auburn hues work great on nearly any skin tone, adjusting for a cooler or warmer tone. This auburn version works with dark red highlights paired with a peach lip and blush. Most warm and neutral toned makeup will work with this hue. Long layers and soft face-framing perfectly compliments any face shape and hair type, styled curled or straight. Tip: Grab hot rollers or velcro rollers to save on styling time.

Detailed Caramel

caramel makeup

Raven black is punctuated with cool caramel highlights styled in a fun mohawk inspired crop; pair with primarily cool and neutral toned makeup. If opting for a dramatic eye look like this model, keep the majority of the makeup in the same family (cool or neutral) and pair with nude lips and just enough blush. Opt for a fun mohawk if you have straight or wavy hair and don’t mind styling and using products. Any thickness works with this ‘do.

Unsure about determining whether your hair and makeup is a cool, neutral or warm tone? Head to a pro for a consultation or grab a mirror in natural daylight and check cool and warm colors with your skin. Try warm colors like reds, yellows, oranges, browns and gold-tone jewelry. Try cool colors like sky blue, lavender, navy, royal purple and silver-tone jewelry. Still unsure? Hold up a peach-orange and blue-based-mauve, which are complimentary colors, and see which makes your skin have a healthy glow.