A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle on Pinterest

Forget flipping through celebrity magazines, get some Pinspiration for your next hairstyle! I know what you’re thinking — Pinterest is awesome but, sometimes overwhelming. I feel that way too, but if you know how to use it to your advantage, Pinterest is chock-full of super creative hairstyle ideas, including the next one for you! Here are four super easy ways you can use Pinterest to find your next totally enviable hairstyle.

How to find hairstyles on Pinterest

1. Follow hair “tastemakers”

Tired of searching for great hairstyles on your own? Find some hair experts (ahem, like Latest Hairstyles!) to follow. They’ll do all the work for you! You’ll only have to keep up with their boards versus searching through a ton of random hairstyle pins yourself. Just be sure to pick hairstyle pinners with a similar style to yours.

2. Search beyond just “hair”

When it comes to Pinterest, it’s all about the keywords. “Hair” may be obvious, but you can also search for more specific keywords like “bangs” “braids” or “ombre”, if that’s the look you’re curious about. What’s more, most outfit bloggers have great hairstyles too, so don’t just limit your searches to hair-related items. Look for all stylish pins like those from beauty, fashion and makeup bloggers.

3. Create boards for different looks you covet

Don’t let Pinterest overwhelm you, which is what happens when you end up with an unorganized mess! Are you shopping for a new hair color? Make boards with different hairstyles in the colors you’re interested in. Considering getting bangs? Make a bangs board! You get the drift. Just use Pinterest in a way that totally suits you and what you’re looking for.

4. Make your own hashtags

Need more categories than just a few boards? Use hashtags to further categorize your pins and make them easier to search later. If you pinned something under “short” for example, you might also want to hashtag #bangs, #brunette or #layers. This is especially important if you’ve got a hairstyle that could be categorized under more than one of your boards. This will make searching through a ton of pins so much easier to sort through later.

Now that you’re all set with the right tools to find fabulous hairstyles on Pinterest, be sure to follow our boards and check out who we’re following as well. Not only to we pin great hair ideas, we RE-pin great stuff from these amazing pinners, too!