Braiding Tips And Tricks | Expert Tips to Achieve Your Best Braid Yet!

braiding tips and tricksProduct + Practice = Perfect

“To create a smooth braid without those pesky fly away, first use a mousse or hairspray and brush the hair before beginning to braid,” says Douglas David, managing partner of Douglas Carroll Salon. “Use hairspray or a pomade during the process as well. The product helps keep the hair in place while you braid without leaving hair unmanageable or harder to style. As with most things, practice makes (near) perfect when it comes to braids. Practice on willing friends and family until you have a better understanding of how to create a better braid and then spend some time practicing on yourself.”

The Forever Trendy Hair Trend

“Braids are one of those trends that never really dies. With so many different variations on the style, it will always be popular with celebrities and real women alike due to its intricate yet delicate nature and mass appeal,” says Gocha Hawkins, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and founder/owner of Gocha Salon. Check out Gocha’s steps towards your best braid yet…

Your Best Braid Yet

1. Prior to creating your braid, be sure that your hair is washed, conditioned and detangled. If your hair is prone to frizziness or knots, think about adding a leave-in conditioner for added moisture to help the process along.

2. Depending on where you want your braid to start, gather the hair and divide into three even sections. Hold the right section in your right hand, the left section in the left hand, and the middle section separately, keeping them as uniform as possible.

3. Braid slowly but surely. Give yourself enough time that you are not rushing through it, as little mistakes are easy to spot.

4. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band. I recommend adding a little product at the ends of your hair to pamper your ends as well as create a buffer area for the braid.

5. For a fun twist on the traditional braid, create two cornrows and connect them. The end result will be a softer face and an edgier look.

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