3 Easy Hair Thickening Tricks Worth Trying

Have thin hair you’re aching to add some thickness to? Try these easy tricks and hair thickening tips to achieve that thicker appearing hair you long for!

1. Pump up the volume

An easy guide to obtaining hair with lots of volume is first have great cuts, sometimes with layers, suggests PK Riley, a celebrity stylist based in Jacksonville, Florida. Keeping the hair properly cut is the most important thing when trying to achieve volume and overall healthier hair.

hair thickening with layers

2. Try supplements

If a cut doesn’t give you the fullness you seek then you might try supplements, says Riley. “Next I would recommend styling techniques and products to get that full main you’re looking for. I love products like Nioxin’s scalp treatment – it has a high concentration on bentonite and wild yams, which regulate the hormones that simulate hair growth. Bentonite alone, does a lot to thicken the hair… it a very good supplement,” Riley says.

hair thickening supplements

3. Go easy on the products

Hair will look fuller if it’s not weighed down, so if you are using a lot of products, every now and then you’ll need to do a deep clarifying treatment, so the hair can have more body. Some hairsprays say they are volumizing, but a softer spray works just as well if used at the root of the hair. PK recommends Paul Mitchell’s Super Clean spray to give nice volume. Sebastian’s Shaper Plus also works very well to add volume to the hair. Remember, added volume means thicker appearing hair!

paul mitchell hairspray for thickening sebastian shapeer thickening hairspray