Job Interview Hairstyle Ideas – Dress to Impress!

“In this job market, you must look your best when you actually land an interview!” says Timothy John of Timothy John Salon in New York City. “First impressions are everything!  It is your one moment to shine, and you should be put together from head to toe,” he says.

job interview hairstyle idea

“Keep it simple!” is the main cautionary rule, says Lorean Cairns, owner and lead stylist of FOX & JANE Salon in New York City’s Lower East Side (

Some more tips he offers:

“It is very important to look very clean and polished for your next job interview, and neatness DOES count,” reminds Ashley Stone of Beauty Entourage. Make sure your color is touched up. If your roots are growing out,  this can make your hair appear dirty. I would recommend steering clear of any bright colors or fashion colors.  Following the feather trend or colored extensions trend would not be the best idea. Keep your hair fresh and simple. A sleek straight look or blown out with volume would be best. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reflect your personality in your hairstyle, your ‘do should make you feel confident and prepared—but keep it professional. Consult your hairstylist if you are in doubt.”

interview half up hairstyle

Make sure you hair is clean and fresh with a style that compliments the job your are applying for, reminds Timothy John. If your interview is for an office or financial institution position, arrive with a classic and updated style that isn’t to avant garde.  If your applying for a job in fashion or retail, you can have a little more fun.  Just make sure you hair looks clean and that your style looks professional and polished. And remember, says John, now is not the time to “go gray”. Businesses are hiring younger, hip, and less experienced employees. Keeping a youthful appearance is helpful not only in landing a new job, but keeping the one you have.

“Do a few trial runs to make sure you know how you want to look for your interview.  The morning of your interview is not the time to experiment!” says John.