Hairstylists Tell All – 4 Ways Clients Drive Hairstylists Crazy!

drive hairstylists crazyEver wonder if you’re doing anything to annoy your hairstylist? Considering this person is holding shears and possibly even covering your hair in dye, this is someone you don’t want to annoy! We’re sure you’re probably a pleasure to work with but just in case, here’s a few things to keep in mind not to do so you don’t drive your stylist crazy.

Missed Appointments

No matter what industry you’re in, a missed appointment is just plain rude. Hairstylists often have a pretty tight schedule and not giving them at least a 24-hour notice that you can’t make the appointment means they have lost a spot they could have filled. Life happens, your stylist definitely knows that, but when something comes up and you can’t make it, call as soon as you can.


Right up there with missed appointments is tardiness, and that means anything more than five minutes late. The thing is, most hairstylists have a pretty tight schedule throughout the day, which means if you’re 15 minutes late for a 30 minute haircut appointment, you’re making all subsequent appointments after you late. If you’re running a few minutes behind, call the salon on your way into the appointment so your stylist can at least plan accordingly.

Bringing an Entourage

If you need to bring a friend in for moral support, that’s one thing. But there’s no reason to bring the entire family in for a hair appointment. If you can, leave the tots at home so they aren’t running around the salon unattended. Most salons just won’t have the space to accomodate you and your whole gang and it’s distracting if you’re turning your head around talking to everyone–your stylist won’t be able to do their job!

Expecting Everything

You should expect good service in exchange for payment. You should not, however, expect your stylist to bend over backwards for you. That means no haggling over payment, prices are set that way for a reason! You wouldn’t ask for a discount on your dinner entree after ordering, would you? That also means not expecting your stylist to do special favors, like squeezing you in last minute anytime you need an appointment. Once in awhile is probably OK, depending on your relationship with your hairstylist, but expecting to get in last minute every single time is just poor planning. Be courteous to your hairstylist and plan ahead by scheduling in advance.

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