The 11 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong During a Blowout

11 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong During a BlowoutA great blowout can turn a day around. Many of us have the skills to create a great hair day right at home, but we’re still missing a few steps along the way. We consulted some hair experts and got the ultimate intel on what we are doing wrong — and what we could be doing a lot better – during our self-blowouts.

1. Not removing excess moisture from hair prior to blow drying

This step is easy to miss, especially when we are in a hurry, but it is crucial to a successful end result. Not removing access moisture prior to the blow dry prolongs drying time and leads to a more frizzy and less smooth end result. “Let your hair air dry for about 15 minutes prior to the blow dry – this will usually give you enough time to get rid of that extra moisture,” says Jill Marcordes, Executive Director of Cosmetology & Nail Technology at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

2. Using too large of sections

If you section too much hair, it becomes very difficult to dry. “You need to use one to two-inch sections of hair to dry properly,” says Alli Webb, Drybar founder.

3. Not allowing yourself enough time

“It takes at least 25-30 minutes to do a proper blowout. Don’t rush through it. Make sure to budget the right amount of time before work, an event, or a special date,” says Webb.

4. Causing unnecessary frizz

Make sure you know the direction of air while styling. “Always directing air from root to ends will help seal the cuticle,” says celebrity stylist Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger. “Don’t use any thermal styling tools (including blow dryers) without a buffer. If you don’t like a lot of product, use CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Most importantly, once the hair is around 75% dry, mist the ends with a thermal spray like CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay to protect hair at the most crucial point of the blow dry.  Style & Stay gives a good foundation for a lasting blowout since it combines a thermal spray, hairspray and a blowout spray all in one.” 

5. Not using the proper styling products

“You should always use a blow dry lotion – this will cut down your blow dry time with an added bonus of a heat protection,” says Marcordes. “Redken has a number of amazing blow dry lotions, like the new Pillow Proof blow dry primer. It not only saves time while performing the blow dry, but it’s a primer with heat protection which will help seal the cuticle layer making the hair feel and visually look smoother.”

6. Not starting your blow dry in the proper spot

Start in the back and work your way up the head – however, some like to do the hairline and fringe area right away to avoid any unwanted directional movement. It all depends on your hair texture and specific blowout needs. Make sure that you always section you hair off and not just randomly apply heat all over. Your sections should be small enough to get a little tension while drying. If your sections are too big it will take longer to dry and could cause burring on the top layer of the hair fiber.

7. Not drying the roots before the rest

Your roots tend to hold more moisture, so always dry that area first and then work your way down to the ends which tend to be dryer by nature.

8. Not using the proper heat setting

Remember to use the proper heat setting on your blow dryer. High heat won’t make your hair dry faster, it just might cause more damage to the hair fiber. How do you find your ideal heat setting? The air stream should feel comfortable on the back of your hand.

9. Not using the Cool Shot button on the hair dryer

This truly is the most under-utilized function of the blow dryer. A cool shot WILL make fabulous blowdry to last longer!

10. Not getting all the body you can

“Use a single roller at the crown of the head while finishing your blow dry in order to hold body,” suggests GLAMSQUAD’s Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro.

11. Not knowing what style you want to create from the get-go

“If you don’t start out with a vision and just start blowing out your hair at random, chances are your style won’t look polished and uniform,” says Webb. “Rip a page from a magazine of your favorite celeb/model hair and strive to recreate the look.”

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