Winter Hair Static Control: 6 Easy Tricks To Fight Winter Hair Static

winter hair static

Few things are more annoying that hair full of static when you are trying to look your best during the dry winter months! Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent winter hair static, as well as quick fixes when this sticky problem pops up unexpectedly. Try these easy tricks to make hair static part of your hair’s history!

1. Spray a fine mist of your favorite medium hairspray (nothing too heavy that will leave your hair crunchy) onto a brush or comb and work evenly through the static heavy areas of your hair. Don’t have hairspray? Dab a little bit of water on the brush or comb instead. You can also spray a fine mist of medium spray directly over the troubled areas of your hair and carefully smooth through with your fingers.

2. Rub a small dab of leave-in conditioner or even lotion into your hands and smooth lightly over static heavy strands. If you are using hand or body lotion, make sure it is a very small amount and almost dry to the touch before running it over your hair to avoid making your tresses too heavy and oily.

3. Regular deep conditioning treatments and use of your favorite hair oils are great ways to fight static before it even appears.

4. Open a dryer sheet and run it over sectioned hair from root to tip. You may have to dampen the sheet a little depending upon how severe the static problem is. You can also rub a dryer sheet onto the bristles of your hairbrush or comb and use it that way.

5. Rub a dryer sheet over clothes, scarves and hats that feel full of static before you put them on.

6. Run a humidifier in your home or office during the dry winter months to increase the humidity of the indoor air. This is good for both your hair and skin!

**TIP** Let your hair air dry as much as possible during these dry months to keep winter hair static down, and be cautious of hair products that strip your strands of their natural oils.