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5 Must-Know Post Workout Hair Tips

As we have said before, a healthier body leads to healthier hair. This includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. We all fight to find time to squeeze in a workout and it becomes even more difficult to plan when you need to be somewhere soon after your workout. Aside from being hot, sweaty and makeup-less, your hair is likely a hot mess after a good workout! When washing and styling is not an option, here are a few post workout hair tips to leave you fresh and ready to continue your day or night.

1. Carry a blow dryer in your gym bag or see if your gym keeps one handy in the locker room. You’ll want to give your sweaty tresses a quick blast to dry the hair that is likely sticking to your face and neck as well as give your damp roots a drying boost. This will help you flight the post workout flatness as well as any itchiness you could potentially experience from leaving your scalp damp for an extended period of time.

2. Keep your favorite dry shampoo handy as well. Dry shampoo works wonders when it comes to soaking up oils and giving your roots a boost. If you are a newbie to the wonders of dry shampoo, read our blog post on dry shampoos for a few helpful hints and products tips.

3. An anti-frizz or light smoothing hairspray (I love Kenra’s Perfect Medium Spray) will help smooth straight strands and tame any flyways in your post workout hairstyle. Spray a light mist over the hair and smooth with your hands or spray a little on your comb and before you run it through your hair for a final smoothing touch.

4. Learn to embrace the messy bun and make it work for any occasion. Use your dry shampoo and blow dryer to add volume and texture to your strands and twist hair into a fun messy bun, using elastic bands and bobby pins as needed. Add a headband or barrette to give the style a little something extra. The messy bun truly is versatile and can work for the couch or the office!

5. Braids and ponytails continue to be a girl’s best friend when it comes to post workout styling. There are so many unique ways to wear a pony these days that you really can’t go wrong with this style. Check out our pony style board on Pinterest for some creative twists to the common pony. Braids continue to be hot trend as well and are a great remedy to pulling back long sweaty bangs after a good workout.


– If your hair isn’t quite long enough to pull back into a bun or pony, try a fun half up half down style instead!

– If you are swimming for exercise, PLEASE wear a swim cap! The combination of chlorine and washing your hair too often can really do a lot of drying damage to your tresses.

What is your go-to post workout hair tip or hairstyle?