5 Simple Hints To Help You Choose A New Hairstyle

Thinking about changing your hairstyle but not sure where to start?  Here’s five helpful hints to help you decide…

choose new hairstyles

1. Be realistic.

When considering a new style, the most important thing is to be realistic and make an honest evaluation of your hair type, face shape, and how much you are willing to do and spend to achieve the look you want.  For instance, if you have tons of coarse, curly hair, a pin-straight bob is going to make every morning of your life a huge pain in the you-know-what. Hairstylists can do a LOT for you, even altering your texture with things like chemical straightening, body waves, extensions, color, etc., but it will cost a lot of cash, a lot of time in the salon, and you will likely still spend tons of frustrating time each day trying to get the look you want. So, when you’re looking for a new ‘do, keep in mind that the further away you get from your natural texture or color, the more money and time you are going to have to invest in maintenance.

2. Bring pictures!

Hairdressers are visual people, and it can sometimes be difficult to describe exactly what you’re after. Most of us love it when you bring pictures!  It helps us assess whether or not you’re realistic, and we can help pin down precisely what you want. Before your appointment, look for photos of people with styles you like who have a similar hair type to yours, print or cut out the ones you like best (or save the images on your Smartphone or tablet), and bring them to your consultation. A competent, honest stylist will be able to tell you if you’re on the right track and if not, make suggestions for a style that might be a better fit.

3. Where are you?

If you’re thinking of something drastic, that’s awesome!  I highly recommend it!  If you’re ready, that is.  Major life changes or milestones can be the perfect time to make a change to your look.  It can also give you a major case of Buyer’s Remorse if you took the plunge under duress, stress, grief, or temporary hormonal freak-out.    You might not really want to “Chop it all off!” three weeks before your wedding.

 4. There’s an app for that.

There are some very cool makeover apps out there now, and they’re really fun to play with.  At the very least they’re great for getting a general idea of what radically different styles and colors might look on you. Try InStyle’s Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover (they also have a mobile app) for different hairstyles and try on every color you can imagine on Aveda’s website.

5. Under pressure?

Whatever you decide with your hair, ultimately it’s up to you. Don’t let your best friend, your boyfriend, your well-meaning auntie, or your stylist bully or talk you into something you don’t want or aren’t ready for. It’s perfectly acceptable to make changes in baby steps. Whatever style you end up choosing, it should give you confidence, make you feel amazing, and with any luck, give you a month of great hair days!