5 Healthy Ways To Promote Hair Growth

ways to promote hair growthWe get a lot of requests for advice on how to make hair grow fast, and then faster! The Internet is inundated with information and ads promoting the latest product that will help your hair grow an inch a week, but the truth is, your hair is an extension of your body and you need to treat it as such. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair regimen are your best bets at helping your hair along in the growing process. Here’s a few tips to help you out…

#1 – Follow a healthy diet. As we said before, a healthy head of hair is a result of a healthy body. Check out our post on 5 Foods For A Healthier Head Of Hair for some good ideas.

#2 – Maintain a healthy hair regimen. Get regular trims, keep a consistent deep conditioning schedule and have a good relationship with your trusted stylist. The less you take care of your hair, the more prone to damage it will be and that will lead to your stylist having to cut more the next time you visit putting you that much farther away from your desired length. Healthier hair (free of split ends) can actually appear longer too!

#3 – Back off the heat and chemicals. Excessive heat styling and chemical treatments such as coloring and perms can really weaken your strands causing unnecessary damage and prohibiting growth. Wash your hair less often and look into heat-free styling techniques like plopping and rag curling. Hair icons like Princess Kate swear by organic, vegetable-based hair dyes as opposed to the common chemical color.

#4 – Avoid the three vices: alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. As a rule of thumb, assume anything that has been scientifically proven to be bad for your body is probably bad for your hair too. For example, smoking + you = cancer AND extra dry hair.

#5 – Look into supplements. Like we said, there is no magical pill or shampoo that is going to turn you into Rapunzel overnight, but it can be worth your while to look into vitamin supplements that promote healthier hair, especially if you feel your diet is lacking. Check out Healthy Hair Supplements Decoded to learn more about the benefits (and precautions) of Biotin, MSM and more.

What’s the CRAZIEST grow-hair-faster trick you’ve come across?