Healthy Hair Foods: 5 Super Foods For Healthy Hair

We hear about diets and new health findings every day and know basically which foods are good and bad for our bodies, but do we ever stop to think about our hair before taking that first bite?  It makes sense that since hair is basically an extension of the body that the foods we ingest would have an affect on our lovely locks, but what is good for our hair and what isn’t? We did some digging and found five great foods for healthy hair!

foods for healthy hair

1. Sugar-Free, Please

Too much sugar like the ones found in refined carbohydrates and alcohol can rob your hair of Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for hair growth and overall scalp health.

2. Go Green!

Green leafy vegetables spinach and broccoli are great mineral sources which rich in silica, calcium and iron and are very important in preventing hair loss.

3. Got Milk?

Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cottage cheese feed your hair important proteins like casein and whey to keep it strong. Low-fat varieties work just as well so you feed your hair and not worry about your waistline!

4. Catch of the Day

Oily varieties of fish like salmon and mackerel contain Omega 3 fatty acids that can slow hair loss.  Additionally, fish contain high amounts of iron and vitamin B12 which ensures both healthy hair AND skin. Talk about a bang for your buck!

5. Go With the Grain

Whole grain foods contain zinc, B vitamins and iron. Zinc regulates hormones that can have direct affect on hair growth and thickness. Luckily, there are plentiful whole grain options out there from breads to pastas to crackers, so no excuses!