Weekend Hair Accessory – The Chain Link Band

We have seen hair accessory trends GALORE all summer, but the one that we are crushing on right now is the chain link headband!  Made extra famous lately by Mila Kunis and Halle Berry, this understated form of hair jewelry has proven that it can work in both long and short hairstyles making it one of the most versatile accessories out there. We did a little Internet shopping to pick some of our favorite bands to share so YOU can rock a hot chain link headband this weekend and beyond!

How about this dainty rhinestone chain headband for $145.00 for a wedding or another special occasion? Find it at http://untamedpetals.bigcartel.com/.

bridal chain link band

We definitely fancy the lovely links of this black Deepa Gurnani band available for $71.00 at http://tags.com/?ref=logo.
tags chain link band

Wear this chain style as a band or a wrap for only $28.00 on http://shop.nordstrom.com/?origin=tab-logo

How cute is this FURRY chain link band for only $19.50 at http://www.gojane.com/? Talk about an accessory that will carry into the fall and winter!
go jane's chain band

You just can’t beat the price and elegance of this dainty band for ONLY $4.80 at http://www.bleudame.com/.
bleu dame chain link

Like the look of these super fun chain bands with ribbon? Learn how to MAKE THEM YOURSELF here: http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archive/how-to-make-a-ribbon-chain-headband/
make your own chain link band

What do you think of the chain link headband trend? Will you wear it?