14 Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Headband

how to wear a headbandEver since Blair Waldorf hit the small screen, we fell in love with headbands all over again. From pretty flowers, sassy prints and sparkly designs, there wasn’t a headband we met we didn’t like. Who knew that it would only take an Upper East Side Princess to bring headbands back in vogue again?

If you’re having a love affair with headbands too, that’s great! They’re a great way to add a little something to your hairstyle. Just be sure that you read our guide to ensure you’re a “Do” and not a “Don’t”.

DO take a risk and try bold, bright colors! They look especially great if you have dark hair.

DON’T get a color or style that’s so funky you don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

DO Try floral headbands. They aren’t just for young girls anymore!

DON’T Get a floral headband that’s so big, the flower overpowers your head. Try to keep things somewhat proportionate so you don’t look like you’re about to topple over.

DO Try a little sparkle in the daytime. A little bit of sparkle goes a long way!

DON’T Wear a headband that’s so sparkly, you look like a disco ball.

DO Wear headbands in the evening! They still look elegant when worn with a cocktail dress and there are plenty of nighttime appropriate ones with beading, pearls and satin accents.

DON’T Pair an evening-type headband with jeans and a tee, you’ll just look silly and mismatched.

DO Consider a headband a way to pop some extra color or style into your outfit.

DON’T Go so off the charts that your headband clashes with your outfit.

DO Wear your headband with different hairstyles: Updos, down hairstyles, side dos and half up half down hairstyles all look great with a headband.

DON’T Wear a headband with pigtails.

DO Consider turning ribbons and even jewelry into impromptu headbands.

DON’T Wear your headband as a hippie headband,  à la 70s style.

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