Beautiful Hair Bows – 4 Ways To Rock A Stylish Hair Bow

Think hair bows are reserved for little girls under 7 and Blair Waldorf-types only? Think again! Hair bows are totally back in style and a quick and easy way to add a little sass to your hairstyle. They’re much different than the hair bows of the 80s and come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns too. Here, we’ve got 4 fun ways to rock a hair bow, no matter what style you’re after.

1. Accentuate an Updo

updo hair bowsGive a normally-boring updo some flair by adding a pretty hair bow. Try a hairband with a floral or bow-like accessory that’s titled to the side so the adornment doesn’t compete with the updo; it should accent it. Even if it’s a formal event, your hairbow doesn’t have to match your dress so don’t be afraid to experiment with fun colors!

2. Channel Your Bohemian Side

boho hair bowsAn easy way to add a hairband to an everyday casual look is to try a hippie headband. These are worn across the forehead instead of over your head and give off a funky bohemian vibe.

3. Wear it

lady gaga hair bowDon’t feel like putting on an actual bow? Make your hair itself be the bow á la Lady Gaga! The pop star rocked hers half up half down but you can also try incorporating it into a quirky braid like this one shown below.
braided hair bows

4. Stick to What’s Classic

classic hair bowsThere’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics; after all, if it’s classic it’s for a reason! A pretty, feminine hair bow worn as a headband never goes out of style. Plus, it can be worn with just about any look; whether you’re going to a formal event, a hip party or running errands a pretty hair bow always looks effortlessly chic.

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