4 Creative Things To Put Your Hair Up With

Let’s be honest, there’s only so many ways you can get creative with an elastic hair band. And by now, you’ve probably tried all two (okay, maybe three) of them. Eek. We hit up Redken Artist and Celebrity Stylist Nelson Vercher to get a little insight on how to get more imaginative with our updo style. Here are 4 creative things to put your hair up with and exactly how to do it.

things to put your hair up with

1. Chopsticks:Next time you order takeout Chinese food, ask for an extra pair of chopsticks. Then pull your hair on top of your head into a tight twisted bun, and on an angle, push the chopsticks through. Voila—chic, easy and resourceful.

2. A Leather Shoelace (Or Any Shoelace):Pull your hair back into a ponytail, either on top of your head or at the nape, whichever you like. Then tie the shoelace and knot it at the base of your ponytail making sure to cover any elastic. Next, wrap the hanging laces down the ponytail with medium tension until you run out of lace and knot it at the end. The ponytail should become stiff but moveable, then twist pin and pull some hair out between the laces. This is a great look, says Vercher, and really fun too!

3. Elastic From Pantyhose:Cut the elastic off the waist of an old (but not dirty) pair of pantyhose and rock it like a headband. If it’s tight enough, you can even take your hair in the back and tuck it into the back of the elastic to create a smooth, modern, clean look that will hide all your locks.

Another use is to take the leg of the pantyhose and cut the foot off. Then separate your hair into two sections, as if you were about to do a braid, and use the pantyhose leg as the third piece of hair. You can play around and use different colors and textures to spice up your braid.

4. A Sponge Roller:Take the sponge off the roller and simply use the plastic part as a barrette. Gather the hair on top of your head and make a loop like a ponytail that didn’t go all the way through. Once you have the loop, grab the plastic part of the roller to hold the hair in place. This look is super cool, says Vercher!