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Cool Winter Hairstyles for 2017

Big changes in the weather tend to make us want to make BIG hair changes too! Winter 2016 is all about a fresh cut and cozy colors. We’ve rounded up all of the best hair trends and tips to inspire a new you this season.

  • Rich Copper Hair Color with Mahogany Undertone

    20 New and Exciting Hair Colors for Winter

    Want to add a little winter glamour to your tresses? Just pick out one of these vibrant winter-ready hair colors!
  • Winter Bob with Organic Waves

    20 Alluring Hairstyles for Your Winter Wish List

    Winter is known for its dreariness, but we don’t have to be surrounded by coldness and dullness for the entire season. There are a few ways to spice it up, and one of the ways is to morph your hair into something new and exciting!
  • On the Radar: The Most Fashionable Hair Accessories for Winter

    Let's have some fun and channel this splendid time of year with some inspiring, winter-ready hair accessories!
  • winter kid hairstyles

    13 Charming Kid Hairstyles for Winter

    You’ll be surprised at how totally easy these winter-inspired kid hairstyles are to recreate!
  • Curly Hairstyles for Winter

    A Must-Have List: Curly Hairstyles Throughout Winter

    You won’t want to miss this! Not only will these curly hairstyles have you looking super fashionable all winter, but they’re also styled to help you combat the dry air during static hair season.
  • Celebrity Hairstyles for Winter

    20 Breathtaking Celebrity Hairstyles to Look Out For This Winter

    What better way to update your winter look than to draw some inspiration from the fabulous trendsetters on the red carpet?
  • Short Hairstyles for Winter

    Amp Up Your Hotness With These 20 Short Hairstyles for Winter

    With winter often comes drab hair. Well, turn that drab hair into something fab with our list of 20 refreshingly cool short hairstyles!
  • Medium Length Hairstyles for Winter

    20 Medium Length Hairstyles for Winter: Our Top Picks!

    Do you need an updated hairstyle for winter? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have a great collection of cute medium hairstyles to rock this season!
  • The Definitive Guide To Winter Hair Products

    If there’s anything you should add to your Christmas list, it should be the hair products we have listed here. Seriously. They will solve all of your winter hair woes in a snap!
  • Winter Hair Colors

    20 Enchanting Winter Hair Colors You Must Try

    Get ready to dye, because winter is here! We’ve rounded up the most enchanting hair colors for you to bring to life this season!
  • Long Hairstyles for Winter

    Cozy Up To These 31 Elegant Long Hairstyles for Winter

    It’s time to ditch the winter blues with an exciting new hairstyle! Give your long locks a vibrant makeover and get ready to take this season by storm.
  • 6 Gorgeous Holiday Hair Tutorials Anyone Can Do!

    We've collaborated with the best of the best when it comes to beautiful and creative DIY hair blogging to bring you six great holiday hair tutorials to try. Check 'em out!
  • Winter Wedding Hairstyles

    7 Beautifully Boho-Inspired Winter Wedding Hairstyles

    The phrase “winter wedding” often conjures up an image of a bride with a neatly done-up hairdo, a fur shrug, and long white gloves. Very rarely do “bohemian” – a look that’s often associated with a fun and carefree sunny personality – and “winter wedding” belong in the same sentence. When they do, the result is delightful! Let’s check out some fun and chic boho winter wedding hairstyles!